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Labradoodle Rescue in Georgia – Full List

Labradoodle Rescue in Georgia – Full List

If you intend to adopt a rescue Labradoodle in Georgia, then you have made a wonderful decision. These dogs undoubtedly deserve another chance at life, and by adopting them you provide that opportunity.

But it does also then lead to you needing to know where to look to then adopt your Labradoodle. So, that’s where we plan on helping.

What we have below is a list of the different rescue organizations that you could contact in order to adopt your Labradoodle. Now, not every single organization actually focuses on Doodles.

So, let’s get on with the list.

black labradoodle puppy

Humane Society of Northeast Georgia

The first organization on our list is the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia, they have been in operation for over 100 years.

Of course, it does mean they deal with more than just Labradoodles, but they do encounter so many dogs over the course of a single year.

As they help so many dogs throughout the year, it does mean there is every opportunity for a Labradoodle to come through their door.

They do run a no-kill shelter, and the best thing for you to do is to get in touch and let them know if your desire to adopt a Labradoodle.

Even if they do not currently have a Labradoodle in their facility, they will seek to link you up with an appropriate dog as soon as one enters.

It also means you can then complete their application form in advance of your new dog coming into their organization.

They do take some time to check each application. However, it’s all thanks to the way in which they put the health of the dog first, and that’s not exactly a bad thing.

So do get in touch and provide them with all the information they want to then help with your application. 

IDOG Rescue

Another organization you might want to contact is IDOG rescue, and even though this is a nationwide organization, they do often focus on helping Labradoodles, and other Doodle breeds. I

t’s certainly worth contacting them to let them know of your desire to adopt a Labradoodle as they can absolutely help with that.

As with any other organization, you need to complete their adoption form and pass the application.

Their form may seem quite extensive in nature, and it does take time for them to process things, so don’t expect to have your new dog home with you any time soon.

Also, as they work across the country, they focus on linking you up with Labradoodle adoptions in your area.

Their network is actually impressive, and you do stand a good chance of IDOG Rescue finding the perfect dog for you.

This organization also helps link you up with Labradoodle puppies that find themselves in rescue situations.

However, do understand that these puppies never stay in organizations for long as this breed is highly desired.

So contact IDOG Rescue as quickly as possible, and complete their form. It will then mean you find yourself in the perfect position for adopting a new Labradoodle in your area.

cute labradoodle outside

Georgia Poodle Rescue

Even though the name hints at the main focus on Poodles, the Georgia Poodle Rescue does help rehome any Doodle dog, as well as Poodles.

This does mean they can be the perfect organization to contact if you want to adopt a rescue Labradoodle.

Admittedly, this organization is on the small side, but at least you know they dedicate themselves to this particular breed.

Also, they do understand the breed and can act as a wonderful source of information for any individual new to the breed.

They do have a strict adoption process, and not everyone who applies will then find their application successful.

Actually, the organization takes everything very seriously, so you may never find yourself getting as far as meeting a puppy in your area.

But don’t let that put you off getting in touch with them. You see, the key is in providing them with ample information as to why you would be a good owner for one of their rescue dogs.

Any previous experience of caring for dogs will help, so make sure you tell them about all of that.

So contact them and start their application process to ensure you then know if you can take one of their Labradoodles home.

Doodle Rescue Collective

The Doodle Rescue Collective is another organization that works across the whole of the United States, and they do focus on helping every type of Doodle dog.

As they work across the country, it does mean you stand a better chance of them having the perfect Labradoodle dog for you when you apply. 

In order to take your new dog home, it’s important you go ahead and complete their application form as quickly as possible.

The form asks you various questions about your home and background, while you need to provide clear evidence you can have a dog in your home.

By contacting them, you will then have access to over 800 different foster homes and rescue organizations.

Each organization will list the Labradoodles they currently have in their facility, and it does mean you have a fantastic chance of adopting a dog.

But all of this does take time. We recommend contacting them as quickly as possible to then go through their adoption process and get yourself ready for taking your new dog home.



Location: Nationwide

fluffy labradoodle

Adopting a Rescue Labradoodle

Each organization listed above can help you to adopt a rescue Labradoodle, but understand not every organization will have a dog available when you apply.

However, we do not think that this should put you off getting in touch. So, what then happens when you do contact them?

Well, several things happen, but the main thing is the application process to then adopt a dog. 

The Application Process

When you apply, you need to complete a form. There may be some variations between forms with the different organizations, but they all want to learn the same things.

The key is knowing you will care for the dog, and that means knowing about previous experience with animals, and also all about your home.

They need to know the dog will have a loving home where it’s safe and well cared for. So, this may result in them coming to your home to check it out.

Alternatively, they will conduct an interview, often via Zoom now, to learn more about you before you stand a chance of successfully adopting one of their dogs.

It will also help your case if you can get a reference from someone such as a vet who can state you correctly cared for other pets.

This shows you have the ability to care for one of their dogs. Also, it will certainly make a difference with your application.

They will look at your application and may ask questions. If you rent, then they will require evidence from your landlord that you can have a dog in the house.

A failure to provide them with this sort of information will result in them rejecting your application for very obvious reasons. 

Moving Forward

To move forward with a successful application, we suggest contacting as many organizations as possible. In doing so, you do improve your chances of successfully adopting a Labradoodle.

You should know that you will need to pay a fee when adopting. However, this fee helps the different organizations to correctly care for the dogs, and also covers vet fees.

How much they charge varies between organizations, but they will certainly let you know in advance.

You see, each dog that comes into these various organizations finds itself in front of the vet. They get in-depth health checks to ensure any medical issues can be treated, and that all costs money.

Your adoption fee helps the organizations to feed, house, and care for each dog. They all run as non-profit organizations. It’s certainly worth handing over the money when you consider the fantastic work they do.

Overall Conclusion

Georgia has several organizations capable of helping you when it comes to adopting a rescue Labradoodle.

The key is to get in touch with as many of them. By doing so, it does mean you stand a better chance of your application actually working and you taking a dog home.

But realize that this all takes time, and your application is not a guaranteed success. In all honesty, if you do not meet the different criteria, then these organizations can certainly reject an application. After all, the health of the dog remains at the heart of what they do.

But go ahead and contact them. Check to see if they have a Labradoodle available right now for you to take home and introduce to your family.

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