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Kong Box: Pros And Cons

Kong Box: Pros And Cons

Kong is one of the most beloved brands for pets. They are known for their durability, customer service, and innovative designs. Not to mention they quickly become your dog’s favorite. So it only makes sense that Kong has decided to make their own monthly subscription boxes. A dog toy box is a perfect way to introduce new toys and treats to prevent boredom. But before you subscribe, let’s take a look at the Kong Box: pros and cons.

Kong Box: Pros And Cons

What Comes With The Kong Box

You might be wondering what all comes with the Kong Box. And it’s an excellent question to ask. After all, you want the most for your money. And that is why the Kong Box gives you three toys, three kong treats, one treat recipe card, and a training tip. And with your first dog box, you get the Kong Classic as a bonus.

These boxes are $49.95 each, but you save when you buy several months at once. For example, a six-month bundle makes them $44.95 apiece. And for a full year of boxes, it only costs $39.95 a month. That equals a 12% discount for six months and 25% for twelve. Now that you know the gist of what it is let’s look at the Kong Box: pros and cons.

1st Pro: Made In The USA

Recently, there has been a lot of news about pet products and treats sourced from unknown countries. Their inferior ingredients and materials have caused illnesses and accidents if not used properly. But with the Kong Box, all of the treats and Kong toy are sourced from the USA and Canada. So you can be sure that your dog is getting nothing but the best.

2nd Pro: Extreme Chewer Options

Do you have a dog that is tough on toys? Kong is already a durable brand, but some dogs need a little extra. For these dogs, Kong makes an Extreme Chewer box. These boxes have toys designed for the heavy chewing of most breeds. And they aren’t just for the larger dogs. You can have an Extreme Chewer small breed as well. Getting these boxes is super easy, unlike some dog box subscriptions that make you jump through hoops with customer service to get them. So you and your puppy will be happy.

3rd Pro: Size And Age Appropriate

Sometimes we feel uneasy subscribing to these boxes because we don’t know what’s in them. But the Kong Box puts a little reassurance in what they give you. When you set up your dog’s profile, they ask about their size and age. That way, you will never get toys outside of your dog’s needs. And when your dog outgrows the Kong toys for puppies, you can update their size in the Kong profile.

4th Pro: The Training Tips

Another thing we love about the Kong Box is that its training tips are precise. You can tell Kong about any behaviors that your dog needs help with. If your dog is having trouble with potty training, they send advice to help. Is your dog chewing up the house? They give you some direction on how to divert and prevent any more destruction. No issues? No worries! Kong will still send you useful training and tricks. You can even update your puppy box subscription as your dog develops different behavioral problems and life stages.

5th Pro: Allergies

Allergies are widespread anymore. And you might be bummed to find a box full of treats that your dog is allergic to. That’s why the Kong Box caters to allergies. If your dog has an allergy to beef, chicken, pork, dairy, gluten, or peanut butter, you can note your subscription. And Kong will make sure that your box never contains these treats.

6th Pro: Multiple Dog Households

If you have more than one dog, you might not want to purchase more than one box because of getting duplicates. But with Kong Boxes, you won’t have that problem. You can customize each Kong Box profile for different sizes, ages, and behavioral situations. So unless your dogs are identical, they will get various items in each box.

7th Pro: You Don’t Pay Upfront

Usually, with these dog subscription boxes, you only get the discount if you pay for all packages upfront. But you won’t do that with the Kong Box. Instead, you will get billed monthly according to when you signed up for the first box. So if you enroll on the 15th, you will get a bill every month on the 15th.

8th Pro: Free Shipping

Nothing is more disappointing than adding items to your shopping cart, just to be surprised by the shipping costs. That’s why free shipping has made it on our Kong Box: pros and cons list. We are elated by free shipping to all 50 states. Yes, that means you Hawaii and Alaska users.

9th Pro Pausing Your Subscription

Kong Box understands that life happens. You still want your boxes, but maybe it’s not a good time at the moment. Whether it’s because of travel or you need to save money, you can pause your deliveries at any time. Kong Box allows you to put a hold on your boxes for up to three months until you are ready to resume.

10th Pro: Cancelations

Did you try the box and decide that it’s not for you? No problem! You can cancel your subscription at any time, even when you enroll for several months. And it’s easy as pie. All you need to do is reach out to customer support before your next billing cycle.

11th Pro: Guarantee

Kong stands behind their products 100%. If you or your dog doesn’t like anything in their box, you have a 60-day guarantee. That’s right. You get two full months of trying a toy. And if anything is wrong, they will send you another at no extra cost.

12th Pro: Referral Program

Just when you think the Kong Box couldn’t get better, Kong offers a referral program. And unlike other boxes, Kong doesn’t offer free packages. Instead, you earn cash for every referral that signs up using your unique link. What more could you want?

13th Pro: Military Discount

And our final pro is that Kong supports our troops. If you are a member of the military, email customer service before subscribing to the Kong Box. They will set you up with a military discount as a way of saying Thank You for your service.

1st Con: The Ropes

Now that we know about all the positive sides of the Kong Box, it’s time to look at the negative. The first con on our list is that not all of the Kong toys come from the USA. In particular, the ropes in your box are sourced from China. If this is important for you to avoid, it is something to consider before giving them this toy box for dogs.

2nd Con: More Money

If you are just trying out the Kong Box, you might have noticed that it is more expensive than other brands. And even with the discount, they cost more than almost every other box on the market. So if you are looking for something a little more affordable, Kong might not be for you.

But if you are an avid Kong product lover, you will see that this price is worth it. Most of these boxes have enough toys and treats to make up the box’s cost. You might even be getting these goodies at a steep discount.

3rd Con: Cancelation Fees

So we think that canceling your subscription anytime is an awesome feature. But there is a catch. Unless you are paying for the month-to-month subscription, there is a cancelation fee. For those of you who enrolled in the six-month subscription, you will need to pay a one-time $19.95 fee. And for canceling the full-year subscription, you will need to pay $24.95. But after this fee, your boxes will stop with no obligations.

4th Con: Nothing Unique

Some boxes come with one-of-a-kind toys and treats that you can’t find in stores anywhere. But with the Kong Box, there isn’t much available that you can’t get in your local pet store. So if you have always been a Kong dog fan, you might get a bunch of duplicates of things you already own.

5th Con: No Toys Only Option

If your dog has a strict diet, you might be looking for a dog box subscription with a toy-only option. Unfortunately, Kong Box does not give you a toys only option. This box heavily relies on Kong stuffers and treats to make up about half of the box. Not to mention the goody treat recipe is likely something you can’t use. So if your dog has gastrointestinal issues, you could find a better box out there.

And That’s Everything!

When reading all of the Kong Box: pros and cons, you can see what a great offer this is. Your dog will love getting their boxes and the fun packed inside. You might even find that your dogs are happier and at ease with all of the Kong’s excellent tips, tricks, and treats.

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