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Top Kid-Friendly Doodle Dogs

Top Kid-Friendly Doodle Dogs

If you have a family or will begin one someday, you may be wondering about the best Doodles for kids. After all, aren’t all Doodles great with kids? The truth of the matter is that some dogs are more prone to like kids. No matter how well the breed is known for families, it is best to take precautions. Let us explore ways of ensuring your family’s safety and your dogs. We will also examine which of these top Kid-Friendly Doodle Dogs may be best for you. 

Training Your Child

Many people with children think that starting with a puppy will make the perfect fit for a Doodle dog family. While starting with younger pups can help, it is not a sure-fire way to get a dog that loves kids. You will need to teach your kids to be gentle and respectful of the dog’s space. 

Here are a few tips for teaching your children:

  • Always approach a dog slowly
  • Never chase a dog that is trying to getaway
  • Be aware of when a dog is uncomfortable. Look for
  • Side eye glances
  • Licking of lips
  • Panting
  • Ears held back
  • Let the dog come to you
  • Never pet or touch a dog that is sleeping or eating

These tips, along with a kid-free zone, will help your dog feel more comfortable with children. These tips should be used with puppies and older dogs alike. And no child should ever be alone with a dog to prevent accidents from happening. 

Training Your Dog

If you want your existing Doodle dog kid-friendly, it is best to start them out slow. See how they react around well-behaved children. Training a dog to become socialized is just as important as teaching your children. 

Here are a few tips for socializing your Doodle:

  • Make sure they know basic commands well (i.e., leave it, stay, lay down, sit, heel)
  • When starting the training, make sure they are happy and worn out
  • If your dog is uncertain, start with short visits first and increase the time

If you do all of these with kids that you trust, your dog will get used to them in no time. And when you do decide to grow your family, they will be more excepting. This socializing sometimes will go without a hitch, and sometimes it can take a few months. If you read your dog and know when to quit, your dog will learn to trust that you would never let a child step out of bounds. 

Doodle Dog Kid Friendly

Now we can start our list of 17 of the friendliest dogs towards kids. While each dog has their own experiences and personalities, these Doodles love kids and are great additions to any Doodle dog family. 


Complete Guide to Goldendoodles

America’s heartthrob is known to be kind and gentle with children of all ages. Since they are so understanding of emotions, they can pick up how to behave around all types of children. And since Goldendoodles come in multiple sizes, they can be great for little children or older kids. Goldendoodles typically love kids, and kids are not afraid of their gentle demeanor. 


Aussiedoodle Bible And Aussiedoodles

Aussiedoodles are great for kids that are eight and up. They have great personalities and have never known a stranger, much like an 8-year-old. They love to play and have a soft spot for their owners. Just beware of them around toddlers as they sometimes have a strong herding instinct. Your Aussiedoodle may want to corral all your children for you. You can be the judge if that’s good or bad. 


Bernedoodles- A Head to Tail Guide

The quiet spirit of the Bernedoodle is one that most people love. They are aware of their surroundings and are very considerate of others. Bernedoodles also sense emotions and situations the way a person would. This makes them great for kids of all ages. And since they come in smaller sizes, you can get one that fits your specific needs. 


The Cavapoo Handbook

Since Cavapoos are sometimes shy, it is best to get them if you have an older child. Sometimes loud noises and quick movements of kids can startle them. But, Cavapoos do great with kids that are 8+. They are very loyal and adore the attention of their families. Cavapoos also love to play as much as they enjoy cuddles. 

Irish Doodles

If you have an active child, the Irish Doodle is a perfect match. The Irish Doodle loves to play all day and can keep up with kids better than anything else. They love all types of outdoor activities and are devoted to their families. 


The Complete Guide to Labradoodles

The Labradoodle is one of the kindest and considerate Doodles there are. They make the perfect pet for a Doodle dog family. Labradoodles are great for all activities, indoor and out. And, since they come in so many sizes, you can choose a size that best fits you. Smaller sizes are generally better for small kids because the risk of them knocking someone over is less. 


Newfypoo Complete Owners Manual

If your home is calm and relaxed most of the time, a Newfypoo might be right for you. These Newfypoos are as sweet and kind as any family dog. They love to play but are relaxed most of the time. Your Newfypoo will feed off your mood and be as excited or as calm as you. These abilities are what make them great for homes with kids. 

Saint Berdoodle

Another calm and collective Doodle is the Saint Berdoodle. These Doodles love their owners and their children with a passion. They are very protective, and nothing gets past them. Saint Berdoodles will love your children as they were their own. This caring nature makes them perfect for all ages. 



Sheepadoodles are another herding dog that is great for older children. If you have kids that are eight and up, these Doodles will be faithful companions. They are intelligent and goofy, and that will bring a smile to anyone’s face! 


When looking for a small Doodle, don’t forget about the Shihpoo. These little dogs are charismatic and love people. They are usually tolerant of all kids, and their small size makes them perfect for every family. You won’t have to worry about their excited little bodies knocking over young children. And their small size makes them ideal for equally small children. 


The Complete Guide to Maltipoos

Another small Doodle is the Maltipoo. Maltipoos are half Maltese, which is naturally loving dogs that adore children. These cute little Doodles make great pets for kids of all ages. They always want to be the center of attention and are very tolerant of kids. They are small and not intimidating like some larger Doodles, and are less likely to knock toddlers over. 


Jack Russells can be great for older children, and that is true for the Jack-A-Poo. These dogs do better with children that are ten and up because by this age, children respect dogs more. The Jack-A-Poo is devoted and loving to their families, but also like order and routine in their homes. 


Cockapoos have a terrible reputation for being poorly bred. But, if you get an adequately bred Cockapoo, they can be just as loving and loyal as any other Doodle. These dogs adore attention, and with proper socialization, they can do great with children that know boundaries. 


Doxiepoos are known for their energetic personalities for their owners. They love their families with such passion. Your kids will cherish how devoted and tolerant these little dogs can be of their tiny humans. These are perfect for a small Doodle dog family. 


The Bordoodle can be great for older kids. Your child will love being involved in their training process and teaching them cool tricks. Bordoodles are also high energy, so they are great for kids that never slow down. They are the perfect companion for families with a lot of time for training and lots of walks. 


Whoodle dog Owners Manual

The gentle Whoodle is an excellent option for people who will bring a small child into the home. Your Whoodle will grow strong bonds to babies and children alike. They are a calmer breed that picks up on how to act in different situations well. And that is what makes them a perfect Doodle for kids. 


Huskypoo Siberpoo Huskydoodle Pros & Cons

These working-class Doodle mix does take a particular type of owner. Huskypoos need a lot of training and attention. They become bored quickly, and this makes them mischievous. But with socialization and tasks to do, the Huskypoo makes a terrific kid-friendly Doodle. 

What Will Your Family Choose?

No matter what Doodle dog family you are, training and respect are needed on all sides. Make sure always to have a safe space for your dog, and never leave kids alone. Even dogs that have been around children, their entire lives have off days. 

With so many Doodles, it can be hard to choose only one. They all have such beautiful features that you could have a hard time deciding. We want to hear from you! What would you add to the list? What do you have personal experience with? 

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