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14 Reasons Why Bullymake Box Is For Chewers

14 Reasons Why Bullymake Box Is For Chewers

When you have a heavy chewer, you might feel at a loss for what subscription box to get. You don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. Yet, you also don’t want a subpar subscription with toys that your dog will destroy. If this sounds like you, you are probably here for answers. Is Bullymake Box for chewers? Here are our 14 Reasons Why Bullymake Box Is For Chewers. We think so, and we have all 14 reasons why below.


What’s In A Bullymake Box?

What comes in a box for chewers is incredibly important. The standard pack comes with three Bullymake toys made from nylon, rubber, or ballistic materials. And it also comes with delicious and nutritious treats. But if your dog doesn’t prefer treats, you can get a toys-only option that comes with 4-5 tough toys. Each of these boxes comes with a fun theme that your dog is sure to love.

So besides a “tough” label, what makes the Bullymake Box the best subscription for you?

Reason #1: 100% Guarantee

One of the biggest fears you might have is that your dog will destroy a toy within 5 minutes, and then you’re out the money. But you don’t have to worry about that with the Bullymake subscription. Bullymake stands by their toys and gives you a 100% guarantee. If your dog destroys a toy, they will replace it for free! That’s right, _free! _All you need to do is send in photos of the toy to customer service. As long as it’s within the 30-day window, you should have no problems. Read all 14 Reasons Why Bullymake Box Is For Chewers This guarantee right here makes us think so.

Reason #2: USA Made

Materials made in the USA are durable and better than knockoffs from other countries. We know it, Bullymake knows it, and your dog does too. That is why when you get this dog subscription box, all of the rubber, ballistic, and nylon toys come from the USA. Bullymake Box even sources their treats from USA manufacturers only. The only catch to this is the ropes. Most toy ropes come from overseas, and it’s no different with this subscription.

Reason #3: The Materials

The materials your dog’s toys are made from are what determines how durable they are. We mentioned that the Bullymake brand only uses materials sourced from the USA. But that’s only half the battle. They also only use Bullymake ballistic, nylon, and rubber in their toys. These materials are just strong enough to withstand your dog’s jaws. Yet, they aren’t so rigid that they pose a risk to your dog’s teeth and gums.

Nylon is a great toy to have for teething puppies. Most of them even have delicious flavoring that makes them irresistible. Rubber toys are great for playing fetch, teething, or as treat dispensers. And ballistic is a unique material that gives your dog the appearance and feel of a soft toy. But not so soft that your dog destroys it within minutes. These materials together make for some of the most durable boxes available.

Reason #4: The Reviews

If you scour the internet, you see so many customers raving about the Bullymake Box quality. These toys are a hot topic that people can’t stop talking about. You can see pages and pages of testimonials of satisfied customers. And pictures of their happy dogs as well.

Customers think that these toys are more durable than other boxes geared toward heavy chewers. Seeing these real-life reviews puts a little reassurance back into your wallet.

Reason #5: One Of A Kind

If you have a chewer, you have probably gone through every dog toy at your local store. And if you get a subscription, you don’t want to waste money on toys you’ve already tried. Luckily for you, Bullymake is their own brand.

All of their toys are one of a kind not found in stores. That is how the Bullymake Box is capable of giving you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will love the new and exciting toys for your dog to toss around.

Reason #6: Size Adjustments

When we think of heavy chewers, we might only think of large breeds. Even with a name like “Bullymake,” it will have you imagining a giant bully breed that has a hankering to chew. But who says only large dogs are chewers? When you make your Bullymake Box account, they ask you questions about your dog’s age and size.

The reason for these types of questions is to ensure that smaller dogs are getting toys that size appropriate. Your puppy or small breed won’t get toys that are uncomfortable to carry or chew. And if your dog grows, no problems there either. Just head on over to your account and update your dog’s weight.

Reason #7: Toy Customization

While this isn’t related to heavy chewing, having a customizable box is essential. When you create your dog’s profile, you tell Bullymake all about your dog’s favorite toys. This customization is a way to reduce your dog’s chances of not liking the toys in their box. That means you won’t have to waste time returning products and waiting for the replacements. So your dog can get to playing faster.

Reason #8: Allergy Accommodations

Who says big dogs can’t have allergies too? With a Bullymake subscription, you can adjust the account settings to exclude minor allergies. Does your dog have more than one allergy? No problems there either. You can select the toys-only option and get 4-5 durable dog toys at no extra cost. Bullymake Box leaves no dog out of the fun here.

Reason #9: Additional Toy

If you have more than one dog, some subscriptions might seem like you aren’t getting enough for the cost. With the Bullymake Box, you can add an additional toy for only $9 a month. These add ons are also great for dogs who get bored quickly and need a little extra to stay busy. And if you want to extend how many toys you get, check out with the toys-only box and add the extra toy. Your dog will be swimming in Bullymake dog toys in no time.

Reason #10: Bullymake Shop

Even with a 100% guarantee, no toys are entirely indestructible. And it’s only a matter of time before your dog chews a favorite toy until it’s unsafe. That is why there is the Bullymake Shop. You can purchase all of your dog’s favorites, so they never have to go without. You might even see toys you haven’t received before but want to add to your collection. However, this shop comes with a warning. It is addicting, and you’ll want everything you see.

Reason #11: Subscription Price

We included this in our 14 Reasons Why Bullymake Box Is For Chewers because we think that price has a lot to do with that. The Bullymake Box has excellent prices for people on a budget. If you decide to purchase a few months ahead of time, you can get a discount. Buying the Bullymake Box monthly costs $39, but you get them for $36 each if you prepay for three months. And if you up that to six months prepaid, you only pay $34 per box. And a full year factors into only $31 a month. So you can entertain a hard buy for dogs within your price range.

Reason #12: Payment Plans

Usually, when you get discounts for your Bullymake Box, you have to pay for all months upfront. But Bullymake is very understanding of particular circumstances. If you want to enroll in several months but don’t have the money to pay for them outright, contact customer service. On the FAQ page, they say they are willing to work out a month-to-month payment plan.

We can only assume that there are a few hitches to these accommodations. But they don’t list what they are online.

Reason #13: Free Shipping

When you have a tough chewer, you want to get your first package ASAP. That’s why Bullymake ships your box the next day and on the same day every month after that. And to make it all even better, shipping is free! There are no hidden fees anywhere.

Reason #14: Cancelations

So what happens if you get your Bullymake Box and your dog isn’t thrilled? You might be wondering how to cancel the incoming packages. You hop online and either email or use the Bullymake live chat to contact customer support. They will be glad to assist you in canceling your subscription. Just remember to do it before the next billing cycle, and you should have no problems.

Are There Reasons Not To Get The Bullymake Box?

We don’t see anything wrong with the Bullymake Box. These toys are fun and guaranteed to last. And since you can adjust your account to tell Bullymake what types of toys you would like to receive, there is virtually no risk.

Summary of our 14 Reasons Why Bullymake Box Is For Chewers.

The pros outweigh the cons ten-fold with this subscription. We dare even to say it might be the best for chewers. You will see with your first box how delightful this box is. And your dog will wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.

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