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How To Stop Your Doodle Dog From Jumping On People!

How To Stop Your Doodle Dog From Jumping On People!

doodle jumpingIn this article, I will discuss a few ways to stop your doodle dog from jumping on people. Everyone who owns a Doodle knows that they are the most joyful and happy creatures on the planet. They love their families and love to meet new people. When these Doodles are still puppies, they may begin dog greeting by jumping. This excitement is adorable when they are small, but can become a problem when they get larger. Doodles can be unaware of how they throw this weight around and may knock over people and young children.

Ignore And Try Again

  • Training will be your best friend when dealing with jumping behaviors. One of the great things about Doodles is that they are naturally people-pleasing. They crave your attention and approval. You can use this trait to your advantage to practice greetings. This can work with just you or a friend that your dog enjoys visiting.
  • When you come into the house, greet your dog. If at any point your dog jumps onto you, stop and try again. Repeat this as many times as possible until your dog understands that jumping is what is stopping your affection. It shouldn’t take long for your Doodle to connect the behavior as being undesirable, and they will stop. Since your Doodle loves the attention, he will soon learn the appropriate ways of greeting you.
  • Another great motivator is to have a few training treats ready. Any time that you come in the door and your dog doesn’t jump on you, reward them with a snack. Continue this a few times a day as a refresher. And once your dog understands, practice it a few times a week. Any time anyone comes to your house, have them follow the same guidelines to keep consistent. Soon your dog will learn a better way of greeting you and still remain just as happy.

Quiet Greetings

  • Sometimes a dog jumps because they are displaying the same amount of excitement that you are. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be excited to see your dog. Everyone is happy to come home to a Doodle who thinks they are the best thing in the world. But, a better way to greet instead of being just as loud and excited, is to greet calmly.
  • When you keep the greeting quiet, it will teach your dog to be calmer when greeting everyone. This trick especially pairs well with tip number one. Keeping all greetings calm and rewarding the desired behaviors will speed up the training process. It can also help train your Doodle to have a little bit of self-control. Even though their excitement is overbearing at times, they will learn to be just as excited in a calmer way.


  • Kong - Extreme Dog Toy

    Kong – Extreme Dog Toy

    Another great tip to stop your doodle dog from jumping on people is to have a distraction ready. This distraction could be a puzzle toy or Kong filled treat that is ready by the door whenever you have visitors. The idea behind this tactic is that your dog will be so busy with his toy that he will not bother guests until everyone is settled in. This trick will help calm him down and lessen the urgency of the greeting.

  • So when choosing a distraction, make sure that you are choosing something that your dog does not get often. Also, make sure that it is something your dog truly enjoys. If you hand your dog a toy that they do not like, it will not be a distraction for very long. And make sure that if you are getting a treat distraction that it lasts longer than a few seconds. Kongs or long-lasting chew toys are great for this.
  • You can give this distraction to your dog in a separate room until things settle down. They will come out and still be excited for their visitors, but the greeting will be calmer. Using a separate room for the distraction is an excellent idea because it is away from all the commotion. We all are excited to see guests, and your Doodle will pick up on this excitement. When things have calmed, it is ok to allow your dog into the room.

More Exercise

  • Next on our list is more exercise. This could be more walks or a light jog added to the daily routine. Exercise is a great way to prevent your dog from jumping because it makes sure that your dog is getting all of their built-up energy out. If your Doodle is not getting enough exercise, energy will build up in their systems until they can let it out. Then when you have an unsuspecting visitor over, they could get knocked over by this energy.
  • Not only will more daily exercise help Stop Your Doodle Dog From Jumping On People, but also right before a visitor comes over. If you have time before someone comes over, give your dog a quick run around the block. They will burn up their energy before your guests arrive, and it will stop dog jumping on people. When you combine this technique with gentle introductions and more distractions, you will see a big difference in your Doodle’s behavior.
  • A great thing to remember when it comes to dog’s behavior is that a lot of it is related to energy. If you have a high energy Doodle who has behavioral issues, it is likely due to exercise. So, get out there and play fetch, tug of war, agility train, and basic training lessons. All of these are sure-fire ways to help your dog.

Get On Their Level

  • One unexpected way to stop Doodle Dog jumping on people is to get down low. Dogs like greeting their owners face-to-face and that is hard to do when they are on all fours. So, they resort to jumping up on their owners to greet them with enthusiasm. In some cases, you can try to get down on their level to stop the jumping. They will still be able to welcome you with the same enthusiasm, but they will no longer have the option of jumping.
  • Some words of caution with this approach, though. Since this tactic does not calm down greetings, they could still knock you over. It can also be inconvenient to use this approach if you have items in your hands when entering the house. It is best to look at this tip as a temporary fix since it does not correct or retrain the behavior.

Teaching Redirection Commands

  • A great tool in your belt is teaching your dog to obey commands. These commands could be: sit, stay, lay down, kennel, or any other assortment of commands. These are essential training tools for every dog owner to know. They can help in stressful situations, as well as with teaching proper greeting. Using these commands, the moment you realize your dog is becoming overly excited can help prevent them from jumping on guests.
  • Some signs that your dog is about to jump are:
    • WhiningHeavy pantingBarkingAnd excessive drooling
    • These are signs that your Doodle is becoming over-excited and likely to jump soon. Once you notice these signs, give your dog the command to go to a safe place. A lot of owners use the command “Kennel” or “Lay Down” to get their dogs away from the excitement. This gives your Doodle the chance to calm down and be removed from the situation for a while. Once your visitors or yourself come in the door and get settled in, it is safe for your dog to come out.
    • Another great idea is to combine this command with a distraction toy. That way, you can have your dog go to a safe place, and they will have a reward that will keep their minds off of the excitement.

Gentle Leader or Halter

  • PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

    PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

    Last on our list is to use a Gentle Leader like this one. These no-pull leaders (or another type of halter) are great for when you meet strangers when out on walks. These leaders do not hurt or pinch your dog in any way. Instead, if your dog tries to jump or pull it gently pulls their nose down. These are incredible training devices when used correctly and fitted.

  • These are also great tools for all training purposes. Though a little caution to never leave these types of devices on your dog at all times. They can cause rubbing and hair loss if left on for too long. But, you are free to use these for training and walking with no worries. Your dog will still be free to move and enjoy themselves as long as they are not pulling and jumping.

In Conclusion

Having a Doodle that is overjoyed to see you can sometimes be a great feeling. Other times it can feel like you are always getting knocked and bumped around. With these, you can stop Doodle Dog jumping on people. Your Doodle and your guests will be able to enjoy the company without any accidents anymore. With a little practice and consistency, you will have a well trained and behaved Doodle that you have always dreamed of.


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