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How To Groom Your Goldendoodle

How To Groom Your Goldendoodle

No doubt, learning how to groom a Goldendoodle is challenging. In order to keep our pups happy and healthy, it’s essential to keep them properly groomed. However, this can be much easier said than done for Goldendoodle owners. 

Luckily, we’ve detailed a handy Goldendoodle grooming guide so that your pooch can look and feel his best. Below, we’ll dive into the importance of regular doggie maintenance, along with the best grooming practices for Man’s best friend. 

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The Importance of Grooming

Goldendoodles are typically low-shedders thanks to their poodle ancestors. So, if doodles are so low maintenance, do Goldendoodles need to be groomed at all?

The short answer is absolute! While you’ll likely spend less time grooming your Goldendoodle than high shedding dogs, they still require regular care. If you don’t groom your Goldendoodle, your pooch is susceptible to potential parasites, skin irritation, and less comfortable existence. 

So even if your pup despises bath time, know that grooming makes for a happy and healthy dog. There’s a lot that goes into grooming your Goldendoodle. For simplicity, we’ll break it down into three main categories: 

Daily Maintenance

These are grooming tasks you’ll want to do on a fairly regular basis. Grooming activities in this category include brushing, nail trimming, paw care, and teeth brushing. 


While you’re not going to wash your Goldendoodle every day (This can dry out their skin), you should aim to give your pooch a thorough bath about once a month. Below, we’ll detail exactly how to bathe your Goldendoodle from home. 


Shaving isn’t always a necessity for Goldendoodles. However, if your dog has an unusually long coat or you live in a warm area, you might consider making this a part of your grooming routine. We’ll go over shaving dos and don’ts below. 

How To Get Your Goldendoodle To Love Grooming

If this is the first time you’ve appropriately groomed your Goldendoodle, you’ll want to make sure that you familiarize your dog correctly. Dogs can be trained to love (or at least tolerate grooming) just like any other behavior. 

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Before starting the grooming process, let your dog properly familiarize itself with your grooming tools. For example, you could place your grooming brush on the ground and allow your pooch to give it a good sniff.

Award your dog with treats and praise whenever they interact with any of the grooming tools. Also, be sure to reward your dog throughout the grooming process to develop a positive association with the activity. 

Goldendoodle Grooming Regular Maintenance

There are a couple of grooming tasks that you’ll want to incorporate into your everyday routine. Most of these tasks shouldn’t take more than a few minutes every day, and they’ll keep your Doodle looking dandy. 


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You’ll want to get in the habit of brushing your Goldendoodle’s hair every day. This will keep his coat looking and feeling fresh for longer. Moreover, it’ll help you spot check for any ectoparasites like fleas and ticks.

If you’re having trouble learning how to detangle Goldendoodle’s hair, opt for a natural detangling spray. This will help you comb through any tangles easily and leave your Doodle’s coat adequately moisturized. 

Try to make a point of brushing out your pup’s fur after each bath, too: It’s a lot easier to comb out hair when it’s wet or moist. 

Nail Trimming

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All dogs, including our beloved Goldendoodles, need to have their nails trimmed regularly. Have your vet or groomer offer you the best way to trim your pup’s nails safely. You will want to have styptic powder on hand. This will protect your dog’s nails in case they’re accidentally clipped too short.

Paw Care

While this isn’t a necessity for all dogs, some owners opt to wipe off their pup’s paws every time they come in after a long walk. This might be especially important for dogs who come into contact with sidewalks that might be treated with lawn chemicals or ice salt. Wiping off prevents your dog from ingesting these harmful agents in case they lick their paws later. 

Teeth Brushing

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Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly can be one of the best ways to prevent dental diseases down the line. Try to make this a part of your daily routine with your pooch.

What Is the Best Way To Wash A Goldendoodle? 

Goldendoodles should be washed every month to stay healthy. Here is the best way to give your Goldendoodle a bath.

Brush First

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Before washing your Doodle, make sure that you give them a proper brush. This can make it easier for unwanted debris to come out during the bathing process. It’ll also help you prevent matting fur. 

Starting the Bath

Prepare your bath with lukewarm water. You’ll want to focus on washing your dog’s body first, avoiding the facial region. This will keep water out of their eyes and nose as needed.


Using a gentle showerhead attachment or hose setting, wet your dog’s body, avoiding the head. Next, take your shampoo (you’ll know how much based on the manufacturer’s instructions) and massage it into your dog’s hair. 

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Start at the top of the neck, and work your way down to the tail of your dog. If you can shoot for a mild or fragrance-free shampoo. These shampoos are usually much more sensitive to your dog’s skin. Moreover, avoid human shampoo at all costs as these products are not correctly balanced for your dog’s pH levels. 


Once the shampoo has been worked into your dog’s coat, begin the rinsing process. Be sure to continue avoiding the facial region and rinse from top to bottom. You’ll likely have to repeat this process a couple of times to make sure you get all of the product out thoroughly. 

Washing the Face

To wash your Doodle’s face, use a lukewarm, wet washcloth. Carefully wipe your dog’s face and use a small brush to remove any tangles.


Dry your doodle down with a cotton towel. Using a hairdryer on a low setting, dry your dog’s fur. You can also use a brush to comb through any tangles during this process.


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Bath time can be incredibly stressful for a lot of dogs, and Goldendoodles are no exception. Be sure to have a fun play session, or reward with treats and cuddles after bathtime. 

How Do You Shave A Goldendoodle?

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Before committing to this process, you’ll have to ask yourself if you should shave your Goldendoodle. With regular trimming, bathing, and brushing, some Goldendoodles are perfectly fine without a shave. However, if you live in a hot climate or your Doodle has a super shaggy coat, shaving might be an excellent supplement to regular grooming. 

If you choose to shave your Doodle, make sure you brush his hair thoroughly first to make sure you get out any unnecessary tangles or knots. You’ll also want to pick out the right guard for your desired length of hair. Here are a couple of additional guidelines to keep in mind while shaving your shaggy pooch. 

The Back

When shaving the back of your Goldendoodle, have him sit down on a flat, comfortable surface. You’ll want to shave in a downward, straight motion starting from the top of the neck, down to the tail.

Try and get as much coverage as you can while your dog is sitting. If the process is initially scary for your dog, grab a grooming partner. Have the other person comfort your dog with treats and praise while you’re shaving from the back. 

The Belly

To shave your Goldendoodles’ belly, have them stand up. Use the clippers in a straight, downward motion, approaching from either side of your dog’s stance. This area may be extra sensitive to your dog. Make sure you have training treats available to reward your dog for tolerant or accepting behavior. 

The Legs

Don’t forget to also shave or trim down your dog’s legs. Some groomers opt to shave the fur on the paws slightly shorter than the rest of the body. This may make it easier for you to clip your dog’s nails in the future and give them a clean, tidy look. Also, don’t forget to shave the hair between your dog’s toes on the other side of his paws. 

The Rear End

Don’t forget to shave your pup’s behind. This will ensure that your dog’s waste doesn’t get stuck on any hair (nasty, right?). You can also opt to fully or partially shave down your Doodle’s tail according to preference. 

The Face

For the face, you’ll want to make sure you have your professional groomer show you how to shave the snout safely. In general, you’ll want to follow a downward pattern and exercise great caution around the eyes, ears, and nose. 

After you finish the shaving process, brush out your pooch to remove any excess hair, including the tail. 

Grooming Your Goldendoodle Doesn’t Have To Be Tricky

As your dog becomes familiarized with grooming, they’ll become more comfortable with the process. Don’t be discouraged if your dog is having a hard time at first— most dogs will. 

Grooming is an important for your dog’s health and daily life. Plus, grooming allows you and your pooch to bond in an entirely new way. 

 By prioritizing your dog’s grooming, you’ll keep your Goldendoodle’s tail wagging and your home smelling fresh. Enjoy bathtime bonding with Fido! 

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