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How To Get Your Goldendoodle To Stop Barking

How To Get Your Goldendoodle To Stop Barking

Learning how to get your gorgeous Goldendoodle to stop barking can be easier said than done. I know what you’re thinking— How can I possibly get your Goldendoodle to stop barking. When does he/she want to bark at everything that passes by? 

Luckily, there are several real ways you can reduce your Goldendoodle’s barking without too much extra hassle. Below, we’ll go over ways to teach your pooch to keep the peace and become a harmonious hound. 

Understanding Goldendoodles and Why They Bark 

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In order to get your Goldendoodle to stop barking, it’s important to understand why exactly they bark in the first place. Usually, it can be traced back to a couple of main reasons: 


Dogs use their bark to communicate a need. Therefore, your Goldendoodle could be barking for many reasons, ranging from “SQUIRREL!” to “I’m hungry.” 

Therefore, paying attention to the context of your dog’s barking is immensely helpful for determining the source.

Alerting the Owner 

Goldendoodles are pretty active breeds with a strong prey drive, so they’re likely to warn you whenever someone is approaching the door. 

Expressing Excitement 

Your Goldendoodle might just be having a great time! Fido might bark during a particularly engaging play session or whenever you enter the room. 


Just like us, dogs need to be engaged to stay happy. Your pooch might be barking out of boredom. 

How To Stop Your Goldendoodle From Barking 

Once you’ve identified why your Goldendoodle is barking, it’s time to take action! Here are a couple of ways you can combat your Goldendoodle’s behavior to reduce barking. 

Creating A Quiet Space 

All dogs need a space where they can relax and have a bit of quiet time. If you haven’t already, make sure your Goldendoodle has a place to chill out on their own. This could be as simple as a dog bed, or even your Doodle’s crate will do and act as their “Den.” 

Once they have the space, start to create the association that once they’re in that space, it’s “quiet time.” This space is incredibly helpful if you’re going through crate training. Reward your Goldendoodle whenever they’re relaxing in their space. 

Moreover, make sure that you don’t pay them any mind whenever they’re barking or whining in their area. Your dog must learn how to self-soothe. If you take your Goldendoodle out of their area before they properly calm down, you’re inadvertently reinforcing poor behavior. Remember, our dogs are always learning, even if we aren’t always teaching. 

Rewarding Calm Behavior 

To follow up with the previous method, reward your pooch for acting calm or relaxing with training treats. As your pooch begins to associate being calm with rewards, try to turn up the intensity of your training— See if your dog can sit calmly with a squirrel far off in the distance, or adjust based on your dog’s individual triggers. 

Entering and Exiting Peacefully 

One of the errors a lot of owners can make is making a huge deal out of entering or exiting the household. While it’s natural to feel excited when you see your dog for the first time after a couple of hours, this may make it harder for your Goldendoodle to stay calm. 

In addition, Goldendoodles are highly social breeds so they can be prone to developing separation anxiety. You want your Goldendoodle to be able to relax when you’re there, and when you aren’t. So, make sure you’re using entering and exiting moments as a teaching opportunity. 

Whenever you enter your home, wait to greet your Goldendoodle until they’ve fully settled and are acting calm and relaxed. You can even give them a treat when they’re calm to further reinforce good behavior. 

Limiting Window Access 

If your dog constantly barks at anything passing by the window, an easy fix is to limit their access. Whether that’s investing in some foolproof curtains or keeping your pooch in an area they’ll be less bothered in, this can certainly help your Goldendoodle feel calm, cool, and collected. 

Redirect Your Doodle 

Sometimes, redirecting your Doodle can be the key to reducing barking. This could be through making a startling noise, or just distracting your dog with one of their favorite toys. While this method is somewhat of a short term solution, it’s very helpful for situations where you need your dog to stop barking on the fly. 

Keep Your Pooch Busy 

Goldendoodles are a pretty active breed, so they need to stay properly entertained. Your Goldendoodle will be less likely to bark if more of his energy is fully spent. So, make sure your pooch is getting adequate exercise. Something as simple as letting your dog run around at the dog bark or going on a long walk every day can immensely help reduce your dog’s barking habits. 

Moreover, you can also take precautions to make sure that your dog feels entertained and engaged whenever you leave the house. You could give your dog puzzle toys before leaving, so Fido has an activity to keep him preoccupied. Or, something as simple as a KONG filled with peanut butter could be enough! Make Fido’s independence a rewarding experience. 

Start Teaching Good Habits Early 

If you have your Goldendoodle as a puppy, make sure to take advantage of the learning window. Your dog is most impressionable as a pooch, so really focus on getting these good habits early. If you spend time on the training now, it will be exponentially easier for your dog to learn that excessive barking isn’t a desired behavior. 

However, if your Goldendoodle is an adult, don’t be discouraged! Old dogs can, in fact, learn new tricks— It will just take twice as much time for your dog to learn than it would for a puppy. With regular reinforcement and determination, your Goldendoodle will be a well-mannered canine in no time at all. 

5 Products To Ease Goldendoodle Barking 

If you still struggle with the perils of excessive barking, be sure to check out these products. 

Training Treats 

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Learning to calm down is a skill that may need to be taught to our dogs. That’s why training treats are essential. Make sure you have a wide range of training treats available to establish which treats your Goldendoodle values most. These treats, which can be referred to as “high-value treats”, should be given to your Goldendoodle whenever they correct their excessive barking. 

Pet Corrector 

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The Pet Corrector is a device that emits a sound to break your dog’s pattern of barking. This device is best used when redirecting your Goldendoodle to a new activity. While this device is somewhat of a temporary solution, it’s great when you need your Goldendoodle to calm down quickly. Moreover, you can reward your pooch with training treats after he’s calmed down. The Pet Corrector simply startles your dog so that you can redirect behavior as needed. 


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Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? Does he bark the most whenever he’s left alone? In which case, the Thundershirt might be a great choice for your pooch. The jacket helps ease anxiety by giving your dog a calm swaddling-like feeling whenever you go out or during fireworks, thunder, or other potentially stressful situations. The calming wrap is breathable, recommended by veterinarians, and has an 80% success rate at keeping your doggo calm and relaxed. 

Sonic Trainer 

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This sonic trainer is perfect for redirecting your dog whenever your Goldendoodle is barking excessively. The trainer emits a high-frequency noise that only your dog can hear. The trainer uses 4 AAA batteries so you can easily use it on the go. After using the sonic trainer, watch to see if your Goldendoodle calms down. If his barking is reduced, rewards with treats and praise. With repeated, consistent use, your dog’s barking will be under control in no time at all. 

Calming Chews 

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Calming Chews are infused with natural ingredients designed to soothe your pooch. These chews can be used whenever your dog is about to go somewhere with a lot of distractions or is faced with something that brings them anxiety. As always, you’ll want to check with your veterinarian before doling out these treats to make sure it is a good idea for your dog. Remember, every pup is different, so it’s always wise to check in with your pet care professional whenever you introduce a new food into your dog’s diet. 

In Conclusion:

As much as we love our Goldendoodles, unchecked barking can easily get out of hand. However, with time, patience, and the help of these products and methods. Your Goldendoodle is bound to become a better listener in no time at all. Just remember that success doesn’t happen overnight— Like any other trained skill, your dog will need oodles of practice before he understands what you mean entirely. 

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