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How to Detangle Goldendoodle Hair

How to Detangle Goldendoodle Hair

In this article, we’ll teach you how to detangle Goldendoodle hair. Goldendoodles are a special breed whose hair requires special care.

Goldendoodle hair can be prone to matting and tangling. So what can you do if your Goldendoodle’s hair becomes tangled?

Maybe you want to care for your Goldendoodle’s beautiful coat at home. Or perhaps you would like to maintain his/her hair in between grooming appointments.

How to Remove Mats from your Goldendoodle’s Hair

Goldendoodles have long coats that can be curly, wavy, or straight. No matter the type, their hair can easily get tangled.

It can be hard to tell if your dog has matted hair just by looking at them. You’ll know the hair has tangled and formed a mat because it will feel thick and clumped.  

Your dog will likely feel a little uncomfortable, depending on how many mats he/she has and how big or deep the mats are.

That’s why it is essential to quickly identify and remove smaller mats before they become a bigger problem.

So how can you remove mats from your dog’s hair? The first step to removing mats is to plan before you start.

Make sure you are fully prepared to remove your Goldendoodle’s mats with the following:

  • Proper combs to gently detangle and avoid damaging your dog’s hair or skin.
  • Detangler sprays to help loosen tight hairs.
  • Your dog can stand on a non-slip surface like a carpet, rug, or rubber mat.
  • Someone to help hold your dog and distract him/her with treats if needed.
  • Dry hair. If your dog’s hair is wet, the hair will be much harder to detangle. So make sure it is dry before trying to remove any mats.
  • A positive experience! Try to train your puppy or dog to enjoy being brushed. When it comes time to detangle his/her hair, they will be less likely to struggle.
  • Lastly, have patience. Comb firmly but gently—you do not want to pull harshly on your dog’s hair.  

Removing mats can take time. You might have to work to detangle your Goldendoodle’s hair over several short sessions. Do not worry about doing it all at once!

Combs to Detangle Goldendoodle Hair

There are many types of dog combs. Knowing what kind of comb you should use can be hard when there are so many products. 

Using a comb that will not damage your Goldendoodle’s hair or skin is essential. Avoid brushes that cut the hair or “rake” and scratch the skin.

The tips of the comb should be somewhat rounded and not sharp.

When you detangle Goldendoodle hair, we recommend the following combs for removing mats from your Goldendoodle’s hair. They are both comfortable for your dog and effective at loosening matted fur: 

Contingent on the size of your Goldendoodle, you might need a larger or smaller comb. Make sure you are buying the right size. Some products have unique versions for puppies as well. 

Using Detangler Spray to Detangle Goldendoodle hair

Goldendoodles will have matted hair more than other breeds. They need extra attention to keep their hair smooth and tangle-free.  

The detangler spray is the perfect companion to your combing practices.

How do you use a detangler spray on your dog’s hair?

  • Spray the dog from the back of the ears to the tail, avoiding the eyes and mouth. 
  • Gently massage the spray deep into the coat and brush through afterward. 
  • Detangling sprays are used on wet or dry hair. You will want to wait for your dog’s hair to dry before brushing it. Therefore, it is best to apply the spray on dry hair.
  •  If your Goldendoodle’s hair is more badly matted, try spraying the detangler on the comb as well to help as you work to loosen the hair. This is helpful when you detangle Goldendoodle hair.
  •  Remember, puppy coats will be different than adult dogs. So make sure you are choosing a detangler spray that is good for puppies if you have one.
  • Some products are only formulated for puppies over a certain age, so check the label before you buy it!

3 Best Detangler Sprays for Your Doodle

Some of our favorite detanglers to use work well, smell great, and leave your Goldendoodle feeling like they just left the spa:

1. BioSilk Therapy Detangling and Shine Dog Spray

This product helps untangle matted hair and loosen knots while leaving a lustrous coat and fresh scent behind.

It is pH-balanced for a dog’s hair and is free from sulfates, parabens, and artificial colors.

2. Burt’s Bees Care Plus+ Avocado & Olive Oil Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner Dog Spray.

This product both improves the health of hair and detangles your dog’s matted hair. It is pH-balanced and contains no sulfates, colorants, or added fragrances.

3. Skout’s Honor Probiotic Honeysuckle Daily Use Pet Detangler.

This product is designed to prevent infection, combat hot spots, rehydrate dry skin, repair and avoid hair loss, matting, and excessive shedding, and restore the coat’s texture and shine.

It comes in lavender and unscented versions as well.

Natural Ways to Remove Dog Matting

What about a natural detangling product that is okay for both your Goldendoodle’s hair and stomach if they try to lick it off?

Thankfully, there are some everyday household items in your pantry or on the grocery store shelves that you can consider. Several oils are safe and natural to use on your dog’s hair.  

Some natural products to help loosen matted hair are:

Because these oils can be high in fat, your Goldendoodle should not consume much. However, small amounts are safe if licked off of their fur.  

Make sure to store and apply the oil at room temperature. You can massage the oil directly into the hair as close to the skin.

The amount of oil you use depends on the mat size and can range from a few teaspoons to a few tablespoons.

How to Line Brush a Goldendoodle

Line brushing is the perfect way to detangle your Goldendoodle’s hair and prevent future matting. If you have not frequently been brushing, you will most likely have to do some line brushing. 

Tips on how to line brush:

  • First, check which areas on your dog’s hair are tangled and which are not.
  • You will start line brushing as close to the lowest part of your dog’s body as possible and work your way up, wherever the mats are. 
  •  Part your dog’s fur upwards/away from you with the steel comb, and ensure you can see your dog’s skin (this is “creating the line”). This will ensure you are getting as close to the base of the mat as possible to make it easier to loosen.
  •  Next, brush downward/towards you on small sections of hair at a time with the slicker brush, starting below the steel comb and working your way up and closer to the comb. Be gentle but use short and quick strokes to work the hairs loose.
  • If several minutes have passed, the hair is still matted, or your dog is in pain, stop and avoid that area. This is a sign that the mat might be too deep and needs to be shaved. Never try to cut mats out—you can do more harm than good!

Remember: line brushing a whole dog can be time-consuming, so make sure you can commit! 

Watch a video tutorial before starting to ensure you are using the right technique.  

How to Prevent Matting + Tangling in the Future 

Now that you’ve put all the work in to detangle your Goldendoodles hair, how can you ensure the mats don’t return?

  • As already mentioned, line brushing is highly effective at preventing future tangles.
  • Frequent regular brushing is key. Just how often should you brush your Goldendoodle? That will depend on their coat type. Some Goldendoodles require daily brushing, while others can get by with weekly brushing.
  • Using a detangling spray on at least a weekly basis.  
  • Bathing your Goldendoodle with a good dog-safe shampoo/conditioner after he/she gets dirty, or at least 1-2 times per month. Muddy or dirty hikes, playtime at the dog park, beach romps, or other outdoor activities can cause dirt to build up in the undercoat. The dirt traps loose hairs, which increases the chances of your dog’s hair becoming matted.  
  • Depending on how fast your Goldendoodle’s hair grows, regular grooming appointments can also help prevent matting by shaping and reducing the length of the hair.

From Head to Tail

So there you have it! Now you can feel comfortable detangling your Goldendoodle’s hair, from head to tail.

You now know what different kinds of combs and detangler sprays you can use, natural ways to remove matting, line brushing, and how to prevent future matting.

Be very patient with yourself and your dog, and you will find that you can maintain their beautiful coat for years.

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