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6 Steps To Crate Train A Goldendoodle Puppy

6 Steps To Crate Train A Goldendoodle Puppy

Today we will tell you how to crate train a Goldendoodle puppy. Are Goldendoodles easy to crate train? With our tips and tricks, you can train your puppy quickly.

Crate training has a lot of benefits for a growing puppy. But most people give up after a few days of trying. We want to help you conquer this obstacle.

Step One: The Crate Size

The first step to success is to crate train a Goldendoodle puppy is choosing the right size crate. You don’t want a crate too large; otherwise, your puppy will poop and pee in it.

And you don’t want a kennel with tiny crates because it is uncomfortable, and your puppy might cry to get out.

We believe the best dog crates on the market are the adjustable types. A kennel like the Midwest Homes iCrate has everything you could want.

They come with a sturdy build, pan, and divider. And the best part is that the iCrate also comes in different sizes so that you can pick a crate large enough for your dog’s adult weight.

Step Two: Buy Special Treats

What is the best way to train a Goldendoodle puppy? Why his stomach is the best method.

You will want training treats on hand for the first several days and special treats and busy toys when you are gone.

Things like KONG chew toys, or favorite toys that your puppy only gets when you are gone are perfect.

The idea is to give your puppy treats during the training process and give them something fun and new to do while you are away.

If you make crate training your Goldendoodle puppy a fun experience, you will have faster results. But we will talk more about how to use these treats next.

Step Three: Get Your Puppy Acquainted

Next, how to crate train a Goldendoodle puppy is to get them used to the idea of a crate. Set your crate up in a high-traffic area of the house.

This can be in the living room or room where your puppy will spend most of his time. Make it homey with a few toys, but not the special ones, and a blankie or two.

Keep your kennel door open, and every time your puppy goes in the crate willingly, give them a treat and say, “Good kennel.”

Your puppy won’t take long to learn that going into the crate is good. They might even go in and out several times to get a treat, and you should oblige.

This positive reinforcement will teach your Goldendoodle puppy that good things will come to him when he’s in there.

Using the phrase “Good kennel” will also start the process of teaching your puppy his command to get into the crate. Soon all you have to do is say kennel, and he will know what to do.

Step Four: Play Fetch!

If your puppy is having difficulty going into the crate by himself, a game of fetch might persuade him.

Start by playing a game of fetch with his favorite toy in the same room as the kennel. After a bit of back and forth, throw the toy into the crate.

Your puppy might initially be a little hesitant, and that’s ok. Gently encourage him that it’s ok. And when your puppy goes in to get the toy, give them a treat and praise.

Soon they will overcome their fear of the big scary metal thing and go in alone. Then you can give them a treat every time they enter alone.

Step Five: Feed In The Kennel

Another way to get your puppy used to crate training is by feeding them in it. After you have prepped your puppy’s meal, tell them your crate command.

Once you have done this for a few days, you should tell them the order, and they get into the crate before getting food.

Doing all daily activities in the kennel is a positive way to teach them that the kennel isn’t scary or a punishment. They will eagerly get inside for anything.

Folding Metal Dog Crate2

Step Six: Start Small

Now that your puppy knows the kennel is a happy magical place where they get treats, it’s time to leave them in it. But you don’t want to throw them in and call it a day. First, you want to start slow.

Start by meeting their needs first: eating, drinking, potty, and collar off. Then give your puppy the crate command. Once in the crate, give your puppy a treat and a special toy.

Make your puppy think you are leaving the house by walking out the door. But don’t go too far; you will want to start with 5 minutes.

Once the time is up, go inside to let your puppy out and give him praise. It’s also a good idea to train them to sit before opening the crate door at this time to prevent jumping.

Give them about an hour’s break, try again, and increase the time created by 5 minutes. By slowly increasing the time your puppy is alone, you teach him that you will always come home.

Keep at this; your puppy will go for hours alone in the kennel by the end.

How Long Can You Leave A Puppy In A Crate?

A puppy can only hold their bladders for about an hour every month they are of age. And you can’t expect a puppy under 12 weeks old to hold it for over an hour.

So a puppy who is only four months old can only hold their pee for four hours.

The Don’ts Of Crate Training

So now you know how to crate train a Goldendoodle puppy. And it seems easy as pie. But a few things can go wrong in the first few months of training and ruin all success.

Here are a few things you never want to do if you want your puppy to learn quickly.

Invade Space

The first mistake that people make is invading the area. Your puppy is still learning how to use this crate. And you want it to feel like a safe and quiet place to escape when needed.

Think of it as their room. If your puppy is in the kennel sleeping, eating, or exploring, you should leave him be.

Use It As Punishment

Using it as punishment is the next thing that can ruin crate training your puppy. If your dog has an accident in the house or chews up your favorite pair of shoes, don’t use a crate as a timeout.

Using the crate as punishment will make your dog feel like he has done something terrible every time you leave the house.

It can even set your puppy up for separation anxiety because he doesn’t know what he did wrong when you go.

Instead, you should redirect your puppy. Cleaning potty messes with urine cleaners and taking them for a walk helps with potty training.

And if your puppy is chewing, turn their attention to a toy that is safe for gnawing. This method keeps the crate safe and solves the issues more effectively.

Goodbyes And Hellos

Something that most people don’t think about when crate training is how they leave and come home. We are just as happy to see our puppies as they are glad to see us.

But if you make too big of a deal out of leaving and coming home, you could start anxiety in your dog.

Sad goodbyes tell your puppy that your leaving is a bad thing. And happy hellos give your puppy anxiety waiting for you to come home.

So you will want to keep both of these times cool and collected. Give your puppy the kennel command and leave neutrally, like all you do is brush your teeth.

And when you come home, take care of business first. They will be happy, but a potty break is imminent, and after, you can give them a proper hello with a friendly game.

Letting Out For Whining

Chances are, you will crate-train your puppy at night as well. And if you tried this, you know your puppy will try to pull the heartstrings.

It doesn’t take long for your puppy to learn that they get playtime, a walk, and your attention if they whine. No matter what, don’t let them out for whining, though.

How do I get my puppy to stop whining in his crate? If your puppy’s needs have all been met, the best thing you can do is ignore them.

They don’t need anything else if they have eaten, pottied, and gotten enough exercise. But if your puppy is young, keep track of the time spent in the kennel.

It is still possible that they need to potty in the middle of the night, and that’s the cause of their whining.

Is It Simple?

You might be wondering if this is for every puppy. Or are Goldendoodles high maintenance? We assure you that every puppy goes through this, no matter what breed or age you start.

But with our guide on crate train a Goldendoodle puppy, you will be smooth sailing in no time.

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How To Crate Train a Goldendoodle Puppy?

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