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How Much Does a Maltipoo Puppy Cost – Best Breeders

How Much Does a Maltipoo Puppy Cost – Best Breeders

So, how much does a Maltipoo puppy cost? A reputable breeder sells a Maltipoo puppy for between $400 to $4,000. But there are rare-colored Maltipoos that tend to be more expensive. For instance, chocolate, champagne, and red Maltipoo puppy might cost $8,000 to $15,000.

It is hard for a potential Maltipoo parent to say no to the cute dark eyes and the fluffy coat. This adorable breed is a cross between the Maltese and the Poodle. There are various Poodle breeds, but Maltipoo is far more appealing due to their therapy skills and trainability.

That’s why Maltipoo puppies are much costly compared to Poodle crosses like Labradoodles and Yorkipoo. If you found yourself here estimating the cost of a Maltipoo puppy, then you are lucky! Here you will find the ongoing Maltipoo prices from various sources and the cost of owning one.

On the other hand, adult Maltipoos are cheaper than adult purebreds due to their lower life span. You might find reputable breeders selling them at $330 to $700. 

Age and color aren’t the only things that determine the price of a Maltipoo puppy; size also matters. Here is a list of prices based on size:

  • Teacups that weigh 4 pounds and below 6 inches – $2,000 to $4,000.
  • The price of a toy that weighs below ten pounds and 8 to 10 inches costs between $400 to $3,000.
  • Those miniature ones that weigh 10 to 25 pounds and 12 to 15 inches cost between $400 to $2,000.

You will note that the Teacups are remarkably expensive than the other sizes. This inducement is because limited breeders are breeding them internationally. 

However, it doesn’t mean they are healthier than the others. They are considered abnormal since a cross of Maltese and Poodle doesn’t result in a teacup size.

Another fact about prices is that Maltipoo’s lineage directly affects the price. For instance, Maltipoo puppies from celebrity genes sell in Texas Teacups at $8,975 to $14,975. They regard as celebrities for appearing in movies, commercials, and television shows. 

If you doubt the reputability of the breeder you are purchasing from and their price is hefty, consider a background check and be cautious of possible red flags.

Red Flags to Avoid

Typically, it is easy to identify poor-quality breeders. The apparent signs include a lot of dogs on their website, which is more than they can adequately manage. You will notice some unprofessional manners. 

Also, watch out for if:

  • There are unexamined puppies but have a clean health bill
  • No doing dog tests before breeding
  • There are foul odors and filth
  • They are not willing to show you the location for raising the puppies
  • Lack of contract and education
  • Rushing the sales 
  • There are aggressive, unfriendly, shy, fearful, and sick dogs

Why Are Maltipoos Expensive? Factors Affecting the Price of a Maltipoo Puppy

When you compare Maltipoo puppies to other mix-breeds, you will note they cost more. Their prices usually range from $400 to $4,000. They can even rise to $15,000 based on the genes and color.

These prices seem ironic, considering how small the breeds are. Why are they costly, yet they can even feet in a human palm? To get you out of your confusion, check this list of factors that affect the prices of the Maltipoos.

Reputability of the Breeder 

Experienced Maltipoo breeders usually charge more for Maltipoo puppies. They are worth a penny as they produce the healthiest puppies and of the highest quality. Their concern is to give the best to be recognized by organizations like the American Kennel Club.

The Puppy’s Age 

Most puppy owners prefer buying puppies as soon as they are available for sale. As such, they avoid missing the socialization opportunity. Most people are not interested in older puppies, hence lower prices. Sometimes the price fall can be dramatic. 

The Current Popularity of the Breed

If breed or crossbreed suddenly becomes popular, the prices often get on the rise too. When the interest drops, so do the prices. 


Parents or litter registration by groups like the American Kennel Club can affect the price of the Maltipoo puppy. 

You might be wondering how mixed dogs can be registered. Today, crossbreeds are required to register and issued with ID numbers. They can also participate in dog sport competitions like agility and obedience trials. 

Health Screenings and Genetic Tests

Before breeding, quality breeders must test the parent dogs. This test detects possible inheritable health conditions that can pass on the offspring. 

Many veterinary visits are essential after breeding. It ensures that the pregnancy is proceeding well and the liter is healthy. The resulting costs lead to expensive puppies. 

Color and Type of the Coat

Some breeders charge high for Maltipoo puppies with particular hair color or type and are in high demand.


Maltipoo puppies are usually small even when fully grown, mostly less than five pounds. They are more expensive than puppies likely to fall from the normal Maltipoos range, averagely 7 to 14 pounds. 

Unfortunately, some breeders are not honest. Some may convince you that since the puppy’s bloodline entails some Miniature Poodles, they should remain small. Don’t be deceived!

Know the expected sizes based on the puppy’s percentage to avoid your wallet getting wiped off. 


F1 generation puppies are the least expensive since they are a cross of only one Poodle and Maltese. If the breeder uses artificial insemination or stud service, they only have to maintain one dog. But using sperm from the outside source is usually expensive and affects the price of the puppy. 

F2 generations and beyond take more time to create. The breeder waits until the F1 dogs are mature enough for breeding. They stay again until the subsequent offspring matures before breeding. 

This process requires care, feed, house for many dogs to ensure they don’t make inbred. The extra work and time lead to high prices for multi-generational Maltipoos.


If both or one parent of the Maltipoo has had a previous good show in the ring, the winning records are in the puppy’s pedigree. This trait drives the prices up.

Location of the Breeder

You may note that breeders based in metropolitan areas have higher prices. They are marketing to large audiences who are earning more than those living in the rural areas. 

What Is the Cost of Maltipoo Adoption From A Rescue or A Shelter?

Maltipoo lovers with tight schedules wonder how much a Maltipoo from rescue costs. Well, adopting a Maltipoo may cost you about $100 to $800, but that depends on the organization. 

That means buying a Maltipoo is better since you save a dog’s life and practically save the money.

Most rescues and shelters use the collected fee to maintain the left dogs. Technically, the actual cost of rescue dog rehabilitation is more costly than what the rescue organizations ask. However, buying a dog is less intensive than the screening process. 

Maltipoo Ownership: What is The Initial Cost?

Maltipoo ownership, or any other breed, requires more from your wallet in taking care and maintaining them. This cost is not inclusive of the fee you pay to the breeder.

You can’t take your pup home without purchasing the necessary items such as a water bowl, dog food, collar, and others.

Here is a list of the initial essentials of a Maltipoo puppy and the average cost of each:

Dog Food

Though a Maltipoo puppy is a small breed, it is a hearty eater. They should eat twice or thrice a day due to their fast metabolism. Therefore, it can cost you about $85 to purchase a grain-free feed.

Leash and Collar

A leash and collar are an advantage for your pup during obedience training. These items are available when walking them in the neighborhood or other places-a leash and collar of reasonable quality cost around $20.

Dog Crates

If you plan to travel with your dog, then you need dog crates. But you can decide to purchase it for house training. You can also use it to avoid destructive behavior in Maltipoos. They are known to be aggressive since they possess separation anxiety. A sturdy crate costs $50.

Dog Bed

Just like humans, Maltipoos need to sleep in a bed comfortably. They can retreat there if you have visitors. You might find various dog bed types in the market, but they often cost $40.

Feeding Bowls

You can’t feed your puppy by your palm. Don’t overlook buying feeding bowls for food and water. You can get one at $15.

Chew Toys

Maltipoos are playful, just like their poodle ancestors. You wouldn’t like seeing them chewing your furniture or rug for their innate playfulness. Get it to chew toys at $20. It improves their jaws hence worth the penny. 

Dog Shampoo

Though Maltipoos are non-shedders, you need to clean them regularly. When bathing them, you will need a dog shampoo so that the coat is free of debris. Dog shampoo bottles usually cost $10 each.

Poop scooper

It’s gross when your pup poops all over your backyard. To save yourself in disposing of it with less effort, get a poop scooper at $15.

Maltipoo Ownership: Expenses In The First Year

The expenses in the first year overwhelm most pet owners. It isn’t cheap and can total more than a thousand dollars. 

Are the first-year expenses worth it? Yes. This comprehensive list will show you the costs to incur in your first year of owning a Maltipoo. 

  • Vaccine shots – $300
  • Pet insurance – $250 annually
  • Deworming – $20
  • Neutering and Spaying – $200
  • Tick and flea medications – $200
  • Vet checkups – $400


Though Maltipoos are expensive, they are worth each dollar. Their adorable nature will undoubtedly excite you and your family. When purchasing the essential items for your pup, check out the best deals before you settle for a single brand. It will save you money and give you options for quality products. 

Remember, the lifespan of a Maltipoo puppy is 10 to 15 years. So if you doubt your capability to cater to all the necessary needs, just quit owning one. That is better than owning one and, after a while leave them at rescues and shelters.

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