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How Much Do Aussiedoodles Cost? Read Before Adopting

How Much Do Aussiedoodles Cost? Read Before Adopting

How much do Aussiedoodles cost? The price of Aussiedoodle ranges from $1500 to about $5000 if you are buying from a reputable and quality breeder. On average, the price of one Aussiedoodle is $2500. 

Aussiedoodles are a mixture of the Australian Shepherd and Miniature or Standard Poodle. They have been around for many years.

With the trend towards coming up with hybrid dogs, breeders believed that mixing an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle would result in an allergy-friendly dog that was loving, smart, and would make a good family dog.

An Aussiedoodle that comes with limited registration or has not been registered will cost less. If you are purchasing your puppy from a far distance, you will have to factor in the transport costs.

It is always good to consider buying from a good home that produces healthy and quality stock. 

Many factors affect the cost of Aussiedoodles. Some of them include health clearances, breeder quality, and size. Keep reading to learn more.

How Much Do Aussiedoodles Cost?

Things That Influence The Cost Of Aussiedoodles

If you plan to buy an Aussiedoodle for the first time, you may be amazed by how much you will have to pay in order to get one.

What will even amaze you most is not the cost of the Aussiedoodle puppy, but the wide range of their prices. 

Why should one Aussiedoodle puppy cost much less or more than the other? You can easily think that since they are all mixed-breed dogs that come from a Poodle and an Australian Shepherd, they should be relatively close in price and inexpensive.

However, this is usually not the case. Here are some of the things that can influence the cost of Aussiedoodles.

A newer breed of dog

Every time a new dog breed is created, most people will always want to own that dog. This can affect the price in two different ways.

First, the dog may be cheaper because the breed may still be new and still unproven by most dog enthusiasts.

Once it has been proven a wonderful dog, like the case of the Aussiedoodles, the price will more likely increase. In most cases, the price of new dog breeds will be higher because the breed will be trending, and everyone will want to have it.


A newer breed of dog will usually be more popular. Once this happens, their price will increase substantially. The law of supply and demand applies here. 

Age of the puppy

Typically, the older the Aussiedoodle, the less expensive it will be. Older dogs are generally less expensive as compared to the young because of different reasons.

Every dog enthusiast will prefer a young dog that they can train and raise themselves. Besides, young dogs have a longer lifespan and will definitely live for more years as compared to older ones. 

Breeder reputation

The breeder’s reputation is one of the main factors that will affect the price of your Aussiedoodle puppy. You will want to buy your lovely puppy from someone who is more trusted and sells quality dogs.

A reputable breeder will tend to charge higher prices because he has invested more money and time into his breeding program and can back it with various guarantees.


The American Kennel Club does not register mixed breeds. Since the Aussiedoodle is a mixed breed, the club cannot register it.

However, the breed can be registered with the International Designer Canine Registry. A registered breed is usually more expensive as compared to one that has not been registered.

Most dog keepers and enthusiasts will consider buying a breed that has been registered regardless of the price.

How Much Do Aussiedoodles Cost?


Everyone will want to buy a high-quality pet that is strong and in good health condition. Many reputable will have their dogs screened for various diseases.

The score of the dog will be listed on the pedigree. A good example is the Canine Orthopedic Foundation of America.

The organization screens animals for different diseases such as dysplasia and others. A dog that has a healthy pedigree will more likely cost higher than one that does not have. 

Breeding rights

Pet owners can freely breed puppies bought with breeding rights. The price of such dogs will be higher as compared to dogs that have limited registration and can not be bred.


The location of the pet you want to buy may also affect its price. Those that are far away will likely cost more than those that are nearer.

If you buy your Aussiedoodle puppy from a location, you will have to pay more since the buyer will have to cover the traveling expenses.

This can increase the price by hundreds of dollars. You can even expect to pay more if the puppy is flown to your location.

Finding Quality Breeders For Aussiedoodles

If you have been thinking of getting an Aussiedoodle puppy for a while now, you have probably done some research and heard some of the things you should do and those you should not do.

Besides, you should know the importance of dealing with only quality Aussiedoodle breeders.

So, how do you know if it is a reputable breeder? Here are some things to look for when visiting and talking to the breeder. 

  • If the breeder wants to meet you halfway or does not want you to go to his kennel, there could be a reason for this. Just look for a new breeder.
  • The breeder should be ready and willing to answer all your questions about the dog, its parents, and the breeding practices.
  • Breeders that continually breed their puppies every heat could be a puppy mill. You should avoid buying from search places.
  • Healthy and well-fed puppies are sassy and fat. They should be curious, playful, and active. Puppies that are withdrawn and shy may not have been appropriately socialized.
  • Are the puppies on their shots? A reputable and quality breeder should not have any problem showing you the immunization and health records.
  • The puppies and kennel area should be well cared for and clean all the time.
  • The mother of the puppy should look active and healthy. She may be thin after giving birth, but if you see her vertebrae of the spine, then that could be a sign of a health problem. 
  • The breeder should be willing to show you the pedigree of the puppy.
  • If the breeder is not someone local and familiar, you should not be afraid to do reviews on him. A reputable breeder will have a website as well as an online presence.

Adopting An Aussiedoodle

How Much Do Aussiedoodles Cost?

The is an option for adopting a dog. Although it may take you more time and some searching in order to find an Aussiedoodle puppy in a humane society or shelter, it will cost you less to adopt one. 

Most shelters charge between $50 and $250 for one to adopt a dog. The younger it is, the more it will cost. It is possible to find a quality Aussiedoodle in need of adoption.

Aussiedoodles Coat Types

Some dogs have tightly curled fur-like appearances. Others do have 12 commonly known popular colors. The most identified color variations include cream, blue, red, cinnamon, tan, white, and black. However, these dogs have become so eminent in the last decade of their lives.

Are Aussiedoodles Maintenance Dogs?

Aussies are not maintenance dogs. This is because it depends on the plan of your work life. These dogs are not maintenance digs, but instead, high in energy dogs, and they would require absolute attention.

Australian Shepherd dogs have docked tails, which do not smell bad. Poodles have crispy curly hair. Therefore, you should prefer maintaining an Aussie doodle coat regularly.

The Average Size of Aussiedoodles

The Aussiedoodle averages are between 25 to 70 pounds and stand 14 to 23 inches tall. The larger range in size is because of the type of poodle that bred; an Aussiedoodle with a Toy poodle parent will be smaller than one bred with a Standard Poodle parent.

Taking Care of Aussiedoodle

The Aussie is sufficient and demands adequate space to run and play, both inside and around your compound. On the other hand, Aussies require some long walks once in a while for proper relaxation and monotony reduction of staying indoor.

You need to understand that long walks help solve the problem of your dog’s separation anxiety.

Difference Between Aussies and Other Doodles

The differences between the breeds are quite noticeable, for instance, color. Aussiedoodles have a wide range of colors than the typical golden, brown, white, and black colors.

An Australian Shepherd coat goes well with that of a poodle. Aussies tend to be less shedding and more hypoallergenic than other doodles.

In addition, Aussiedoodles are more energetic. They should e physically active each day and love to go on walks, bike rides, hikes, fetch, swimming, dog parks, and many other fun activities.

 Aussiedoodle s do not do well with staying in an apartment unless the family is active and takes the dog for walks on a daily basis.

They are also nicknamed Einstein breed because they learn much faster than other doodles. They can learn a lot of fun and unique tricks such as walking like a human on their two back legs.

Finally, Aussiedoodles tend to have a more spunky and funny personality. They are very loyal bred and really love to be involved all the time. This makes them perfect family pets.


It is always important to count the cost before you decide to buy a dog. Most Aussiedoodle owners believe that they are worth the cost despite the higher prices. It is crucial to buy from reputable breeders only who can show you all the needed information regarding the health and parents of the puppy.

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