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How Big Does a German Shepadoodle Get?

How Big Does a German Shepadoodle Get?

So, how big does a German Shepadoodle get? A standard Shepadoodle can weigh up to 90 pounds when fully grown and grow to be around 29 inches tall from head to toe.

German Shepadoodles are friendly, affectionate, and playful dogs that make excellent family dogs. Their high intelligence makes them easy to train and socialize with kids and other pets.

They are also energetic dogs that must be kept active most of the time. Shepadoodles come in three different sizes: standard, mini, and toy.

The German Shepadoodle is a designer dog that has been bred to have the low-shedding quality of a Poodle and the intelligence of a German Shepherd dog.

The adorable breed is also referred to as the “Shepadoodle.” This article will discuss everything you need to know about the German Shepadoodle size.

We will also take you through the best breeders to provide you with your desired German Shepadoodle. Keep reading to learn more.


German Shepadoodle Sizes

As mentioned, German Shepadoodles come in three different sizes: toy, mini, and standard. The size of your German Shepadoodle will depend on the size of the Poodle used in breeding. 

Generally, German Shepherds are big, tall, and muscular dogs. On the other hand, Poodles can be up to 25 inches tall. Their bodies are slimmer and more athletic. 

The Standard German Shepadoodle

The Standard German Shepadoodle or Standard Shepadoodle is the largest German Shepadoodle available. It is created by crossing a German Shepherd with a standard Poodle.

A fully grown Standard Shepadoodle is 29 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs up to 90 pounds. Male standard Shepadoodles are usually slightly larger than female standard Shepadoodles.

Because of their large sizes, they require a bigger living space. They are unsuitable for individuals living in smaller living spaces, such as condos and apartments.

Besides, their large bodies require a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

The Miniature German Shepadoodle

The Miniature German Shepadoodle, also known as Mini Shepadoodle, is a medium-sized version of the Shepadoodle. It is created by crossing a German Shepherd dog with a Miniature Poodle.

They are good because they are neither too big nor too small. Unlike standard German Shepadoodles, these adorable dogs do not require much living space.

They are also great for kids and easy to control and exercise. A fully grown miniature German Shepadoodle weighs anywhere between 25 and 45 pounds.

When fully grown, they are usually 15 to 21 inches tall at the shoulder. Male mini Shepadoodles are slightly bigger than female mini Shepadoodles.

The Toy German Shepadoodle

This is the smallest version of the Shepadoodle. They are created by crossing a Toy or Petite Poodle with a German Shepherd. They take about a year to reach their full adult size.

These small-sized dogs can reach a maximum of 15 inches tall at the shoulder. They can weigh anywhere between 10 and 22 pounds.

They are too small to be held in the palm of your hand. Male Toy Shepadoodles can be a bit larger than their female counterparts.

Because of their small sizes, they are perfect for dog lovers in small living spaces, such as apartments and condos.

However, these dogs can be susceptible to various health issues because of the manner in which they are bred.

If you are interested in a Toy German Shepadoodle, be sure to purchase from a reputable breeder.

Cost Of A German Sheepadoodle

The cost of a Shepadoodle or German Shepadoodle will vary depending on several things, such as size, breeder experience, and coat type. Generally, the price ranges from $1000 to $3000.

While reputable breeders charge more, you are guaranteed a healthy and quality puppy that has been vaccinated, trained, microchipped, and offered the necessary care.

Here are the common factors that can affect the cost of a Shepadoodle.


The size of your German Shepadoodle because it affects how much medicine, food, and other supplies you need to provide.

Toy Sheepadoodles will cost less than Standard Sheepadoodles because they are rare.


Puppies between 2 to 6 months old a usually more expensive than adults and older puppies because they are within their prime age for adoption.

Puppies are also priced more than older dogs because they are cute and easy to train.

Coat Type

Shepadoodles with longer coats tend to cost more than those with shorter coats. Longer coats require more grooming and maintenance than shorter ones.

In addition, the color of your furry friend’s coat can affect its price. Brown, red, white, and black coats are in high demand and tend to cost more.

Training Level

A well-trained German Shepadoodle will cost more because a lot of money and time has been invested in training it.

Breeder’s Experience

If you purchase your puppy from an experienced breeder who has been in the business for many years, you can expect to pay more.

Such breeders can be trusted to provide a healthy and quality puppy. Some breeders will even ask you to place a non-refundable deposit to reserve a place on the waiting list.


The breeder’s location may also affect the price of your German Shepadoodle puppy. Generally, the cost of puppies in big cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, is higher than in more rural areas.


Male German Shepadoodle puppies tend to cost more than female puppies because fewer male dogs are available for breeding. 

Top Shepadoodle Breeders In The USA

Here are the best breeders that will offer you a healthy and quality Shepadoodle puppy in the USA.

Hilltop Farms Shepadoodles

Hilltop Farm is home to several stunning hypoallergenic dog breeds. Their puppies are socialized with kids and other pets before they are sold out.

They are also crate-trained and taught basic dog commands from an early age. Their early training and the imprinting program make their puppies calm, well-behaved, and trainable.

This is the place to visit if you are looking for a well-trained and well-socialized German Shepadoodle puppy for sale. 

All puppies for sale at Hilltop Farms are registered and health-tested. They are only allowed to join their new families when they are old enough.

You can visit their website to see pictures of their adorable puppies.

Hilltop Farms Shepadoodles Details

Strahan Farms Shepadoodles

Strahan Farms is a team of passionate breeders who strive to share their l of doodle dogs with dog lovers.

All puppies are raised in a home environment where they are provided with all the love and attention they need.

All puppies at Strahan Farms have a health guarantee to protect against genetic defects. They are also trained and socialized with other pets and children before they are allowed to join their new families. 

They will ensure that you take home a healthy and quality puppy that your family will like. All their puppies are vaccinated and health tested.

If you are interested in one of their puppies, you can visit their website to fill out an application form. They have a waitlist for potential adopters.

Strahan Farms Shepadoodles Details

Northwood Doodles

Northwood Doodles has been breeding happy and healthy Shepadoodle puppies for many years.

It is a family-owned and operated breeder that strives to provide many homes and families with a perfect furry companion.

They prioritize temperament, socialization, and health of the puppy when breeding to ensure that you take home a well-rounded dog.

Their puppies are socialized with people as well as other animals on the farm. Therefore, you will get a puppy used to being around other pets and people.

All puppies for sale at Northwood Doodles come with lifetime support and a one-year genetic health guarantee. Their puppies also come with OFA certifications and are genetically tested.

They have an active website where you can see their recent and upcoming breeding programs. For more information, you can contact them by phone call.

Northwood Doodles Details

  • Location/Address: Hallock, MN 56728
  • Website: Northwood Doodles
  • Phone Number: +1 218-754-2515


The German Shepadoodle is an intelligent and affectionate dog that can be a perfect addition to any dog-loving family. These adorable dogs come in different sizes: toy, mini, and standard.

The size of your German Shepadoodle will largely depend on the Poodle parent used in breeding. If you plan to add one to your family, you can consider one of the breeders on our list.

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