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How Big Do Newfypoos Get?

How Big Do Newfypoos Get?

We are firm believers in individuals being aware of the potential size of their dog before they take ownership. This is especially true when you are new to the breed, and you may have little to no idea as to what to expect. So, how big do newfypoos get?

The truth is that some people may not have the space or ability to care for a large dog. Failing to do your research in advance may suddenly lead to you having this large dog in your home, and then you have a problem.

So, we want to avoid that problem in the first place, and in this instance, we will focus on one single Doodle breed, and that is the Newfypoo. 

Now, admittedly not everyone has heard of a Newfypoo. That is why a quick introduction makes a whole lot of sense.

What is a Newfypoo?

But just prior to talking about their height, weight, what they eat, and how much exercise the Newfypoo needs, what is this breed?

What we have here is a combination of a Newfoundland with a Standard Poodle. Immediately, thoughts will probably turn to this being a larger-than-life dog, and it’s certainly not going to disappoint in that area. 

But by combining these two breeds, you do have something with a unique appearance about it. This breed has the cutest face, but they are big in both size and character.

If you want a dog with real personality, then you have two individual breeds with personality being put together. That alone can only result in one thing happening.

This is a designer breed that has been around since the early 2000s. It’s one of the more lesser-known breeds in the Doodles family. But it is also one of the biggest breeds out there.

How Big is a Newfypoo?

As you would expect with this combination, a Newfypoo is not a small dog. In fact, it’s pretty big, so that is something you need to consider if you plan on perhaps owning one. Ask yourself if you really do have enough space for them?

In this instance, you are looking at a dog that will stand anywhere from 20 to 28 inches in height. The male will often be more to the top end of that height range than the female.

But here’s the thing. That doesn’t come across as big as some people would expect, but we are still talking about a tall dog.

Add in the fact that this dog is large from a weight perspective. Also, the width across its shoulders, and this breed can be pretty imposing. However, it’s then great to find out that they are extra soft and cuddly.

Also, you must remember you are talking about two pretty tall dogs coming together, and that is only ever going to translate into a dog that is quite big. 

However, while the height of this dog may come as a surprise, in that it is not as tall as some would presume, its weight is different. As you are about to see, this is one heavy dog.

How Big Do Newfypoos Get?

The Average Weight of a Newfypoo

When it comes to their weight, then it is very easy for you to have a Newfypoo that weighs an incredible 150 pounds. That is a heavy dog, but Newfoundland is a large dog that is also exceptionally strong. It becomes pretty clear that the Newfypoo takes its weight from the Newfoundland part of this mix.

But that is the upper end of the scale. In saying that, you would be hard-pressed to find a Newfypoo that weighs less than 100 pounds when fully grown. That is still a very large dog, from a weight perspective, and this is something you need to really think about carefully before taking ownership.

Also, a large dog does require a lot of food, but there’s also a problem with that, which we will now explore.

How Much to Feed a Newfypoo

When it comes to feeding a Newfypoo, then don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can give them a mountain of food on a daily basis. We are talking about large dogs, so there is even greater importance on making sure they have the correct nutrition, and the correct amount, at all times.

In fact, it is advisable to only feed a Newfypoo around 3.5 cups of food per day. They may be large, but that doesn’t equate to them having a large appetite. But as we said earlier, there is a problem. 

A Newfypoo is like any other dog in that they will eat more than they need if given half the chance. The female Newfypoo is also very prone to putting on some extra pounds if you manage to overfeed her, so be aware of this.

When to Feed, and Being Careful


You should feed your Newfypoo twice a day, and space the meals out pretty evenly. This is important because this breed is known to have a few digestive issues, and giving them too much food at one time will make matters worse.

The breed suffers from bloat, which can be exceptionally painful to them, and making sure you do not give them a lot to eat can help. Also, you must provide them with the time to digest their food after eating. Avoid taking them for some exercise for at least an hour or so after they have finished their meal. That can also improve their digestion, and stop them from running into all sorts of problems.

Overfeeding and Health

This breed is known to have a number of health issues, and they could be made worse by overfeeding them and allowing them to put on weight. Heart and hip issues are the two main areas that should be given some cause for concern.

A Newfypoo is going to want to snack, and while it’s a good thing to do, it must be reflected in their food. That is why we recommend sticking to a split of 80% coming from their food, and the other 20% being treats and snacks.

But one important point. When we talk about a treat or a snack, we mean one that is made for dogs. Never give your Newfypoo table scraps. Their digestion is delicate, and eating our food will increase the chances of something going wrong with their digestion. That is something we clearly want to avoid.


When it comes to exercise, then it needs to be at least 30 minutes of exercise every single day. This doesn’t have to be anything that is too brisk in nature, but they do need to get out there and have some fun exploring.

But even if you feel like going on a long walk, then the Newfypoo loves hiking. They are quite happy to be in areas where they can be allowed to roam free off their leash and to just explore the area.

However, the key here is the fact you need to exercise them every single day. It helps to maintain their weight, as well as keep their body supple enough. This is important due to their sheer size, so even if you are not feeling that happy about doing it, make sure you get them out for exercise.

Also, it’s important that the Newfypoo has a yard they can explore whenever they want. This does also help with burning off some energy, which is always important with any breed, and not just this large breed.

Oh, and if given the chance, then this breed is going to love going swimming. So, if you have a lake or river nearby, then let them go and have a swim. It’s a great exercise for them, and it can help ease any pains they have in their body.

Overall Conclusion

The Newfypoo is a large dog, and that is something you need to keep in mind if you plan on adopting one. They may start off relatively small, cute and full of cuddles, but this dog is going to keep on growing for some time.

That does mean it requires a lot of space to roam around in. It’s hardly going to be suitable for apartment living when it takes up so much room on its own. 

However, as we said during this post, do not fall into the trap of thinking a large dog is capable of basically eating anything. That is not the case. Instead, you need to be extra careful in making sure they do not end up eating too much and piling on the pounds.

They are already right up there with some of the biggest, heaviest dogs around, and their body will be easily pushed too far with too much weight.

But all of that aside, this is a wonderful breed of dog to own. They are super-friendly, love to be with their owner, and are so full of character. So, as long as you have the space available, then owning a Newfypoo is certainly something you may want to consider.

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