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How Big Do Mini Goldendoodles Get?

How Big Do Mini Goldendoodles Get?

When it comes to dog breeds, anything with the word ‘mini’ will immediately conjure up images of something that is exceptionally small. So how big do Mini Goldendoodles get?

However, that won’t always be the case. But then, it makes so much sense to be aware of the potential size of your dog, when fully grown, before you take ownership of them.

After all, you need to know what you will be dealing with for a number of years. Any sensible owner should be made aware of this key information before they adopt any dog.

So at this moment in time, we will focus on one breed in particular, and that is the mini Goldendoodle. Also, we won’t simply tell you how big they get but also how that impacts their life.

You see, their size will determine the amount of exercise they need and also how much food they should receive.

Not getting those two things right can lead to all sorts of health issues developing, and you don’t want that to happen.

If you plan to add this designer breed to your family, keep reading to learn more.

Mini Goldendoodles

What is a Mini Goldendoodle?

But first, a quick recap. A mini Goldendoodle is the result of crossing a Golden Retriever with a Miniature Poodle (toy poodle).

Obviously, it’s the Poodle aspect that will be making this a smaller dog, and that is where there’s a difference from the Standard Goldendoodle.

That does mean there is a bit of scope when it comes to the size aspect. It all depends on just how small the Poodle is and also if you have a slightly smaller Golden Retriever in the mix as well.

But generally speaking, a Mini Goldendoodle will fall within quite a narrow range regarding its size. You can have the occasional one that breaks all records, but that’s unusual. 

This designer dog is known for being hypoallergenic and for its low shedding coat. Mini Goldendoodles usually shed less than golden retrievers.

How Big Do They Get?

Mini Goldendoodles

Out of the different Goldendoodle breeds, and there are three, the Mini Goldendoodle is the smallest of the three.

Now, you may also want to know there are two ‘unrecognized’ breeds as well that both fall under the auspices of the Mini Goldendoodle.

Those two breeds are the Teacup and the Toy. However, as we just said, they are not officially recognized.

With that in mind, a fully grown Mini Goldendoodle is going to be anywhere from 12 to 16 inches in height.

Now, if you think that still sounds reasonable, do remember that the Standard Goldendoodle will be anywhere from 20 inches to 24 inches. That’s a big difference.

What About Their Weight?

Weight is another key thing to take into consideration. For the Mini Goldendoodle, their average weight is in the region of 15 to 25 pounds. 

Once again, we can compare it to the Standard Goldendoodle, which weighs anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds.

That is another huge difference. It also completely changes what you feed them and how there’s little room for error regarding their food.

But just before we move on to other important points, there is a slight difference between males and females.

In general, the male will be slightly bigger, both in height and weight, compared to the female. This is common across almost every breed, so there’s nothing special here.

How Their Size Relates to Their Care

So we can see how this is not the biggest dog in the world, which changes a couple of things. The main concern is the amount of exercise they need, but more importantly, how much food they are given.

Any breed has the potential to have different health issues, and these health issues are exacerbated when the dog is overweight.

That is why you need to know their weight range compared to their size. Not keeping them within that range does mean you increase the chance of them developing different health problems.

mini goldendoodle

How Much They Need to Eat

So if we begin with the food aspect, as that is where it can all go horribly wrong, then here is a rough guide as to what they should be eating in a day.

Most people will tie this in with the weight of their dog. So, you need to know what they weigh in order to get things right.

In the case of a Mini Goldendoodle that weighs around 15 pounds, then they should only have the equivalent of one cup of dried kibble per day.

This doesn’t sound like much, but they really do not need much more in order to survive and thrive.

This equates to somewhere in the region of 464 calories. However, if your Mini Goldendoodle weighs anywhere from 10 pounds to 15 pounds, then this amount would drop to ¾ of a cup per day. 

But you need to consider something else before you go ahead and start feeding them this amount per day. It would be best if you also thought about how much exercise they have each day.

However, if you love to give your dog treats, and who doesn’t, you have to consider this. You may want to cut their food down to that ¾ of a cup per day to effectively provide them with ¼ of a cup of treats daily.

This is also something that can be done on a random basis as too many treats each day is not always a good idea.

Exercise Plays a Role in Weight

Just as exercise plays a role in helping us deal with our own weight issues, the same applies to your Mini Goldendoodle.

If your dog is lazier than others and doesn’t run around like crazy, you need to be careful with how much you feed them.

Using the measurement of one cup of food for a 15-pound dog applies to a dog that does a normal amount of exercise.

However, if you do not take your dog for walks daily, which you should be doing, then they would need slightly less than one cup per day.

This is all due to them not burning off energy, so they require less food in order to survive.

But the reverse is also going to be true. If you have a Mini Goldendoodle that is effectively hyperactive, which does happen, then you need to pay close attention.

In that situation, you need to be monitoring their weight and see if that energy is resulting in them becoming smaller in size.

Being underweight is just as bad for a dog as being overweight, so they really are like us in that respect as well.

How Much Exercise?

But this then opens up the question of how much exercise a Mini Goldendoodle should get per day. In this instance, the Mini Goldendoodle will require one hour of exercise each day in the region.

Now how you give them this exercise is up to you. In an ideal world, this is split into two lots of 30 minutes, so that means two walks per day. 

But be aware that some Mini Goldendoodles will require more than an hour. When fully grown, they may need up to two hours of exercise per day.

This is due to them being quite an athletic breed to deal with, and this is something that often surprises people.

But as an absolute minimum, you are looking at an hour of exercise every day. 

Mini Goldendoodle Temperament

Mini Goldendoodles are eager-to-please, gentle, and friendly like their Golden retriever parent dogs.

Since they are miniature Poodle, they are playful and intelligent dogs that can make excellent therapy dogs. Their intelligence also makes them good guide dogs.

Both their parent breeds are warm toward humans and crave attention and love. They are loyal dogs and love to stay close to their handlers.

This means they can also be good guard dogs and service dogs.

Since both the mini Poodle and Golden Retriever are intelligent, you expect your mini Goldendoodle to be intelligent too. They are also friendly dogs that will get along with other dogs and animals.

Coat And Colors

Mini Goldendoodle

A mini Goldendoodle puppy tends to have a fluffy coat that changes as the dog ages.

For an adult miniature Goldendoodle, the coat usually varies. It can be like poodle mixes (curly coat) or similar to golden retrievers and be straight.

It is impossible to tell the type of coat your mini Goldendoodle puppy will have until it becomes an adult. Miniature Goldendoodles also come in different colors.

A Golden Retriever can be a dark golden color, light cream, or yellow-golden.

A miniature Poodle can be brown, red, black, apricot, cream, or tan. The most common colors for Miniature Goldendoodles are golden or cream. Other dogs may be white, black, red, or grey.

Potential Health Problems

Earlier, we mentioned the need to ensure your dogs stay within their weight range to live a healthy life.

To stress how important this is, here are the main health problems that could develop if your dog is overweight.

Issues such as Patellar Luxation, digestive issues, and Hip Dysplasia are the three main areas that could be causes for concern.

Excess weight will place more pressure on those hips and knees, which is not good.

But then, there are the other health issues related to simply being overweight.

Extra stress on the heart is one area to think about, and in that respect, there’s not much difference between dogs and humans.

If you think about the problems we can have with being overweight, then a Mini Goldendoodle can also develop several of those same problems.

Generally, mini Goldendoodles are born healthy dogs without any genetic diseases. If you buy your puppies from a puppy mill or a reputable breeder, ask for health records.

Also, make sure that your miniature Goldendoodle meets the required breed standards.

How Big Is a Full-Grown Mini Goldendoodle?

A full-grown toy Goldendoodle is usually around 15 inches in height and 10-25 pounds in weight.

On the other hand, a mini Goldendoodle is around 15-20 inches in height and 25-50 pounds in weight when full-grown.

Do Mini Goldendoodles Shed?

A miniature Goldendoodle puppy tends to shed less when it comes to the sheer volume of hair. However, this is because of their smaller stature.

Do Mini Goldendoodles Bark A Lot?

Generally, mini Goldendoodle pups do not bark more than other breeds of dogs. If your dog is barking most of the time, there could be a reason behind it. The dog might be in pain, fearful, or even lonely.

Are Mini Goldendoodles Good Dogs?

Mini Goldendoodles are good dogs that tend to be playful and friendly. Their compact size can make them more manageable for most families.

Overall Conclusion

A Mini Goldendoodle is significantly smaller than the Standard Goldendoodle you may be familiar with. However, they are undoubtedly just a Goldendoodle in a much smaller package.

As we have stressed throughout this post, pay close attention to what you feed them and their actual weight.

Get them checked over by your vet regularly, and make sure you take their advice on how to correctly care for them and ensure they live a long and happy life.

There is no doubt a Mini Goldendoodle is a wonderful dog to own. If you want a Doodle dog breed that is smaller in size but with the same large character, then the Mini Goldendoodle is a perfect dog for you.

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