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How Big Do Corgi Doodles Get?

How Big Do Corgi Doodles Get?

A Corgi Doodle or Corgipoo is a small-sized dog, but how big do Corgi doodles get? They are a mix between the Poodle and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Their loving temperament and small size make them great companion dogs. Like many Poodle mixes, these dogs are very intelligent and easy to train. 

The breed inherits a hypoallergenic, mildly shedding coat from its Poodle parent. They have become very popular among dog lovers because of their unique coats.

Generally, these adorable and intelligent dogs can be a great addition to any family. You may wonder how big they get if you plan to purchase one.

Corgi Doodles are small-sized dogs that stand 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder. A fully-grown dog weighs between 12 to 30 pounds.

The Poodle parent type will determine the tallness or shortness of your Corgipoo. 

If you plan to add a Corgi Doodle to your family, you have come to the right place.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about Corgi Doodles. Keep reading to learn more.

Corgi Doodle Size

Breed Origin

The Corgi Doodle is a very new mixed breed in the dog world. Therefore, its exact origin is not very clear.

However, the breed was likely part of the Poodle mix craze in the early 1980s.

Poodles were mixed with different breeds at that time to inherit their hypoallergenic coats.

Both the Poodle and Corgi are popular breeds. The latter has been part of the royal family since 1933 and was the Queen’s favorite.

On the other hand, the Poodle has been one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA for over two decades. 

However, both parents have a rich history dating back centuries.

The Corgis

The Corgi originated in Wales and was first introduced in the 12th century. They were bred to herd sheep and cattle.

By the 1800s, the breed had split into the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. 


Even though Poodles are mainly associated with France, they originated in Germany over 400 years ago.

Thanks to their intelligence and gifted swimming skills, they were used for duck and truffle hunting.

Corgi Doodle Appearance

A Corgi Doodle can get its appearance from either of the two parents.

It can be difficult to predict its appearance, especially if the puppy is born from multi-generational crossing and the parents are not purebred dogs.

Like Corgi dogs, most Corgi Doodles have short legs and elongated bodies. The coats are mostly curly, just like their Poodle parents.

These dogs come in different colors, with the coats being either a single color or multiple color patterns.

Corgipoo Appearance


Most Corgi Doodles tend to inherit the coat of their Poodle parents. They usually have double coats with two layers.

The inner coat layer is soft and fuzzy to keep the dog warm. On the other hand, the outer coat layer is dense, wiry, and waterproof. 

The hair on the coat may be straighter or curlier, depending on the genes of the parent breed that the Corgipoo inherits.

Most Corgi Doodles take after their Poodle parents regarding the type of their coats. Therefore, they are generally low-shedding dogs with hypoallergenic coats.

Corgi dogs are moderate to heavy shedders. On the other hand, Poodles are known for being low-shedding dogs.

Therefore, Corgi Doodles that inherit the coat type of their Corgi dog parents are likely to shed more than those that inherit the coat type of their Poodle parents.

Height and Weight

Most Corgi Doodles are created by crossing a miniature Poodle with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Therefore, you can expect most of them to be smaller.

A mature Corgi Doodle is about 10 to 12 inches in height. They weigh between 12 and 30 pounds when fully grown. If the two parents are not purebred, the size of your furry friend may be larger.

The size of your Corgi Doodle will mostly depend on whether the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is crossed with a Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, or Toy Poodle.

If they are created by crossing a Corgi with a Standard Poodle, they can grow to about 22 inches.


As mentioned, Corgi Doodles come in a wide variety of colors. They can be cream, gray, red, white, brown, or tan.

A Corgi Doodle’s coat can be of a single color or a combination of multiple colors.

They can have a variety of patterns, such as speckles, spots, merle, sable, or brindle.

If you are looking for an adorable dog that your family and friends will like, this is one of the breeds to consider. 

Personality And Temperament

Corgi Doodles are not just adorable dogs. Once you adopt one, you will realize they are playful and fun dogs, always seeking company and affection from their owners.

We should first understand their parents’ personalities to understand their personalities and temperament.

Corgi Personality And Temperament

The Corgis are originally known for serving as working dogs. They were used to help herd livestock.

They have attractive and flamboyant personalities and make great family pets. Despite having small bodies, they have high energy levels.

They are also cheerful and happy dogs that spread affection easily, thanks to their trusting nature. Their playful nature makes them great with kids.

Since they love to be the center of attention, you will often find them wanting to participate in the family’s activities. 

Corgis are attentive and intelligent dogs with a sense of mischief and humor. Because of their high intelligence, they are easy to train.

However, they are intuitive and independent dogs that tend to form their own rules if they are not trained properly. 

Corgipoo Size

Poodle Personality and Temperament

The Poodle is one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Because of their high intelligence, they are highly trainable with positive reinforcement.

They learn new tricks quickly, as well as basic dog commands. 

They have a fairly high energy level and will enjoy playing and spending time with their handlers.

This makes them excellent companions for families with people of all age groups. All Poodles tend to have a bold and elegant attitude.

They have an affectionate side, too, and are cuddly and loyal. If you are considering adopting a dog for the first time, this is one of the best breeds.

Since Poodles hate being alone, you must pay good attention and spend most of the time with them.

They can learn first and pick up on bad habits if left on their own. Inadequate socialization can lead to bad behaviors, such as excessive barking. 

Corgi Doodle Personality and Temperament

Corgi Doodles are a favorite for many dog enthusiasts because of their personality. These adorable designer dogs combine the good personalities of their parents.

They are energetic dogs that like to be around their handlers. If you are looking for a friendly dog that will get along with almost everyone in the family, look no further!

Because of their mischievous nature, they can be a bit of a troublemaker. Luckily, they are easy to train, and you can manage the behavior through proper training.

Since they are affectionate dogs that love to be near their owners, you should not leave them alone for several hours. 

Corgi Doodle Grooming

Like any designer dog breed, your Corgi Doodle will require much care and maintenance.

They will require daily brushing to keep their hair in good condition. You will need a comb and a slicker brush to groom them.

In addition to daily brushing, your furry friend will also need to be bathed once a month.

They also need their ears to be checked regularly to prevent ear infections.

Besides, you will need to clean their teeth at least twice weekly to prevent dental infections.


Corgi Doodles are adorable, small-sized dogs that can greatly add to any family. Their playful, friendly, and loyal personalities make them great family pets.

Besides, they are intelligent dogs that are easy to train. They are considered small hybrid dogs standing 10 to 12 inches tall. They weigh anything between 12 and 30 pounds.

Their size will largely depend on the size of the Poodle used for breeding.

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