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Great Danoodle Breed • The Good • The Bad

Great Danoodle Breed • The Good • The Bad

Are you considering a Great Danoodle breed? What is good and what is bad? Perhaps you have never even heard of this breed before?

When it comes to Doodle breeds, you will clearly have heard all about several versions.

Typically, people will list the Labradoodle or Goldendoodle along with a number of others.

Well, if that is the case, then rest assured that by the time you have finished reading this, then you will know so much more about this breed.

Actually, you might then find yourself in a position as to whether or not you would like to own one.

great danoodle

What is the Great Danoodle?

The Great Danoodle is a cross between a Great Dane and a Poodle. It’s as simple as that. 

Granted this combination does not come across as an obvious one.

However, the result is a dog that may come with this huge size but is also undoubtedly a gentle giant.

But with any dog breed, understanding potential pros and cons prior to owning one makes sense.

This becomes even more important when dealing with such a large dog as not everyone has the ability to care for something of this size.

So, let’s go through the good and the bad to help you with your decision.

The Good

Their Temperament

Starting with their temperament as it’s always key with any breed, and even more so when you have a dog of this size.

Thankfully, the Great Danoodle has a wonderful temperament, and they really do come across as a gentle giant.

Their focus is on staying loyal to their family and protecting them. You will certainly feel safe with them around you.

But they also love to have fun and play. So, prepare to attempt to keep them entertained as they will want to spend time with you.

Also, this breed loves a good cuddle. They get so much out of you wrapping your arms around them and giving them a huge hug.

You will both love doing this, and your Great Danoodle may love it a bit too much.

From a temperament point of view, it’s tough to find a breed with one better than a Great Danoodle.

They do become very attached to their family, and they will wish to spend every waking moment with you.

the great danoodle

They Get On Well with Other Dogs

Another huge bonus is the way in which this breed gets on so well with other dogs.

They come across as supre-friendly and it takes a lot for other dogs to upset them.

That does mean it can work well bringing this dog into your home.

They generally socialize well, so you should not encounter too many problems regarding fights between your dogs.

Also, they do know how to use their size to control other dogs.

But this size difference is not something they use on a regular basis. It turns out they just want everyone to get along at all times.

They Require Little Grooming

Even though the hair on a Great Danoodle is longer than you would find on just a Great Dane, it still doesn’t equate to a lot of grooming.

We see this as another major pro of this breed as there’s no need to brush them on a daily basis.

Actually, from a grooming perspective, it only requires a light brush once a week and to wash them every couple of months.

Compared to so many other breeds, this grooming regime represents very little for you to do.

But do note that we only see grooming as a positive with this breed. You will find out later on that it’s not all good when it comes to this part.

great danoodle dog

Easy to Train

Training a dog can lead to so much fun, and it does help when you have a breed that has the intelligence to quickly pick up on what you want.

A Great Danoodle is very intelligent, so training them should not prove difficult.

Training them does not equate to you spending hours working on one thing.

They tend to pick up on what you expect relatively quickly, and that makes the entire process so much easier. 

This also comes from their overwhelming desire to please their family.

They work hard at understanding what you expect, and they will love the praise they receive when they get it right.

The Bad

Their Size

Their size is not something you can simply ignore. This dog is very large, and that translates into the need for you to have a significant amount of space.

A Great Danoodle is not the type of dog that does well in a small apartment, for obvious reasons.

It needs space to move around, and it’s best if it has some outdoor areas to explore on its own.

But the cool thing about the Great Danoodle is that the dog will always try its best to adapt to the situation.

That means it would work at trying to live in a small apartment, and it wouldn’t cause the dog any physical harm.

However, you need to ask yourself if this is fair on the dog. All dogs require a certain amount of space to live comfortably.

Their Lifespan

Here we have something very sad, and it’s the average life expectancy of a Great Danoodle.

Unfortunately, their lifespan sits around nine years, and it may even drop as low as six in some cases.

It does mean you need to seek to enjoy your time with them whenever you have the opportunity. 

Unfortunately, most giant dogs tend to have a shorter lifespan. It just seems a cruel twist of fate in a sense.

So, it comes as no surprise that the Great Danoodle will rarely live to see double figures regarding their age.

They Shed too Much

If you thought that crossing a Great Dane with a Poodle would result in little to no shedding, then sorry to disappoint.

A Great Doodle sheds a lot of hair even with those Poodle genes.

Now, we aren’t saying they shed to the same extent as the Great Dane.

It does tend to drop compared to the Great Dane. However, if you want a dog that is hypoallergenic, then this breed does not work.

That also means you will have a lot of cleaning up to do after them. Their hair gets absolutely everywhere.

They Have Health Issues

Every breed has health issues, but it seems as if the Great Danoodle has more than its fair share.

Of course, after hearing about their short lifespan you might not feel as shocked, but expect your Great Danoodle to visit the vet.

Their primary issue relates to their size, and you might want to have their heart checked out on a regular basis.

It has to contend with working very hard, and they will often develop all sorts of issues over the years.

Also, they may develop problems with their joints. Once again this happens thanks to their size and the pressure that does go through their hips. 

Failing to take care of their health via regular checks can easily lead to a year or so coming off their already short lifespan. 

The Cost of Food

A big dog comes with a big appetite attached, so expect your Great Danoodle to cost you a fortune in food.

They need to eat several times a day, and that sort of thing adds up over the year.

Also, you may need to provide them with special food related to their size and health issues.

That alone will push the cost up by a significant amount, but it still works out less expensive than all those vet bills.

But there’s no doubt a Great Danoodle will cost a lot of money when it comes to feeding them.

You might want to check out more information about how large the bill may be before you go ahead and take ownership.

Overall Conclusion

A Great Danoodle is a wonderful breed of dog to own if you have the space.

It does require space and health checks, but all of the cons pale insignificance compared to the positives.

This dog breed will love you and stay loyal to you. Expect them to act like a Siamese twin with you, and you better get used to having them by your side.

But this action of following you comes from a source of love. They love sitting at your side and knowing everything that happens in their family.

They will miss you and pine for you when they have no idea where you are.

But finally, we must stress the need to have them checked over by the vet on a regular basis.

It can help extend their already short lifespan, and that should always sit firmly in your mind.

The fact this breed tends to not be with us for too long remains exceptionally sad. You need to do everything in your power to keep them as healthy as you can for as long as possible.

After all, it means you get to spend more time with this very loving breed who will shower you with affection on a daily basis.

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