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Gifts for Labradoodle Lovers

Gifts for Labradoodle Lovers

If you’re not sure what your friend, colleague, or family member would want. Then you know they own a Labradoodle, we’ve got you covered.  Which gift you buy might depend on whether it’s a holiday or birthday present. An item specifically for a girl, guy, adult, teen, or kid.  In this article, we’ll share our list of great gifts for Labradoodle lovers. 

We all know the best gifts come from the heart. What better gift to buy the Labradoodle lover in your life than something Labradoodle-related?


Gifts for Girls

Labradoodle Necklace: Girls will love this jewelry highlighting their heart dog. You can choose from sterling silver, rose gold, and gold, a longer or shorter chain, and engraved or not.

Doodle Mama T-Shirt: This cute shirt features a unique font and is a great way for a Labradoodle lover to publicly proclaim their love for their pooch.  It comes in three colors and is sure to turn heads!

Live Laugh Love a Doodle Print: This chic print featuring a popular phrase and Labradoodle silhouette will make a house feel like a home.  A gal can easily frame this affordable print and set it almost anywhere!

Labradoodle Notepad: Family, friends, or colleagues will enjoy writing on this adorable notepad printed with a Labradoodle in the corner.  It features 40 easy tear-away pages and can be left on the desk or taken on-the-go.  Whether for leaving notes, office memos, or personal use, this is a versatile gift that is sure to please.

Gifts for Guys

Labradoodle Tie: Guys will clamber over this one-of-a-kind doodle tie!  This is a gift for the sophisticated fellow with a sense of humor.

Labradoodle Apron: This cooking apron featuring the silhouette of a Labradoodle has two side pockets and is machine washable.  It’s a practical and fun gift for protecting even the messiest barbequing or grilling enthusiast.   

Labradoodle Dad Mug: Every time your Labradoodle lover drinks his coffee or tea, he will be reminded of his furry best friend.  This white ceramic mug comes in both 11 and 15oz sizes and is both microwaveable and dishwasher safe.  

Drink Beer and Pet my Doodle Glass: Guys will enjoy pouring a tall one in this beer glass that any Labradoodle lover will appreciate.  This glass can hold 16oz of their favorite beverage and the printing won’t easily fade.


Gifts for Adults

Home is Where My Doodle Is Door Mat: Featuring 100% natural coconut fiber with a durable anti-slip vinyl backing, this welcome mat makes a great gift for the first time home buyer or anyone who is looking to spruce up their home entrance.  

Labradoodle Envelope Stamp: Couples will be overjoyed to add the face of their Labradoodle above their address on this custom stamp.  It adds a personal touch to any letter or invitation your Labradoodle lover wants to send out and is sure to gain compliments from anyone who receives it!

Labradoodle Coasters: Any Labradoodle lover will agree that this breed is the most photogenic—even when printed on a drink coaster!  This is a practical gift that brings life to one’s dining space by keeping drinks from ruining tables in a cute way.  These coasters can be personalized with someone’s name and also comes in black!

Labradoodle Wine Glass: Happy hour is every hour for a Labradoodle!  Adults will appreciate settling down after a long day or chatting among friends while sipping from this Labradoodle wine glass.  You can choose between a stemless glass or one with a stem.

Gifts for Teens

“I’d Rather Be at Home with my Labradoodle” Shirt:
This five-star rated shirt also comes in a hoodie, tank top, and sweatshirt version with a variety of colors to choose from.  Teens will enjoy wearing this casual tee while out with friends or relaxing at home.  Depending on the style, it comes in 100% cotton, cotton/polyester, or polyester/vicrose blends.

Labradoodle Phone Case: Phones are never far from a teenager‘s reach.  This phone case features the popular Labradoodle and comes in a variety of colors and styles—from a dual wallet case, otter box, to speck case, and can be customized for iphones and androids alike. 

I Love My Doodle Dog Custom License Plate Frame: Any teen who loves Labradoodles will love this durable license plate frame to add to their new or new-to-them car!  The nervous teen might also be more likely to want to learn how to drive if inspired by the possibility they can tout their love of doodles wherever they park.

Labradoodle Luggage Tag: Sporting several different designs and colors, you can’t go wrong with a Labradoodle luggage tag for your teen who’s gearing up for their first trip abroad, heading off to college, or preparing for a family vacation.  This tag is sturdy and waterproof and will stand out against the plain and boring luggage at baggage claim. 

Gift for Kids

Stuffed Labradoodle Plush Toys: Children will fall in love with this huggable version of their favorite pooch that they can take with them anywhere!  Kids will feel like their doodle is right by their side during trips away from home.  The toys also come in black and other colors!

My Sister/Brother is a Labradoodle Baby Bodysuit: Young ones have no choice in what gifts they receive, but this onesie is sure to bring lots of “Awwws” from adoring family and friends.  This infant onesie is super soft, can be personalized with the dog’s name, and comes in a short- or long-sleeved version!

Amos the Doodle Activity and Picture Books: These adorable books teach kids valuable lessons while following Amos along on all of his doggy adventures.  Everyone will appreciate the fun and colorful illustrations.  Plus, these sturdy board books are durable and large enough for the little ones.  

Great Christmas Gifts


Square Doodle Pillow Case: This pillow case makes the perfect addition to any couch, bed, or sofa chair.  It’s a great gift for the Labradoodle lover to snuggle up and stay warm on those cold days and nights.

Labradoodle Calendar: What better way to start off the new year than with a calendar filled with photos of the best dog in the world?  You can’t go wrong with this gift that anyone can use and appreciate at home or work.

Watercolor Blast Doodle Canvas Wall Art:  A canvas print or wall art of one‘s favorite breed is sure to impress.  This is a long-lasting gift that can fit anywhere, from the living room to bedroom to home office.  Wall art can also help light up the room on a gloomy, dreary winter day. 

Santa Labradoodle Ornament: A Labradoodle lover’s Christmas tree should not be devoid of Labradoodles!  Bring in more of the holiday spirit by gifting this adorable white porcelain ornament.  You can choose from several different shapes, such as a circle, star, or heart.

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