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Facts About Vitamins And Supplements For Doodle Dogs

Facts About Vitamins And Supplements For Doodle Dogs

As your puppy grows, you wonder if they are getting the vitamins and nutrients they need. And with the pet vitamin industry booming, you might even feel overwhelmed with what to look for. With our facts about vitamins and supplements for Doodle dogs, you will soon be the expert. Plus, at the end of this article, we will give you our top vitamin brands and why they are so amazing. 

Fact #1

Consult A Vet

Before buying vitamins and supplements for dogs, you should always talk to your vet. If you are concerned about an ailment, your vet should know before you self diagnose. 

Sometimes common diseases are mistaken for something else. And if your dog is on any medications, vitamins and supplements could decrease the effectiveness. Your vet will be glad to point you in the right direction if your dog needs supplements. They will even give you the best dosage for your issues. 

Fact #2

You Can Give Too Much

A common misconception of vitamins is that you can’t overdo it. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Vitamins and supplements are a balancing act. Not distributing vitamins and supplements evenly could be catastrophic for your Doodle. 

A few examples are iron, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin A could all have irreversible damage to your dog. Some vitamins could cause hair loss. Others will shut down organs. So poisoning your dog is a real concern, and that is why we made consulting your vet fact #1. 

Fact #3

Not All Dogs Need Vitamins

If you feed your dog commercial dog food, the chances are that your dog is already getting everything they need. Commercial dog foods have to follow the AAFCO on the requirements of vitamins and nutrients put into all dog foods. All high-quality foods have the AAFCO seal of approval on their nutritional facts guide. 

Prescription diets are a big industry now. But most people are misinformed to think that prescription dog food has medication in it. But in fact, prescription dog foods are for use only under vet guidance because they contain higher amounts of supplements in them. 

For instance, a mobility prescription diet has high amounts of vitamins and supplements for dogs to support joints. If you give another vitamin on top of this, it could cause more health issues. 

And of course, there are the cases of a homemade diet. These diets are generally balanced, but supplements should be given with it. The best way to figure out what supplements are best, in this case, is to consult with a dog nutritionist. 

Fact #4

Not All Vitamins Are Scientifically Proven

There is a reason why the FDA doesn’t back vitamins and nutrients. That is because even though people rave about how a supplement has helped cure them, there is no science to back the claims. But some supplements are. When you are looking for the best dog supplements, you should look for those supported by science. 

Although not all supplements are proven to work, you could give them a try. Who knows, you could be one of those people who find it to be a miracle drug for your Doodle. 

Fact #5

Herbal Doesn’t Equal Safe

You might be thinking that herbal supplements can’t hurt your dog. But just like with vitamins, herbal supplements should be taken with caution. Herbal supplements can react badly to medications or make conditions worse. You should always consult your doctor before giving herbal supplements to your dog. 

Fact #6

There Are Some Safe Human Vitamins For Dogs

Finally, we have the last of the facts about vitamins and supplements for Doodle dogs. If your vet has recommended a higher dosage of a vitamin than what is available for dogs, they might prescribe human vitamins. 

Your vet will tell you the exact dosage to look for that is safe for your dog’s size and age. But you shouldn’t attempt to do this on your own. Overdosing is very easy to do with human-grade vitamins. You might even get them cheaper than dog vitamins and supplements. 

How To Choose The Best Vitamins And Supplements

That is all you need to know about the facts about vitamins and supplements for Doodle dogs. Now we can move on to how to choose the best dog vitamins. After all, you have high standards for your Doodle, so you should know how to review supplements. 

Chewable Or Flavored

While having a vitamin in chewable form isn’t 100% necessary, it is convenient. Most dogs don’t take pills very well. And instead of spending more for pill pockets, why not get a tasty chewable tablet? Your dog will think that he’s getting an excellent treat. All while you are secretly taking great care of them. 

Naturally Derived

If you are giving your dog supplements for a physical ailment, you should look for natural vitamins. Holistic dog vitamins-supplements are easily absorbed compared to synthetic varieties. Synthetic supplements don’t break down and absorb into the body in the same way as natural ones. Check your labels that the vitamins come from natural sources for the most substantial effects. 

Made In USA

Knowing all the facts about vitamins and supplements for Doodle dogs, you can see how important this is. Vitamins that you are giving to your dog to help them through an ailment should be the highest quality. If you are buying cheap knockoffs, you could be giving your dog more issues. 

Cheap brands use inferior ingredients and lots of fillers. Some of these fillers could make joints swell, or skin allergies flare-up. You wouldn’t want to create more problems that weren’t there before. Buying made in the USA guarantees that the ingredients are labeled and analyzed. 

Pyramid Schemes

And most importantly, don’t fall for pyramid schemes. We see it so often with humans that essential oils are a cure-all and the best treatments ever. And the pet industry is getting in on it as well. The most popularly recommended supplement is NuVet, especially in the breeder circles. 

Many breeders will even upsell NuVet and claim that it will extend your guarantee. This is a scam. NuVet is not proven to do anything for puppies that a high-quality diet can’t do. The reality is that NuVet requires your breeder’s licensing number so the breeder can get commissions. These types of vitamins are not a miracle and don’t do anything that standard vitamins can’t do. 

Best Vitamin And Supplement Brands

Here we have some of the Best dog multivitamin supplements and why we love them. But remember to talk to your vet before starting any supplements on this list. 

Pet Naturals Daily Multi for Dogs

An easy to use vitamin is by Pet Naturals Daily Multi for Dogs. Not only are these vet-recommended dog vitamins, but veterinarians also formulate them. You can rest assured that these vitamins are natural and taste amazing. The days of fighting your dog to swallow a pill are long gone. 

SmartyPaws Multivitamins

You might have seen the SmartyPants brand for humans of all ages. Well, introducing SmartyPaws Multivitamins with all the same quality you love in your vitamins but made for dogs. They even have different specialized vitamins for all life stages. 

PetHonesty 10 in 1 Dog Multivitamin with Glucosamine

We all know that Doodles are prone to joint problems. For older Doodles, you could opt to use 10 in 1 Dog Multivitamin with Glucosamine. These vitamins are filled with wholesome ingredients and no artificial flavoring. PetHonesty has everything you need in natural supplements for dogs. And your dog will think they are lip-smacking good. 

Superfood Dog Treats with Organic Moringa

If you have never heard of Moringa, it is a leaf packed with dog vitamins and minerals. These Superfood vitamins are 100% organic and made in the USA. They will help with everything from a healthy coat or digestive support. It can even help with joints. All of these are important for Doodles, who can inherit these bad traits. 

Wholistic Pet Organics Canine Complete Multivitamins

For picky eaters, we have this Wholistic Pet Organics Canine Complete Multivitamins. This powder has everything you need in your Doodle’s multivitamin. It is even fortified with prebiotics to help your dog’s sensitive stomach absorb every bit. And since you can easily mix it in with wet food or on top of dry, it is easy to dose. 

Zesty Paws Multivitamin Treats for Dogs

Vets recommend Zesty Paws more than any other over the counter multivitamin. We love the wholesome ingredients and how easy our dogs eat them. And they are super affordable considering how high-quality they are. If you are looking for vitamins and supplements for dogs, you should try Zesty Paws first. 

Our Conclusion

Knowing all the facts about vitamins and supplements for Doodle dogs sets you up for success. Knowing how to spot a good brand will prevent you from making any mistakes. And knowing the best multivitamins on Amazon gets your dog the vitamins and minerals they need faster. Along with vet guidance, you can keep your dog healthy for a long time.

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