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Easy Tricks To Teach Your Doodle Dog

Easy Tricks To Teach Your Doodle Dog

We have compiled a list of easy tricks for a beginner to teach your Doodle dog. Everyone knows how easy it is to train a Doodle.

They are bred for intelligence incomparable to any other breed. Your Doodle will love having a task to do and making you happy.

But what should you train your dog first? These tricks will not only be helpful but are also impressive dog tricks to show off!

Shake Hands

One of the easiest tricks to train your dog is “shake hands.” You only need a few small treats and a little time to teach your dog to shake hands.

First, with an open hand, hold your hand about knee height and ask your dog to “shake or shake hands.”

Since he does not know this command, you must coach him by tapping his paw or picking it up into yours to shake it.

Repeat this until your dog starts lifting his paw on his own. Every time he tries to raise his paw, give him a treat and praise until he goes through the whole movement all on his own.


What better way of greeting your best pal than to high-five them? Training your dog to high-five is one of the easiest dog tricks.

All you need to do is hold a small treat in your fist and hold it up like you would a high-five. Give the command, “Give me five!”

Your dog will probably lick your hands and paw at you. Give him the treat when your dog puts his paw on your hand.

After doing this repeatedly, try doing the command with your hand up and no reward. Your Doodle will give you five in no time.

Roll Over

To teach your dog to roll over, he must first know how to lay down. Once he knows this command, you only need a small irresistible treat.

When you have gotten your Doodle to lay down, drag the treat from nose level toward his shoulder. This technique will encourage him to get onto his side.

Once he can get onto his side without any problems, keep pulling the treat further and further away to complete the roll.


One easy dog trick is “speak.” To teach this to your dog, you will want to find something that usually gets them to bark.

Sometimes holding up a favorite toy or treat will get them barking in excitement. Hold this item up and tell them to speak.

Once they have barked, give them the toy or treat. Doing this repeatedly will teach your dog the command, and you will no longer have to hold the toy up.

Just be sure not to get them barking at harmful objects, such as a knock at the door.

Quiet Down

Once you get them talking, you also need a way to get them to quiet down. Give your dog the “speak” command, and before giving him a treat, give him a command to quiet down.

Once your dog has stopped barking for a second, you can give him his treat. Doing this repeatedly while extending the wait time for the snack will teach your dog to be quiet in any situation.

Fetch/Drop It

All Doodles love a great game of fetch, but getting the toy back can be challenging. One easy dog trick for beginners is a “drop it” command. To do this, you need a favorite toy and treat.

Give your dog the toy, but do not let go. Give the phrase to drop it and hold up a treat. Your dog will let go in exchange for the treat.

After practicing this for a while, your Doodle will think that he might get a treat any time he drops what he has.


Some dogs might be able to smile if they do not love hanging jowls. To teach this, you only need to gently lift the corners of the mouth while excitedly saying, “Smile!”

Once done, offer your Doodle a treat or favorite toy with praise. After some repetition, your dog might be able to smile on his own!


One of the most useful tricks is to heel. Heeling can prevent a lot of issues on walks and out in public. The best way to teach this command is to take your dog for a walk on a leash.

Tell your dog to heel any time your dog starts to walk ahead of you. When doing this, slightly pull on the leash to bring them back next to you.

Once they are at your side, reward your dog with praise and a treat. You can test this by letting your dog go further and giving the same command.

Your dog will learn quickly to get right back next to you.


Another helpful trick is to stay. This trick can be taught once your dog knows how to sit well. All you need to do is get your dog to sit but tell him to stay instead of giving him a treat right away.

If your dog gets up, repeat the process until he has remained for over a second. Increase the time he stays while also increasing the distance between you.

This trick will help your dog stay, no matter how far you are.


Now that your dog knows the “stay” command, it is time to teach him to come! The come command is simple because you only need to say “come” and hold out the treat.

Your dog will come bounding after you. Once you have tried this trick several times, your dog will have the most excellent recall. You can even test the distances and timing.


One adorable trick is teaching your Doodle how to spin. Hold a treat at nose level before your dog to show this. Once you have their attention, circle around your dog’s head and say, “Spin.”

Your dog will naturally follow the treat and spin in the process. When you have practiced this a few times with a treat, take it away and use your finger and command word.

Your Doodle will soon be spinning for joy.

Leave It

The “Leave it” trick can be a little more challenging to train in any dog. A safe way to teach this trick is to get two types of treats.

These treats could be a less favorite smaller toy and a favorite snack. Hold the less favorite object out without letting it go.

Tell your dog to leave it and wait until he has stopped sniffing or trying to take the toy. Once he has finished all of these things, give him his favorite treat.

He will soon learn to leave the less desirable stuff for his favorites.

Sit Pretty

Sitting pretty can make for adorable pictures and a cute way to beg for food. This is an easy dog trick for beginners because you only need to have your dog sit.

Once they sit, say, “Sit pretty,” while raising the treat. Your dog will naturally want to be closer to his tasty snack. So, he will raise his rear paws with his front paws nicely in front of him.

Even if your dog doesn’t go up, treat him until he learns to balance and sit still in this position. Repetition will teach your Doodle this trick quickly.

Play Dead

Another funny trick to teach is playing dead. This trick requires a little trust and patience. First, give your dog the laydown command and slowly rub his belly while putting him on his side.

While doing this, tell your dog to play dead in a calm voice. Once your dog trusts you and stays in this position, reward them for their excellent behavior and trust.

Soon you will be pointing finger pistols with a “BANG BANG!”

Clean Up

Every pet owner dreams that their dog would put away all of their toys at the end of playtime.

That is why we have saved cleaning up for last. When finished playing, put a few treats inside of their toybox without them knowing.

Next, take a toy and try to get them to grab it and follow you to the toy box while telling them to clean up. Once your dog gets to the box, he will immediately drop the toy in exchange for the treat.

You must repeat this several times without your dog seeing you put the treats in the box. After some practice, you will have the cleanest dog on the block.

In Conclusion

Training your Doodle isn’t as complicated as it may seem. With their sharp wit and a little practice, you can have what appears to be the most well-behaved dog in the world.

These tricks do not take a special trainer or gadgets; they only need a little time, patience, and a juicy snack.

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