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Doodle Dogs that Don’t Bark A lot!

Doodle Dogs that Don’t Bark A lot!

Here, we will explore the best Doodle Dogs that Don’t Bark a Lot! What are the quietest Doodle dogs that rarely bark? Many properties and apartments have restrictions against barking dogs. So, as you search for your dog-friendly apartments, you might also be wondering about what kinds of Doodle dogs you should get. 


Whoodle is a cross between The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier and the Poodle. Both of these parent breeds are known to be friendly, loving, and they are great at interacting with children. 

Whoodles rarely bark and bond quickly with their family. However, Whoodles are very active and playful, so they are not an ideal dog for owners who can’t really keep up with an active dog. We’d recommend getting dog toys that can help them stay active and to keep them from getting bored. 

If you can give them the attention and support they need, Whoodles might just be the best Doodle dogs that don’t bark a lot. 


Bernedoodles, with Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle as their parents, are very playful, affectionate, and relatively quiet Doodle dogs. They are known to interact very well with kids, as well as with other pets. 

Berneedodles require a great deal of human interaction, so you shouldn’t leave them alone for an extended period of time. This is actually a trait inherited from the Bernese Mountain Dog parent. Also, if the other parent is a Toy or Miniature Poodle instead of Standard Poodle, the Bernedoodle might be more stubborn and active.

Although Berneedodles are kid-friendly Doodle dogs, early training and socialization are important, so you might want to get a training collar as soon as possible. 


Labradoodle is probably the most famous Doodle breed, a cross between the Labrador Retriever and Poodle. Labradoodles are surprisingly quiet and very well-mannered, and they aren’t very sensitive (that is, you can leave them alone for a relatively long period). This is why the Labradoodles are probably the best choice for novice owners.

Great with strangers, and one of the most stress-free Doodle dogs that don’t bark.


Goldendoodle is another quiet doodle dog that is also very relaxed. They wouldn’t disturb you unless they are really upset. 

A cross between Golden Retriever and Poodle, Goldendoodle shares a lot of characteristics with Labradoodles-which we have discussed above. Great with strangers, and highly sociable. Yet, Goldendoodles always need to be in the presence of people, and if they are left alone for a long time, they can get into trouble.

Pay them enough attention, and give them dog treats every now and then. With enough socialization, a Goldendoodle is mainly free of any behavioral issue including excessive barking.


Small breeds like Cavapoo (also called Cavoodle) tend to be noisy and yappy, but Cavapoos are surprisingly quiet and low-maintenance for a small dog breed. Cavapoos are a cross between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and they are mostly a relaxed breed. 

Cavapoos are mostly relaxed and happy. They love a bit of attention but are not prone to demanding attention by barking. They may, however, bark occasionally when approached by strangers.


Cockapoos, a cross between Poodle and Cockerspaniel, and one of the quietest Doodle dogs. They are very intelligent and don’t bark much. They tend to be relaxed most of the time. Also, Cockapoos are very easy to train although they need early socialization. 

Since they are smaller in size, you might need to get a small training collar to train them with positive reinforcement. Mostly well-mannered, but they can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for too long. 


Shepadoodles are known to be intelligent (thanks to their Poodle parent), calm-tempered, and playful. With Old English Sheepdog as its parent, Shepadoodles are a large breed. However, despite its size, Shepadoodles don’t bark a lot. 

A very good family dog and is generally a people pleaser, you can train a Shepadoodle to become a guard dog if you train it well. Although they can interact very well with children, Shepadoodles are not really recommended if you have very young children due to their large size. 

In spite of their sizes, however, they tend to be calm inside the home. You might want to get a dog massager to give your Shepadoodle a relaxed quality time and to keep their joints and muscles healthy. 

Saint Berdoodle

A cross between Saint Bernard and Poodle, the Saint Berdoodle is a very playful, loving, and affectionate dog. They like to be the center of attention. They don’t really demand attention by barking. This makes them relatively quiet Doodle dogs. 

These are very good at interacting with children, making them one of the most popular kid-friendly Doodle dogs. Great for families that can give the Saint Berdoodle enough attention and time to play. 

A minor issue with Saint Berdoodle is that they need to be groomed regularly. This is due to their coats. So, get a good grooming kit and trim their costs every two weeks or so. 


The Bordoodle is a popular Doodle breed because of its parent breeds: Border Collie and Poodle. The parents are known as one of the friendliest breeds. They rarely bark and almost never display aggression. 

Bordoodles are very intelligent, loyal and protective. So, they are very good at guarding their family. This quality, however, also means that they can occasionally bark when there are strangers around them. 



Both of the Boxerdoodle’s parents: the Boxer and the Doodle are social dogs that really enjoy being around people. The Boxer Poodle cross is a well-mannered Doodle dog that rarely barks. 

In fact, the Boxerdoodle almost never barks unless there is a really good reason: protecting their family, fear, and extreme boredom. They are very active and playful, and so are prone to separation anxiety. Give them enough toys that can encourage them to keep themselves active to prevent them from feeling lonely. 



The Poo-Shi, a cross between a Poodle and Shiba Inu, is a confident, loyal, and very friendly dog. As with most Doodle dogs, they prefer being around their family and demands a lot of attention. However, they don’t bark a lot and surprisingly can be included in the group of quiet Doodle dogs.

Great in interacting with children, and can be friendly with other pets with early socialization. They can, however, be quite stubborn and possessive, so training is very important. 

In general, however, they are very affectionate cuddler who really like companionships. Can bond quickly to their new family, but can be prone to barking due to separation anxiety.



The Rotweiller-Poodle mix (Rottle) is well-know for bravery, They are also very calm and loves to play with their family, including kids and other pets. Very affectionate and fun, but are also relatively quiet and rarely bark. They will bark when they are strangers around to alert you for a possible intruder, but they are mostly quiet.

Around their family, they can be really playful and even funny. They’re great with kids. Because they are a big dog, It’s not a good choice to leave them alone with young children

They do have a bit of hunting instinct, so you might want to give them a dog bumper training dummy

Irish Doodle

The Irish Doodles are very friendly and lighthearted, making them one of the most popular Doodle dogs as family pets.

A cross between an Irish Setter and Poodle, they are very loyal and confident. They tend to act funny in an attempt to attract and please their owners. However, although they demand a lot of attention, they are relatively quiet and don’t bark a lot. 

But, they might become spoiled and annoying with their high energy levels, so early training and socialization are necessary.


A cross between Australian Sheperd and Poodle, Aussiedoodles are famous for being funny, if not goofy, but they are surprisingly quiet. 

Australian Shepherds known as herding dogs., while the Aussiedoodles are also very intelligent and loyal. Ausidoodles require a lot of mental stimulation, and they can be destructive when bored. So give them enough treats and toys, and make sure to commit enough time to keep them active.

Ausiedoodles love to be around their humans, and tend to stick with just one or two of their favorite humans.

Papi poo

Papi poo

The Papi poo, a cross between Papillon and Poodle, is a gentle, funny, lively and loyal dog. However, they tend to be sensitive to the tone of voice and are prone to separation anxiety. In spite of that, Papi Poos rarely bark and are relatively quiet Doodle dogs. 

The Papi poos are small puppies that are very intelligent and enjoy pleasing their owners. Great at interacting with kids, so are among the best Doodle dogs to own if you have young children or even toddlers and babies. 

They aren’t typically shy or aggressive, and they like to explore and experience new things. They can be anxious from time to time, however, so give them calming bites to keep them calm and relaxed. 


Remember that even the quietest of dogs will bark occasionally, especially when they are strangers and intruders. You will still need to provide enough training and socialization even to the quietest dogs. 

With that being said, however, the 15 Doodle dog breeds we have shared above are among the quietest breeds today and are not prone to excessive barking. With enough patience, they can be the most ideal apartment dogs for you. 

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