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Doodle Dog Boredom Busters (Games Dogs Can Play)

Doodle Dog Boredom Busters (Games Dogs Can Play)

So, What are Doodle Dog Boredom Busters (Games Dogs Can Play). Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be a stay-at-home dog parent?

It would be the easiest thing in the world to be able to give your Doodle the care they need. You would never have to worry about bored or separation anxiety from being away for eight hours.

Unfortunately, this dream can’t be real for all of us. And your Doodle will begin to get bored and miss you. But there is good news!

We have compiled a list of 16 Doodle dog boredom busters. This list will tell you how to keep dogs entertained while at work.

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

First on our list is the Kong Extreme Dog Toy. This toy is not only durable against power chewers but it can also be used for multiple things. You can add a favorite treat to Kong for hours of entertainment.

Or freeze it with a few treats inside on hot summer days, keeping dogs entertained outside. You can even combine Kong with peanut butter and soft training treats for a pleasant surprise.


A Bob-A-Lot is a tremendous brain activity if you are looking at how to entertain a dog home alone. These toys are great for small and medium-sized Doodles.

You can add treats to your Bob-A-Lot or smaller kibble foods. Your Doodle will love to knock and play with this toy all day. The toy encourages problem-solving and positive reinforcement.

Interactive Dog Food Puzzle Toy

You may want to invest in the Interactive Dog Food Puzzle Toy for larger Doodles. This puzzle is great for larger dogs that are home alone.

They are slow feeders to entertain throughout the day. Your dog will love figuring out how to spin the dispensers to get treats or food.

And, since the holes are larger than the Bob-A-Lot, they are great for large dog kibble.

This toy will keep your dog from getting bored and sharpen his mind simultaneously. This toy encourages your dog to problem-solve to get a reward.

Toys like this can prevent separation anxiety, chewing, and indoor marking.

Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera

If you wonder how to entertain a dog at home alone but aren’t sure if your methods are working, you need the Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera.

This camera lets you see your dog in real time through their app. You can monitor your dog without him knowing or use the microphone to talk to him.

The Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera also has a sound/motion alert to warn you when your dog is moving and barking a lot. You will be able to check in to ensure everything is okay quickly.

And best of all, this camera works with Alexa. So you will always have access to the camera and treat dispenser.

Oh, we forgot to mention you can also throw your dog a treat now and then for good behavior! You could turn this camera into cute games dogs play or a quick training session.

Snuffle Mat

If you are looking for games dogs play, invest in an AWOOF Snuffle Mat. This snuffle mat is an excellent foraging game for all those Doodles with a strong hunting instinct.

All you need to do is hide small treats throughout the mat and let your Doodle go to town. He will have fun using his nose and digging to uncover gifts.

And since this mat comes in two sizes, there are mats for all dogs and ages. They are even machine washable for easy cleanup.

Doggie Tail Interactive Toy

One of the excellent dog play games interacts back with the Doggie Tail Interactive Toy by Hyper Pet; your dog will love that his toy plays back.

These toys are great for keeping your dog busy and entertained while you are gone. Your dog will love the way it moves and makes barking noises.

You will love seeing your dog toss it and play like a puppy again.

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Another great toy for games dogs play is the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball. This ball is another interactive toy. Dogs love the silly sounds it makes as they push it around the house.

It is even durable against hard chewers. Your dog will have so much fun with this toy that talks back that he might not even notice that you left for a long!

Ball Launcher

This Ball Launcher from iDogmate is excellent for keeping dogs entertained outside. You can train your dog to load this launcher and have hours of fun.

The Ball Launcher also has settings of how far to throw the ball, with 10 feet being the shortest distance.

This is amazing for those Doodles that have a strong herding instinct. They will get a lot of exercise that they need so desperately.

iFetch Frenzy

If you have an indoor dog, this iFetch Frenzy is the right choice. How to entertain a dog at home alone starts with mental stimulation. The Frenzy is a brain game that you can teach your dog.

To use this game, show your dog how to drop the ball to the top. Once in, the ball will randomly roll out of one of the holes for them to chase.

This toy is especially great for smaller dogs to stimulate their brains.

iDig Digging Toy

For the Doodle that loves to dig, the iDig Digging toy by iFetch is an excellent alternative. This toy will help give your dog a safe area to dig while you are away.

You can even lure them into digging in it by hiding small toys and treats for them to find. Dogs of all ages and sizes will love having a particular dig spot inside.

Dog Water Fountain Step-On Toy

The Dog Water Fountain Step-On Toy is fantastic for outdoor dogs that love water. Your dog will love having fresh water available at the touch of the paw.

You will soon see your dog pouncing and chasing the water on a hot summer’s day. It will provide cooling, lasting relief without running up your water bill as traditional sprinklers can.

Pineapple Interactive Toy

If your dog is a tough chewer, you will love this Cullaby Pineapple Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers.

This toy is made from the toughest rubber and smells just like pineapple. You can add treats to it for added fun.

The top of this pineapple even squeaks, which can be hard to find in the more durable toys. Your dog will love chewing, tossing, and squeaking his new pineapple ball.

Indoor Super Slider Dog Self-Fetch Squeaker Toy

One thing that Doodles love is to chase objects. With the Indoor Super Slider Dog Self Fetch Squeaker Toy, your dog will enjoy chasing and pouncing on it all day. Your Doodle will love how it glides across all surfaces.

The Wag Glider can provide your dog with the much-needed mental and physical stimulation he will need. And, while he will still miss you when you are gone, being alone will be a lot easier.

Retractable Interactive Dog Toy

These toys can be hung from trees, posts, or even your deck. We all know a Doodle who loves tug-of-war. It is their favorite game that they just can’t quit.

These Doodles would love a Retractable Interactive Dog Toy. These tug-of-war toys are great for keeping them happy and healthy while you are away for work.

They can safely play and pull all day if they want to. Your Doodle will love how it pulls back and never gives up.

Trixie Pet Products

Everyone knows that Doodles are highly intelligent and love puzzles. But what we love about Trixie Pet Products is that there are multiple levels for all kinds of dogs.

Their puzzles are durable and fun for your dog. Once your dog gets used to one puzzle, upgrading to the next level is easy.

These puzzles are great to have in a rotation of toys for when you are gone. Rotating them out keeps the excitement going.

And, once you make your way through to the beginning, it will be like a whole new puzzle!

Molar Bite Toy

And last, we have a Molar Bite Toy, which is a toy and a treat dispenser. These toys are great for dogs to tug on and play with.

It prevents them from chewing on household objects and keeps their teeth clean. You can add a little game to it by adding small treats or food.

Your dog will spend hours getting the treats out and tugging on the fun toy.

In Conclusion

You may have wondered how to keep dogs from being bored when home alone. But, now you see that there are lots of products that do just that and more. Your dog will love every product on this list, and you will never have to worry again. Leaving your Doodle alone can be hard. But, with a little creativity, these toys can help ease that pain.

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