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Do Mini Goldendoodles Shed?

Do Mini Goldendoodles Shed?

Do Mini Goldendoodles Shed?Like many dog owners, shedding is one of my primary considerations when shopping for a new best friend.  So, Do Mini Goldendoodles Shed? It’s not easy to clean up especially if I or one of my family members have allergies.  I wanted to make sure that I’m getting a dog that doesn’t shed so I made sure to do my research before taking my wallet out.

Which brings us to the million-dollar question: Do Mini Goldendoodles shed?  Unfortunately, they do but not as much as other dogs do.  One of the things that make Mini Goldendoodles attractive to breeders and dog parents is their low shedding factor.

Whether they’ll shed a lot or less depends on which side of the family they have more in them.  If they have more Golden Retriever in them, they’ll have longer fur which will make them shed minimally.  If they have more Poodle in their genes, however, they should rarely shed.

About Goldendoodle Coats

A Mini Goldendoodle’s propensity to shed has a lot to do with the type of coat it’s been blessed with.  As mentioned earlier, the dominant gene that runs in their system determines the type of coat they will carry well into adulthood.

Goldendoodle coats are classified into three types:

1. Wavy/Shaggy Coats

    • The first and perhaps the most common coat among Goldendoodles is that of the wavy or shaggy variety.  This type of coat affects all Goldendoodle generations and quite easy to maintain.
    • Brushing this type of coat once or twice a week is ideal especially in high friction areas like under the collar or around the ear area.  This type of coat can either be minimal or non-shedding depending on the generation the Goldendoodle belongs to as well as the diligence of the breeder in coat testing the parent dogs.
    • If you’re very particular to shedding and want to make sure that you get a non-shedding Goldendoodle, the best way to do this is to only get one from a breeder who performs DNA coat testing because it would really be difficult to tell how a Goldendoodle’s coat turns out.

2. Curly Coats

    • The curly coat is considered the second most common coat among Mini Goldendoodles particularly those with a more dominant Poodle side.  This coat comes in a couple of varieties too.  It can come as more of a curly wool type or something more relaxed.
    • Shedding-wise, this coat can go from minimal to none at all but requires frequent brushing compared to the wavy type.  As with any coat type, there’s no way to determine how a Goldendoodle turns out so make sure to get one from a breeder who does DNA testing on parent breeds.

3. Flat/Improper Coats

    • The flat or improper coat is considered by many as the least sought after of the Goldendoodle coat types.  Known as the Golden Retriever type coat, it’s fairly common among F2 Goldendoodle breeds and is easy to maintain because it requires minimal brushing.
    • The improper coat has the tendency to produce moderate to high shedding and is not recommended for families with members who have allergies.  This factor, along with the “non-teddy bear” look that most people are looking for, makes this coat type somewhat unpopular.

Perfect for owners with allergies

    • Mini Goldendoodles are generally low to non-shedding because most of them take on the Poodle side of the family more often than not.  Even if you get Mini Goldendoodles with dominant Golden Retriever blood, the amount of shedding they produce is still practically less compared to other breeds.
    • While no breed is considered to be totally allergen-free, a Mini Goldendoodle is the closest thing you’ll get.  If you’re not keen on cleaning up or vacuuming all the time and you want to avoid allergic reactions, a Mini Goldendoodle would be an excellent choice.

How do you deal with shedding?

    1. For some people, minimal shedding may be good enough but not everyone shares the same opinion.  If you have zero tolerance for shedding, there are ways to control your Mini Goldendoodle’s shedding and keep it in check.
    2. Keep them indoors – Pets that are kept indoors generally shed less according to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).  This makes perfect sense considering how exposure to sunlight as well as seasonal shifts affect a dog’s shedding.
    3. Mini Goldendoodles that are kept indoors tend to have more consistent exposure to light which can help lower the frequency of shedding.
    4. Brush your Mini Goldendoodles regularly – Another way to keep your Mini Goldendoodle’s shedding in check is to regularly (if not daily) brush them.  As much as we want to believe that they don’t shed, most of the hair they shed isn’t just visible.
    5. What brushing does is to pull that shedding hair (as well as those that are just about to shed) out to give them a cleaner look.
    6. Monitor shedding frequency – Though it is true that shedding is a normal process for dogs, we can’t just ignore them and take them for granted because they may also be the result of something else.
    7. An increase in shedding can be a symptom of infection, irritation, allergies, unbalanced nutrition, and stress.  Make sure to keenly observe their shedding frequency so you can give them the proper veterinary care when needed.

In Conclusion

  • Mini Goldendoodles are generally regarded as a non-shedding breed.  How much they will leave hair for you to clean up depends on their more dominant gene as well as the type of coat they were born with.
  • Goldendoodles with dominant Golden Retriever genes tend to shed more because of their long, flat coat while Poodle-dominant ones shed minimally because of their curly or wavy coat.
  • In short, the curlier the coat, the less it sheds, the more hypoallergenic it is, and the cuter they look.  Does it now make sense why people love the curly type?

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