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Do Labradoodles Shed More Than Goldendoodles?

Do Labradoodles Shed More Than Goldendoodles?

They are very quickly becoming America’s choice dog. But you may wonder, do Labradoodles shed more than Goldendoodles?

Two of the most common Doodle breeds are the Labradoodle and the Goldendoodle. These breeds are so popular because they have little to no shedding!

No shedding can be a dream come true for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. They make great pets that are highly intelligent and easy to train.

Today, we will look at this question and how genetic differences play a role in shedding.

Goldendoodle Puppy
Goldendoodle Puppy

Coat Types

When answering the question, do Labradoodles shed more than Goldendoodles? The first factor to consider is the coat type you use to compare the two breeds.

A Labradoodle is a hybrid of a Lab and a Poodle. A Lab is a shorter-haired high shedding dog, while the Poodle does not.

Meanwhile, a Goldendoodle is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. A Golden Retriever is known to have long hair that has a moderate amount of shedding.

But what does this mean for their offspring?

Labradoodle Puppy
Labradoodle Puppy

Curly, Wavy, Straight, and Improper

With both the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle breeds, four coat types should be considered.

Curly Coat

It is also labeled as an F1B coat. This coat has tighter curls that can resemble a corkscrew curl or a barrel curl. These dogs have a more dominant gene from the Poodle parent.

This Poodle dominant coat type sheds less out of all four coat types because fur that has shed does not quickly come out of the curl pattern.

With regular grooming, you might not even notice any shedding at all.

Wavy Coats

They are a low shedding to non-shedding F1 coat. These waves tend to be looser and drop more quickly than curly coats.

The wavy coat is still considered hypoallergenic compared to shedding breeds because a wavy coat does not shed as much.

You will not notice hair falling out while petting your dog, but you may see more of it when you brush them than curly coat types.

Straight Coat

This type will always shed more than both the wavy and curly coats. It behaves like any other shedding dog and will require more brushing with unique shed-eliminating brushes to control it.

This hair is similar to typical doodle hair in texture and is very obvious when it does shed around the house and onto clothing and furniture.

Improper Coats

are coats that do not have any of the same qualities that doodles are bred to have. They aren’t to be confused with straight-haired Labradoodles and Goldendoodles.

You will notice significant differences if you look closely. A straight coat will still feel soft and have the longer shaggy appearance of a Doodle.

Improper coats have shorter coarse hair and no furnishings around the face. Medically speaking, these dogs are perfectly healthy; they lack the coat the breeder was striving to get.

All of these coat types can happen in any generation of Doodle mix. Some litters can even produce a mixture of coat types.

So breeding a purebred Poodle with a purebred Golden Retriever or Lab will not only create one kind of coat. In rare cases, you can even find a Doodle with a mixture of both curly and wavy hair types.

If you are looking for a specific coat type because of shedding, tell your breeder what you want. They will be able to help you find a puppy that meets all of your needs.

For both the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle, all of these coat types will shed similarly because the Poodle decides how much shedding will happen.

These Doodles will always have the same amount of shedding regarding coat types. But that isn’t always the only factor in how much your labradoodle or any doodle breed sheds.

Coat Length

Do Labradoodles shed more than Goldendoodles? It can be analyzed from many different perspectives. The coat length of your dog can also be one of them.

Longer coats could have the appearance of shedding more than shorter coats, especially with wavy and straight coat types.

Longer coats, when brushed, will appear to have more hair fall out since it fills up the brush more. The fur-covered brush is strictly in appearance.

But can be a contributing factor if you want a Doodle that won’t leave a mess of hair around your house.

These longer hairs can accumulate if unmanaged and at first glance, can appear that your dog is shedding a lot.

This is especially true for Goldendoodles. Goldendoodles tend to have longer hair, no matter their coat type. The longer hair fallout can lead people to believe that Goldendoodles shed more, which is invalid.

As with any Doodle, you can manage this by keeping your dog’s hair trimmed shorter. The hair will appear less dense when brushed.

It will show you how much hair your Doodle is shedding, which holds for both the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle.


Grooming is the second most significant in answering, “Do Labradoodles shed more than Goldendoodles?” A Doodle, when well-groomed, will have minimal to no shedding.

This grooming goes beyond just baths and haircuts, though. Doodles have a high maintenance coat, and if not correctly cared for, it would shed from being unhealthy.

Doodles require daily to every-other-day brushing. The curlier the hair, the more you have to brush it. You will need to pick a brush that is made for your dog’s coat type and length to get the best results.

Brushing will prevent mats from forming, and in curlier coats, it will also help release any hair that has fallen out from the curls. If not brushed, a curly coat will shed like any other coat.

This shedding looks like little balls of hair in a tight curl instead of hairs all over your house.

Straight coat types have a more considerable amount of shedding than curly and wavy types. Still, even this can be managed.

Using a de-shedding brush, you can brush your dog every day to every other day, significantly decreasing your dog’s shedding.

Washing your dog when he is dirty is another significant factor. Dirt can clog their glands just like it does with ours. This dirt can cause shedding if not washed away.

You will want to use a gentle shampoo and maybe even a conditioner afterward to help preserve the healthy oils.

Be careful not to wash your dog over, as this can also cause shedding from having dry skin. Baths should only be given when necessary.

Mini Goldendoodles

Do Labradoodles Shed More Than Goldendoodles?

In short, both the Labradoodle and the Goldendoodle will shed the same. When comparing the two Doodles of the same coat type and length.

There is virtually no difference between the two breeds and shedding. This is because the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle have parents with similar coat types and shedding tendencies.

A Poodle has virtually no shedding at all, and both the Lab and Golden Retriever are moderately shedding dog.

Therefore, it’s not too far from the norm to believe that a Labradoodle and Goldendoodle have similar shedding tendencies.

If you feel like your dog (either Goldendoodle or Labradoodle) is shedding more than the average dog of its breed, there may be more than you should investigate as to why this shedding may be happening.

Why Is My Dog Shedding More?

You must consider many aspects when considering why your dog could be shedding more than another dog of the same breed.


Are you grooming your dog properly with the correct brushes for his or her coat type? Using the wrong grooming tools is a common mistake that can cause more shedding in your dog.

If you have questions, ask your groomer the best brush or combination of brushes is best for your dog’s coat type.


All dogs go through periods where they seem to shed more than before. If your puppy is getting his adult coat, it could shed more than it used to.

A dog reaching age 8+ can even shed more with old age. Both of these are not preventable. Just give a little more tender love and care to their coats.


Looking at your dog’s food quality could be a significant factor in shedding. A high-quality diet will support good coat health and reduce shedding.


If everything else in your dog’s life is normal, it might be time to see a veterinarian to rule out medical concerns that could cause hair loss.

In Conclusion

Both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles make amazing best friends. Shedding in them both is little to no concern.

But anyone around them can see how different the two are in personality. It is just a matter of preference and what type of dog you want to be able to make your decision.

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