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Do Goldendoodles Bark A Lot?

Do Goldendoodles Bark A Lot?

Goldendoodles are considered a quiet dog breed with a moderate energy level. So, do Goldendoodles bark a lot?

Because of their calm demeanor, they are perfect for those looking for a dog that will not make a lot of noise. They are quiet most of the time and will not get loud unless there is a reason to do so.

The Goldendoodle is a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, a combination that gives the impression of a loud dog.

Goldendoodles are mainly known for their intelligent, playful, and friendly personalities. This is why most families consider adding this adorable breed to their families.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about the Goldendoodle’s temperament and vocality.

We will let you know why your furry friend is barking and how you can stop the habit. Keep reading to learn more.


Do Goldendoodles Bark?

All dogs are meant to bark, and your Goldendoodle is not an exception. However, there will always be a reason behind your Goldendoodle’s barking.

For instance, your dog will bark when they want to go outside to play or when they are hungry and need some food.

The brief barking moments are normal and healthy. They are also a way for your furry friend to communicate with you.

However, it can become a problem if the barking behavior becomes non-stop and excessive. 

Why Do Goldendoodles Bark?

As mentioned, there is always a reason why your Goldendoodle is barking. Here are the most common reasons why they bark.

Territory Barking

The Goldendoodle tends to have the instinct to protect its territory. This may include the yard, house, or any other place or area they consider theirs.

Your dog will bark when they sense another animal or intruder is within its territory. They bark loudly to scare away the intruder and inform their owners.

Your Goldendoodle will stop barking once its finds out that the threat is gone. Territorial barking can come in the form of long barking or short barking sessions.

How your Goldendoodle perceives the threat will determine the time frame and when they feel they are safe after the intruder has gone.

Goldendoodle Senses

This barking can benefit having a dog as part of the family. Although the barking might seem aggressive and loud, it is an important bark.

When your dog barks, it might be sensing some danger or threat. If they continue barking for a long time, the danger might be hiding somewhere you cannot see, but your furry friend senses it.

Some Goldendoodle parents have credited their pets for protecting them with the territorial bark. The bark has helped many to reveal an intruder trying to get into the house or hiding in their backyard.

Barking alerts the pet owners and prompts them to turn on the alarm or contact the police in time.

Therefore, if your pet is territorial and barks more often, you must pay attention to the surrounding area where your furry friend is sensing danger.

Many dog keepers encourage territorial barking so that the pet becomes an excellent guard dog.

Sometimes, your dog might be barking, thinking something is a threat when it isn’t. Therefore, you should remove any objects around your home that your Goldendoodle sees as intruders.

You can also train your dog to understand and get used to objects in your backyard by allowing them to become familiar with them by exploring and sniffing the items under your supervision.


Anxiety Barking

This is the most common type of barking amongst Goldendoodles that bark often. When your pet feels anxious, it will bark, whine, and howl as a sign of distress.

Separation anxiety is the most common among Goldendoodles and happens when they are separated from their owners.

Separation anxiety is common in nearly all dog breeds, and there is a logical reason that explains why they have it.

In the wild, dogs are part of a canine pack that works together for survival and will rarely separate from each other. 

Part of the Pack

Since your family is your dog’s new pack, it is not natural for it to be separated and left on its own. If you leave them alone, they will feel lonely, scared, and abandoned.

Your furry friend will express anxiety about the situation by barking frequently. By doing so, they will be calling you back towards them or alerting you that they need your help.

Severe cases of separation anxiety can cause health issues, such as rapid heart rate, loneliness, sadness, and depression. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, its personality may also change over time. 

It can be very hard to know your furry friend is barking a lot because of separation anxiety until your neighbor complains about the noise.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to train your pet to stay calm when left alone.

You can create a designated area within your backyard that has a pet bed, water, food, classical music, toys, and a blanket.

In severe cases, some Goldendoodle parents use a citronella collar or bark collar to stop their pets from excessive barking.

Offering your dogs a conducive environment will help them to feel safe, entertained, calm, and fed. 

In addition, you can deal with your dog’s separation anxiety by practicing leaving your house in a calm manner.

You can create a routine that will make your pet understand you will be leaving home soon. 

If your dog has separation anxiety, you can start its morning by taking it around for a walk. You should also offer them breakfast and get them settled into their serene environment.

Even when your heart is breaking when leaving the house, you should avoid expressing it.

If you are not able to help your Goldendoodle deal with separation anxiety, you can consult a professional trainer for more assistance.

Alert Barking

Goldendoodles are usually alert and curious dogs. When your pet hears a noise or sees something outside the window, it will sound its alert bark.

This is to inform you that it has discovered a sound, person, or object it thinks you should know about.

In some cases, the alert barking can be the result of your furry friend hearing the bark of another dog from a distance.

They will bark to respond to the other dog. This barking is a way for your dog to alert you or let you know there is possible canine danger around.

It will disappear once your Goldendoodle feels safe or when the trigger is gone.

Fear Barking


Dogs that are raised in a loving family or safe environment do not have the same lifestyle as those neglected or abandoned in the streets.

Some Goldendoodles may become fearful if they are isolated in a cage or if they are surrounded by other dogs.

Pets rescued from a shelter tend to be sensitive to sound. They are also likely to fear other pets and will bark a lot if they are taken to a vet.

Whatever causes your dog to fear, they will express it through excessive barking. You can stop the barking by learning the triggers that cause your furry friend to bark.

If the fear is because of an object, you can remove the object from the surrounding.

You can also socialize your Goldendoodle and train it to be around people if it is having a difficult time around people. 

Every dog is unique and has its own reasons for feeling afraid and fearful. Therefore, it is important to identify your dog’s triggers. If you can’t, you can consult your vet.

Play Barking

Play barking is okay and should not be a major concern. It is done out of being playful or having fun.

Like most other dogs, your Goldendoodle will bark a little when playing with its handlers or toys.

Some will also have a great time all by themselves and bark even when nobody is at home.

The only time this type of barking can become an issue is when it gets loud and excessive.

If your Goldendoodle is barking at your for no reason during playtime, you will need to train them to control the barking. 

Dogs tend to communicate with one another through barking. Therefore, you can expect play barking to be excessive when your Goldendoodle is around other dogs.

In this case, you will need to limit their playtime with other dogs. You can also train your furry friend not to bark at other pets.


If you were asking yourself whether Goldendoodles bark a lot, you are already answered.

Goldendoodles are considered moderate barkers and will not excessively bark unless there is a reason behind it.

Since they are intelligent and easy to train, you can control their barking through training.

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