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Disadvantages of Owning a Cockapoo!

Disadvantages of Owning a Cockapoo!
Complete Guide to Cockapoo Dogs
Complete Guide to Cockapoo Dogs

So, What are the disadvantages of owning a Cockapoo? Cockapoos are a popular Doodle breed. Their small size and cuddly appearance make them the first choice for most families. If you have ever considered getting a Cockapoo, there are a few things that you should know. These seemly beautiful dogs may not be what you think they are. For a change, let’s talk about why I hate Cockapoos.


One of the worst Cockapoo bad traits is overbreeding. This overbreeding leads to a lot of puppy mills, genetic disorders, and puppies without a home. It is hard to find Cockapoos with good breeding anymore, and yet their price keeps rising. Cockapoo breeders are not careful with breeding pairs and thus pass diseases down that have ruined the bloodline.

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Ear Troubles

Most dogs with floppy ears are more susceptible to ear infections. But, Cockapoos can have chronic ear infections, mites, and yeast infections. Cleaning their ears is a weekly task. Not to mention a lot of groomers recommend paying extra for ear hair removal to help with this problem.

But cleaning sometimes isn’t enough. Some Cockapoos are more prone to getting yeast infections from allergies or sensitivities. So not only are you putting more care into keeping their ears healthy, but this could not be enough. They are resulting in frequent vet visits and high bills.

Teeth Problems

Because Cockapoos suffer from poor breeding, they usually have bad teeth genetics. Most Cockapoos develop gum disease, gingivitis, and tooth decay at very young ages. You will have to be very proactive about this and start dental hygiene early. Most owners will need to brush their dog’s teeth regularly. And, you will also need to start having dental checkups by your vet at least once a year.

Separation Anxiety

You might be wondering how a clingy Cockapoo could be a bad thing. But unless you spend most of your day at home with your dog, they will develop separation anxiety. Your dog will start to chew, dig, bark, and even scratch himself with worry. If you do not address this problem at a young age, your dog may need serious help.

It is not uncommon to see Cockapoos that need a puppy Prozac to get through the day. You may even notice that this separation anxiety becomes severe any time your dog thinks you are leaving. Leaving can cause panic and aggression in your dog.

Bark A Lot

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One of the Cockapoo bad traits is that they bark too much. You will find your Cockapoo barking at every noise, shadow, and movement outside. You may think that this makes them an excellent guard dog, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Your Cockapoo will be all bark and no bite when faced with intruders.

Since these dogs bark so often, they can be a bother to neighbors. They are not great for apartments or to have free range of the outdoors. So, you can say bye-bye to the idea of having a doggie door.

Spine Issues

Since Cockapoos have poor breeding, most of them have spinal issues. Cockapoos have longer spines and not enough support for their weight, so slipped discs and paralysis are standard. Proper breeding from a reputable breeder would reduce the chances of this happening.

You could be thinking that these issues only arise later in life or with obesity, but that is not true. It is not uncommon to see puppies have herniated discs so severe that they never fully recover. In some cases, this can promote paralysis, incontinence, tremors, and loss of muscle control.


While it is true that Doodles are very loyal pets, here is the truth about Cockapoos. They are usually only loyal to one person. It is not a problem if you live alone, but for people with spouses and children, this can be a problem. Your dog will have a hard time bonding and forming connections with other people in the family. It can lead your dog into separation anxiety and people’s possessive traits.

Love To Eat

The Essential Guide For New & Prospective Cockapoo Owners
The Essential Guide For New & Prospective Cockapoo Owners

Everyone loves a tasty snack, but Cockapoos take this to another level. Your Cockapoo will always seem hungry and looking for more. They will try to con you into extra meals by being pushy and loud. You may not think this is a problem at first until you have an obese dog with heart issues.

This greediness can also lead to food aggression. You won’t be able to trust them around other animals and children during feeding times.

Skin Allergies

Some Cockapoo bad traits include terrible skin sensitivities. Since they have lower standards for breeding, Cockapoos tend to suffer from many allergies. They are prone to dandruff, outdoor allergies, seasonal allergies, and food allergies. These allergies can cause severe itching and hair loss. Your Cockapoo hair loss is different than normal shedding. You may even notice bald spots, hot spots, and even hives in some cases.

Eye Disease

Cockapoos have a double dose of being prone to eye disease. Both Poodles and Cocker Spaniels are prone to progressive eye diseases and cataracts. When you pair this with being on edge, you can have a highly volatile dog. With age and loss of eyesight, you may notice that your dog is barking more than usual. They might even be more jumpy and aggressive. These poor dogs don’t have a fighting chance once this happens.

Hard Headed

Cockapoos are known to have high intelligence, but they use it for evil. Your Cockapoo would much rather learn how to open cabinets to destroy their contents than to learn to sit. Training can be a long process and take many months to achieve.

But this leading to other areas than just training. Do Cockapoos like to cuddle? Why, yes, they do. They don’t want you to know that. They are much like cats sometimes and only want cuddles when it’s convenient for them. And other times, they are all over you and won’t leave you alone.

More Cocker Than Anything

Another of Cockapoo’s bad traits includes being more Cocker than Poodle. Most Cockapoos seem not to inherit anything from their Poodle parents at all. Instead, you have a Doodle that is very sensitive and sometimes a little temperamental. Most Doodles are bred to enhance an already fantastic breed to be hypoallergenic. But this is not true for Cockapoos. Cockapoos were produced purely for looks, and so careful breeding for a blended temperament isn’t conventional.

What Cocker Spaniel Is Used?

Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel

Unless you see the parental documentation, you never know what breeds are in your cross. In first-generation Cockapoos, this is a little easier to track down, but in F2 generations, it gets murky. You might have an F2 puppy bred from two different types of Cockapoos.

Without knowing what Spaniel they used, you can have such a wide variety of temperaments. It makes the breed hard to predict, and that leads to a lot of misinformation.

Early Socialization

While all dogs can benefit from early socialization, Cockapoos need it even more. Cockapoos have a natural tendency to be people possessive, food aggressive, and not like other animals. If a Cockapoo goes his whole life without experiencing much, it can cause a lot of fear aggression.

Are Cockapoos Territorial?

This question can be hard to answer. Some Cockapoos are extremely territorial with people and toys. Some are territorial in that they bark a lot to “guard” their home. But, this territorial nature does no good to protect anything from danger. It is mostly to keep their stuff from other’s hands. They do not like to share the things that they love the most.

Are Cockapoos Good With Kids?

While there are some Cockapoos out there that are great with kids, most are not. Since they tend to bond only to one person, they have little wiggle room to let in a child or baby. And since they tend to have high anxieties, toddlers that make quick movements are not the best.

Some people claim that getting a puppy will acclimate your dog to be ok around children. This method might help, but it does not change the nature or temperament of the dog. Just because a child and a dog grow up together, does not mean the dog will always like the kids. This is how serious injuries happen. You can never trust any dog too much, and must always look out for warning signs.

Can Be Hard To Groom

Everyone knows that grooming a Doodle is a daily task. But your Cockapoo will have different plans. They will want to jump around, play, and run away from you instead of getting groomed. Most professional groomers will even tell you that these dogs are some of the hardest to groom if not introduced early enough.

And since this is a lifelong task, you would think they eventually get used to it. But they don’t.


You may be thinking, “Are Cockapoos needy?” As you can see by this list, they are. There are some fantastic Doodle breeds out there. For Example, Teacup Cockapoos; we don’t think this one lives up to the famed Doodle name. Finding a great tempered and healthy Cockapoo is a rare find and can be a beloved pet by the whole family.

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