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Dapper Dog Box: Pros and Cons

Dapper Dog Box: Pros and Cons

One of our favorite dog box subscriptions is the Dapper Dog box. But with a quick search online, you might find it hard to read real reviews about them. That’s why we will do you a favor and talk about the Dapper Dog Box: Pros and Cons. You will see everything that makes the Dapper box unique and a few reasons it’s not for you. 

Dapper Dog Box: Pros and Cons

What Is Dapper Dog Box? 

The Dapper Dog Box is a monthly subscription for your dogs. For only $35.99, they come with two cute toys, two tasty treats, and an adorable bandana. Plus, each one is apart of a cute theme according to holidays, birthdays, and seasons. These boxes are great to keep your dogs entertained with new toys and special treats. You never know what toy might become your dog’s favorite. 

But as you know, what you get is only half of what makes a subscription worthwhile. All of the extras and customer service are the cherry on top of the cake. Let’s get into why you will love the Dapper Dog Box by looking at the pros and cons. 

The Pros

1st Pro: Supporting Small Businesses

One of the most unique things about the Dapper Box is that they support small businesses. Dapper believes in supporting the small businesses right here in the USA that most people have never heard of. You could get toys from a local store in New York and treats from a California start-up company. On top of all that, most of these small businesses donate to local animal shelters. So you can feel good about everything you get in your Dapper Dog Box. 

2nd Pro: All Made In The USA

Since all of these treats come from local businesses, it also means that everything you get is made in the USA. All of the Dapper Dog treats will be safe to eat and keeps companies and people hired within the USA. 

3rd pro: 100% Guarantee 

The best part of the Dapper Dog Box is that they come with a 100% guarantee. If your dog doesn’t like a toy or turns his nose up at a treat, send customer service an email. They will gladly send you a replacement at no extra charge. So you can try the Dapper Dog Box without any risk to you. And your wallet will love that. 

4th Pro: Donates To Rescues

Not only do the businesses that make the toys donate to rescues, but Dapper does as well. The Dapper Dog Box has donated thousands of dollars to over 12 rescues across the USA. This money is for feeding, vaccinating, and spay/neutering pets before they go to their new homes. And we just love anyone that gives back to the community. 

5th pro: The Themes

Let’s not overlook the adorable themes that these boxes have. Your dogs might not care about the themes, but they make for lovely pictures. Does your Doodle have an Instagram? When you get the Dapper Dog Box, you can show off your handsome pooch. With the Dapper Dog Box bandana and toys, your dog is ready for their close-ups. 

6th Pro: Free Shipping

Some dog box subscriptions have hidden fees in shipping. But the Dapper Dog Box subscription ships free in the USA. So you won’t have any hidden fees! 

7th Pro: Shop The Box

Find something that your dog absolutely loves? Shop The Box allows you to get more of what your dog loves. Treats, toys, bandanas, and even past box favorites are all there. You can even get presents for other dogs through the Dapper Dog Box. 

8th Pro: Sizes

We all know that small dogs and large breeds can’t play with the same toys. They would look ridiculous playing with toys too large. And if a toy is too small, it could be a choking hazard. That’s why the Dapper Dog Box asks about your dog’s size. Dapper will never send you boxes with the wrong size toys. But it’s worth mentioning that if you have an extra-large dog, you should order the Dapper Dog toys from the heavy chewer box. That way, your dog has durable toys to match his strength. 

9th pro: Prepay To Save

The Dapper Box is only $35.99 for a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time. But if you prepay, you get more savings. For instance, prepaying for three months, you save 5%. Six months prepaid saves you 8%, and twelve months saves 12%. So if you decide that you love the Dapper Box after a few months, it only makes sense to order a year’s worth. 

10th pro: Heavy Chewer Option

Does your dog have the nasty habit of destroying toys within hours of getting them? In that case, you need to get the Heavy Chewer box. This box has two treats, a bandana, and two tough toys for your dog to play with. But there is a slight catch. Because tough toys are more expensive to make, this box costs a little extra. The Heavy Chewer Option is $39 a box, which is a steal compared to other companies. 

11th Pro: No Treats Option

If your dog has allergies, these boxes can be a real drag. But you still want cute toys and fun surprises every month. For these cases, you need to buy the No Treats box. You will get two cute toys and a bandana every month but at a discount. The No Treats Dapper Dog Box only costs $21.95. 

12th pro: Cancelations

And finally, one of the best parts of the Dapper Dog Box is that you can cancel at any time when you pay month to month. You can pause services, skip months, and even update the size of your growing dog at any time. We love that there are no strings attached. So if you decide after three months that it’s not for you, then you can cancel. Just remember to do it before you get billed again. 

The Cons

1st con: Subscription Strings

Now we are going to talk about some cons. One of the Dapper Dog Box: likes and dislikes is their cancelation policies. If you are paying month to month, then you have the freedom to cancel or change the subscription at any time. But if you are prepaid, that is a different story. If you pay for 12 months worth of boxes and cancel halfway through, you can’t get a refund. You will still get the rest of your boxes, but they won’t renew at the end of the 12 months. 

2nd con: The Dapper Dog Cost

We love that the Dapper Box gives back to the community and supports local businesses. It can be expensive. There are a few other boxes out there that have just as many toys for cheaper. There are even boxes out there with better prepaid savings. But with many of these, they don’t support small local businesses. So you have to choose between what means more: supporting the American dream or lower cost. 

3rd con: No Special Allergy Options

Many dog subscription boxes have the customization for allergies. That way, your dog can still get safe and tasty treats. But with Dapper Dog, they don’t have this type of customization. Instead, you will have to choose the No Treats box option, which can still be fun but might feel slightly like a letdown compared to a few other companies. 

4rd con: Replacing Heavy Chewer Toys

While Dapper Dog Box gives you a guarantee that your dog will love their toys, it doesn’t cover destruction. They don’t typically even refund or replace toys that your dog destroys. The only exception to that is if your dog tears up a toy from the heavy chewer boxes within 10 minutes. You will have to take lots of pictures and contact customer service as soon as it happens. 

5th con: Shipping Outside The US

Shipping is available to Canada, Mexico, and a few other countries. But you will have to pay a shipping fee. To our neighbors to the North and South, shipping will be $10, and shipping anywhere else is $15. Since the quality is impeccable, however, we think this shipping cost is worth it. 

6th con: The Dapper Dog Delivery

And our final con to the Dapper Box is their delivery methods. Depending on what time of the month you order your first box, the shipping can seem off. You get your first box shipped to you within five days. But if you order your package after the 15th of the month, you could possibly wait over a month for your second box. However, after that period, your box will bill to you on the 25th of every month. And your package will come on a regular predicted schedule. 

Do You Love The Dapper Box? 

As you can see by the Dapper Dog Box: likes and dislikes, there are plenty of wonderful qualities. You will love the cute themes and the look on your dog’s face. Your dog might even start to recognize their packages and get excited. Then you can play and take Insta-ready pictures. 

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