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Complete Guide Chipoo Dog (Chihuahua Poodle Mix Breed)

Complete Guide Chipoo Dog (Chihuahua Poodle Mix Breed)

With so many wonderful Doodle breeds out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But here’s one you probably aren’t familiar with, the Chipoo. And we are going to give you a complete guide Chipoo dog, Chihuahua Poodle mix breed, to prove to you why you need one today. 

What Is A Chipoo? 

The first part of our complete guide Chipoo dog, Chihuahua Poodle mix breed, is what they are. Contrary to what you might think, the Chi poo is not a purebred dog. So you can’t register these dogs with the American Kennel Club. Instead, they are hybrid dogs of the Chihuahua parent and a Miniature Poodle. Breeders created these small dogs in the United States during the 70s as the perfect companion dog for all of life’s situations. So you could enlist them in the American Canine Hybrid Club for a mixed breed dog. 

Their small stature helps them fit into anyone’s life. No matter if it’s old age, an apartment, or a growing family. There are even smaller dogs mixed with a Toy Poodle to make them even tinier. But what does that mean about the dog itself? 

Is A Chipoo Cheerful? 

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The Chipoo temperament is funny, playful, and energetic. These small dogs love their owners with a passion. Chipoo puppies will stay at your heels all day and relish every moment spent with you. Chipoos love attention from everyone in the household. And won’t play favorites among family members as long as they get to play their favorite games. Getting a Chipoo will bring light and love into your house. 

Can A Chipoo Be Left Alone? 

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Most Doodle owners are wary of busy lives and making plans because their pups can quickly develop separation anxiety. Some people steer clear of Doodle breeds because they can’t give them the attention they need. And these are usually typical of all intelligent breeds. But Chipoos are surprisingly independent for their mix.  Calming Treats for Dogs helps with dog anxiety, Separation, Barking, Stress Relief, Thunderstorms and More. It also is a Natural Calming Relaxer for Aggressive Behavior.

The Chihuahuas and Poodles parent breeds typically need plenty of human interaction to stay healthy. However, when you cross them, it creates a dog who loves their family but knows how to entertain themselves while you work. And when you come home, they will be right at your feet again to join in on the adventure. 

Is A Chipoo Hard To Train? 

One of the things we love about the Poodle Chihuahua mix is that it is an intelligent dog and easy to train. The Poodle parent brings one of the smartest dogs in the world to the table. But there are a few catches. The answer to success with this breed is to start training as soon as you bring them home. The earlier you start with them, the fewer problems you will have overall. 

Some owners have reported that their Chipoos become more stubborn as they get older. And if you’ve never started training until these headstrong times, you could be in for a headache. It’s also important to remember these dog’s strengths when training. 

Positive reinforcement with lots of treats and praise is the key to getting these dogs to do what you want. They generally love to see their owners happy, even when they are a little stubborn. 

Are Chipoo Aggressive? 

The next topic in our complete guide Chipoo dog, Chihuahua Poodle mix breed, aggression is tricky. The Chipoo is generally a loving dog who is loyal to its family. But this is with lots of training and early socialization. If your Chipoo puppy grows up without structure, they can quickly become toy aggressive, people possessive, and out of control. And this is one of the most common problems first-time owners have with Chipoos. 

It’s a good idea to start obedience training from a young age will help combat this. But something most owners never consider is socializing their puppies. Socialization is introducing your dog to new people, other dogs, and unfamiliar places. And when your puppy acts in the appropriate manners, you reward them with praise and treats. This will teach them that strangers, dogs, and new places are good things. 

What Are The Chipoo Energy Levels? 

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Another vital thing to consider is how active you and your family are. Chipoos are a busy little guy that is constantly on the move. They will gladly follow you everywhere you go, even if it is just chores around the house. 

But luckily, due to their small size, they get tuckered out quickly, so they don’t need much exercise. Your Chipoo will only need 15 to 20 minute walks throughout the day to keep them from becoming overly anxious. So they won’t need long adventures going on hikes and agility training like a larger dog. But they wouldn’t mind giving it a go on occasion. 

Is A Chipoo Hypoallergenic? 

Now we are going to answer the question on everyone’s mind. How much does the Chipoo shed? And the answer isn’t always black and white. Most Chipoos have minimal shedding, but this isn’t always as predictable as it might seem. This is especially when there can be different outcomes with short-haired Chihuahua and long-hair Chihuahua. 

Your Chipoo will typically have either a wavy or curly coat. And the curlier the coat, the more hypoallergenic it is. But there is always a chance of getting a wavy or straight coat that sheds more than the “typical” Doodle. However, the good news is that these dogs are so small that keeping the hair under control is easy. 

If you have someone in the family with asthma or allergy sufferers, a curlier coat is always best. So if this is important for your family’s health, talk with your breeder. An experienced breeder can guide you in the right direction when a puppy is six weeks old. 

And to make choosing a Chipoo puppy even harder, these puppies come in several colors. Most are a solid color ranging from white to cream to blue and black. But some have multicolors for a unique look. 

How Do You Groom A Chipoo? 

With a hypoallergenic coat comes great responsibility. Most people keep their Chipoo with a short coat that needs regular brushing and combing to ensure no tangles and mats. You might think this is a little much, but since the Chipoo is so tiny, it only takes a few minutes. 

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The trick comes if your Chipoo goes too long without brushing; the hair tangles and mats easily. And these tangles aren’t like human knots. Instead, they need a delicate touch and a special dematting rake to break up the hair. If these knots get too large, the only solution is to cut them out to prevent your dog’s delicate skin from getting irritated. 

But there is more than just brushing when it comes to grooming these Doodles. If you don’t already know, a Doodle’s hypoallergenic coat also means that it grows continuously. So your Chipoo will need a grooming appointment every 6-8 weeks for a trim along with ordinary things like a bath and nail cut. 

Chihuahua Poodle Mix Lifespan

Small dogs are famous for their long lifespans, and the Chipoo is no different. Most Chipoos grow up to be 5-20 pounds and live roughly 12-15 years. However, it’s not unheard of for these dogs to live as long as 18 years. But that’s not without complications. Even with long lifespans, these dogs are prone to certain health issues. 

The most common health problems to look out for are: 

  • Glaucoma 
  • Progressive retinal atrophy 
  • Luxating patellas 
  • Digestive troubles
  • Overactive tear glands
  • Dental problems
  • And hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

But there are a few things you can do to give your Chipoo a healthy and long life. The first is to choose a reputable breeder aware of these conditions and does what it can to breed a healthy dog. The second is to make sure that you feed your Chipoo high-quality food and plenty of exercise. And, of course, regular check-ups to catch issues before they get too severe. 

How Much Does A Chipoo Cost? 

Today we are going to close with how much these little puppies cost. Depending on where you live and what type of Chipoo you get, these puppies typically cost anywhere from $500-$1,000. But since these dogs can come in various coat colors and sizes, some Chipoos can be as much as $1,700. However, since they are a popular breed, you won’t see a mark up in price for how hard they are to get. 

And don’t forget that these puppies will need supplies. Luckily, the Chipoo is a small dog, which costs less on average than large breeds. But you can figure about another $1,000 for the puppy basics like a bed, food, crate, and a few toys. 

The great thing about these small dogs is that they eat less and don’t cost much to groom. So when you get the Chipoo, you will save money monthly on supplies, food, and grooming needs. And if that isn’t enough to get a Chipoo today, we don’t know what is. 

So What Do You Think? 

After reading our Complete Guide Chipoo Dog, Chihuahua Poodle Mix Breed, is it the right dog for you? We think that there is so much potential with these tiny breeds. They are great for small spaces, young children, and friendly towards everyone. But like all dogs, they are a lot of work. As long as you are willing to put in the time to train and socialize these Doodles, they make perfect pets. 

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Complete Guide Chipoo Dog (Chihuahua Poodle Mix Breed )

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