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Comparing A Siberpoo and Bernedoodle

Comparing A Siberpoo and Bernedoodle

In this article, we are going to work on comparing a Siberpoo and Bernedoodle. When you get a new dog, most people don’t consider if the breed is a good fit for their lifestyle. They see an adorable puppy such as the Siberpoo and Bernedoodle and have their hearts set. Unfortunately, there is a lot of research that goes into picking the best breed for you. Luckily for you, you have found us. We have put together all the latest research about all things Doodle in easy to read formatting.

Origins – Siberpoo vs Bernedoodle

  • Both the Siberpoo and Bernedoodle have a common ancestor in Poodles that give them the “Doodle.” Poodles originated in parts of France and Germany as hunting dogs. They are intelligent and loyal to their owners. As time passed, the mini and toy sizes came about as companion dogs. People loved the Poodle for their wit, adoring nature, and non-shedding coats. 
  • Siberpoos are also half Husky. They can also be called Huskypoo or Husky Doodle. But for the sake of this article, we will stick to Siberpoo. Husky’s are genetically closely related to the Taimyr wolf, which is now extinct. They are genetically engineered for the cold Arctic weather to be sled dogs and farmhands. They are loyal to their owners and come from strong genetics that makes them intelligent, as well as quick thinking. Siberpoos are a recent crossbreed that has no exact origins, but to be adorable and loving. 
  • Bernedoodles are half Bernese Mountain Dog. The Bernese come from the Swiss Alps and are excellent herding dogs. Their large size made them great for watching over large flocks and pulling carts of supplies. They also are a calm breed that is great for protection. Bernese Mountain Dogs are also for their eagerness to please and readiness for work. The first Bernedoodle was crossed in Canada of 2003 to be a new designer breed. 

TEMPERAMENT – Siberpoo vs Bernedoodle

  • A Siberpoo temperament is a joyous breed that craves the attention of everyone. They are a carefree breed that doesn’t seem to be phased by negativity, just as long as they have their favorite people around. Siberpoos are known to be goofy and love to play games. But they can also be very ornery without proper training. Owners have compared them to the terrible two’s toddler phase when they don’t get their way. So, constant training and interaction is a necessity. 
  • Bernedoodles are a gentle spirit that loves their families. They become very devoted to their owners, which gives them the nickname Velcro-dogs. Bernedoodles are easy going and playful. They enjoy doing everything you do, just as long as they can keep you close. They are also a very affectionate breed. At the end of the day, the Bernedoodle will become a giant teddy bear to snuggle. 

Training – Siberpoo vs Bernedoodle

  • When it comes to intelligence, both of these breeds have it all. They are sharp as a tack and can learn anything they want to. Both of these are known to be quick learners once you get the hang of it. The downside to both of these breeds is that they have a stubborn streak. 
  • You have to have a lot of patience when dealing with these two. Firstly, picking the right time of day for training will help. If you do training first thing in the morning, they will be too excited to sit still. But, if you wait until late in the afternoon after a walk, they will be more willing. It also helps if you do training in short 20-minute bursts. 
  • And secondly, both of these breeds do well with positive reinforcement. They are eager to please, so use that to your advantage. Give them one of their favorite treats and praise them for a job well done. If you become frustrated, they can tell and will stop performing well. Siberpoos and Bernedoodles alike are very intuitive to your emotions, so don’t let them get the best of you. 

Energy Levels – Siberpoo vs Bernedoodle

  • Siberpoos are not a breed that does well when left inside and alone all day. They are a very active breed that needs a lot of stimulation. Most Siberpoos need at least two walks a day to burn off all their energy. And that is in addition to playtime and training sessions to keep them active. Remember that two-year-old behavior we talked about? This is where a lot of it stems from. Without proper mental and physical stimulation, your Doodle will become destructive around the house. Boredom buster toys and lots of exercise are essential. 
  • Bernedoodles are considered to have a moderate to high energy level. While they do not go crazy without daily exercise, they do become couch potatoes quickly. If left to them, they would become fat old dogs in no time. But, this is not healthy and will significantly reduce their lifespan. At least a one-hour walk will be needed for them to stay fit. They also enjoy a larger yard and lots of mentally stimulating toys. 

Coat Types – Siberpoo vs Bernedoodle

  • Siberpoos and Bernedoodles have very similar hair texture. They come in curly, wavy, and straight varieties. While both are considered hypoallergenic, the curlier hair sheds less than wavy. The straighter the coat is, the more it will shed. 
  • Siberpoos come in a variety of colors, including blue, brown, and black and white. 
  • Bernedoodles come in a variety of colors and combinations, including black, brown, and white. 

Grooming – Siberpoo vs Bernedoodle

  • As with all Doodles, these two require a pretty strict grooming schedule. You will need to brush their thick fur every day. Primarily to focus on high-friction areas around the ears, behind elbows, and stomach. Without brushing small tangles away every day, you leave your Doodle at risk of matting. Mats are impossible tangles that you can not brush out of the fur. And, if they are left too long, they could damage your dog’s sensitive skin. We suggest getting a variety of combs and brushes to help with all grooming needs. 
  • In addition to daily brushing, your Doodle will also need to be seen by a professional groomer every 6-12 weeks. Since Doodle’s hair grows continually like ours, they need hair cuts. A professional will be able to style your dog’s hair and make them feel good. They also do things like nail trims and baths at this appointment. Your Doodle will feel like a million dollars with their new hair cut and blow out. 

Size And Lifespan

  • One big way that the Siberpoo and Bernedoodle are different is their size. A Siberpoo technically only comes in one size. They range from 45-60 pounds, though some breeders claim to have mini Siberpoos. Since there is no breed standard for what a mini size is, this varies significantly across the US. Some of these mini breeds are unhealthy puppies or runts that breeders are making money off of. When choosing a mini, get a good look at the parents. The Poodle (usually the father) should be a mini or toy Poodle. Also, make sure to compare all the littermates to be sure that your puppy is legitimate. Your Siberpoo should have a lifespan of 10-13 years. 
  • But, the Bernedoodle size comparison is entirely different. Bernedoodles come in tiny, mini, and standard. A tiny Bernedoodle will only get 10-24 pounds. Mini Bernedoodles get anywhere from 25-49 pounds, and standard Bernedoodles get 70-90 pounds. And the lifespan of Bernedoodles is 12-18 years, with smaller breeds living longer. 

Medical Issues

Dog-Health-Nutrition For Dummies
Dog Health & Nutrition
  • All breeds can be more prone to some medical issues, no matter how impeccable their breeding is. 
  • Some Siberpoo health concerns include:
    • Skin allergies
    • Food allergies
    • Eye disease
    • Epilepsy
    • Joint issues
    • Blood clotting disorders
    • Thyroid disease
    • And Cushing’s
  • In all, Siberpoos are not as healthy of a breed. They are very prone to being inbred and improperly bred by backyard breeders. If you get a Siberpoo, make sure that your breeder is trusted. 
  • Some Bernedoodle health concerns include:
    • Joint issues
    • Eye disease
    • Skin allergies
    • Hot Spots
  • No matter what breed you get, ask for the medical tests from both parents. A reputable breeder does a DNA health check on their breeding pairs before they breed them. These tests will show you the probability of diseases and health issues passed on to the puppies.

Cost – Siberpoo vs Bernedoodle

  • Our last comparison is how much these puppies cost. The average Huskypoo cost is $650-$1,200. But if not correctly bred, these puppies can end up costing you more in medical bills. They also have a higher appetite than Bernedoodles and require very high-quality food for their allergies. Combined with grooming appointments, a Siberpoo may cost you more annually than Bernedoodles. 
  • On the other hand, a Bernedoodle cost $2,500-$5,000. This is a higher price upfront, but with proper breeding, they will not have all the medical issues that Huskypoos do. While they do eat a lot, they do not require special diets. You are more likely to spend less annually on a Bernedoodle. 
  • If you are looking for a Siberpoo or Bernedoodle rescue, check out Doodle Rescue Collective. They dedicate their time to make sure all Doodles have a forever home. 

Which Would You Choose?

After comparing the Siberpoo and Bernedoodle, is there one that stands out to you? We hope this article satisfies all of your questions to make informed decisions. If you find that you are not equipped for any of these Doodles, subscribe today. There are so many Doodles, and we are bound to write about your perfect match soon. 

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