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Comparing a Yorkipoo vs Cavapoo

Comparing a Yorkipoo vs Cavapoo

Yorkipoos and Cavapoos are some of the best small Doodles. They both are cute and have the best personalities. No one can resist the adorable faces of these two puppies. But before you go out and buy yourself a puppy, you might want to look at their differences. Comparing a Yorkipoo and Cavapoo, you will see that these two dogs aren’t ideal for every home. But for the right fit, they make the best dogs you will ever own. 


Purebred Origins 

As you know, both of these dogs are not purebred. But they both have one common ancestor in the Miniature or Toy Poodle. Breeders bred Standard Poodles to be incredible hunters. Their obedience and intelligence won the hearts of people all over. Soon, breeders created mini and toy sizes to be companion pets. 

But of course, there is another side to these Doodles. Yorkipoos are half Yorkshire Terrier as well. The Yorkie wasn’t always known for their loving and cuddly temperament. The Yorkie originally had the job of scouting out rats in mines. This breeding has made them protective and attentive to details. But they also love attention from their owners, hence why they became a beloved pet. 

Cavapoos are half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. And despite the Cavalier’s fluffy and adorable appearance, these dogs are purebred hunters. They have the stamina to keep up with hunting alongside horses. But people loved them for their patience and playful temperaments, and that’s what brought them into the companion arena.


You may be wondering what all this has to do with the Doodles in question. When comparing a Yorkipoo and Cavapoo, their origins shape who they are. So what are the Yorkipoo and Cavapoo temperaments like anyway? 

Yorkipoos are energetic little spitfires that need their families more than they let on. They adore attention and playing all day. No matter how independent these pups think they are, they are the most loyal of any small dog. 

Cavapoo temperaments also lean on the social and affectionate side. Cavapoos love to cuddle and spend time with you all day. But don’t let them fool you. They are also very playful and have the energy for anything you are up to. 


Doodles all over are known for their high intelligence and eagerness to please. And these dogs are no different. Cavapoo and Yorkipoo obedience training are effortless. And if given the opportunity, they will go above and beyond with tricks. 

But with high intelligence comes big responsibility. It’s a known fact that dogs with higher intelligence need more mental stimulation and attention than average. Your Doodle will need lots of attention throughout the day. And if left alone for too long, they quickly develop separation anxiety. 

This doesn’t mean you have to give up a social life or work. But you do have to take precautions to prevent your Yorkipoo or Cavapoo behavior problems at bay. Precautions like toy rotations, frequent walks, and puzzles keep your Doodles happy and mentally stimulated. 

Energy Levels 

Despite their size, when comparing both the Yorkipoo and Cavapoo have high energy levels. They need daily walks around the block and plenty of at-home playtime. Any time they get a whiff of you sitting down, you will need to get back up to play. 

But the good news is that their small bodies wear out quickly. So after a 30-minute walk, your pups will be tuckered out and ready for some cuddles and a snooze. And then they will be right back up for more. 

Coat Types

The aspect that attracts many owners to the Doodle is their hypoallergenic coats. These dogs shed less than your average dog, though this rule doesn’t apply to every dog. But contrary to what you might think, this doesn’t mean that Doodles are allergy-free. If you are allergic to dog dander, you will still be allergic to Doodles. 

I discovered when comparing the Yorkipoo and Cavapoo are hypoallergenic as well? That depends mostly on their coat types. The Cavapoo can have a curly, wavy, or straight coat type. But only the wavy and curly coat types are considered hypoallergenic. Straight coat types tend to shed just as much as a Cavalier. 

It doesn’t matter the coat type to make a Yorkipoo hypoallergenic. Since the Poodle and Yorkie both have a low to non-shedding coat, they all have low shedding tendencies. But they also come in the three coat types of curly, wavy, and straight. 

And if you were wondering about coat colors, we have good news. Yorkipoos and Cavapoos come in a variety of different colors. So it doesn’t matter what color your ideal dog is. We bet you can find a breeder for it. 

Grooming Your Doodle

Because the Yorkipoo and Cavapoo have similar coats, they also require the same grooming. And they tend to be a little high maintenance compared to other dogs because of their hypoallergenic coats. But the more you groom them, the easier it is for everyone. 

Your Doodle will need daily brushing to keep their hair manageable and soft. Using a comb, slicker brush, and dematting rake are excellent tools to get the job done fast and efficiently. And the dematting rake also doubles as a comb for the Cavapoo shedding coats. 

And on top of daily brushing, you will need to take your dog in for regular haircuts. Every 6-8 weeks is perfect for a bath and hair trim to keep their coats at a manageable length. It’s also good for their skin and keeping up with overall health. 

The reason coat care is so essential for Doodles is because of their fine hair knots easily. If these tangles get out of control, they form too close to the skin. Then it will pull and hurt your dog by creating micro-tears in the skin. So keeping the hair trim and brushed will leave your dog feeling fresh and free. 

Size And Lifespan 

If you want a smaller dog, we recommend getting the Yorkipoo. The average Yorkie Poo size is only 3-14 pounds. The Cavapoo size, on the other hand, is 9-25 pounds. 

You might be thinking that there is a large difference in size in each breed. That has to do with what size the Poodle parent is. If you want your Yorkipoo full-grown on the smaller size, you want the cross with a Toy Poodle. And the same goes for the Cavapoo. A small Cavapoo full-grown likely has a Toy Poodle parent. 

But both the Cavapoo and Yorkipoo lifespan is 12-15 years, and sometimes longer. With a proper diet, exercise, and check-ups, these small dogs can live much longer than 15 years. 

Medical Concerns

Doodles are known for their hybrid vigor, but this might not mean what you think it does. Every dog can develop a disease no matter what breed they are. And Doodles are no different. So you want to be picky when it comes to who your breeder is. 

Both Yorkipoos and Cavapoos are prone to:

  • Eye disease such as progressive retinal atrophy
  • Epilepsy
  • Joint issues like luxating patellas and hip dysplasia

Yorkipoos are also prone to:

  • Tracheal collapse
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes 
  • And allergies

And Cavapoos are prone to:

  • Syringomyelia, or cysts on the spine
  • Skin problems
  • And mitral valve disease or “leaky valve disease” of the heart

This might seem like a long list of medical conditions. But with the right breeder, you won’t have to worry about these. Starting your family puppy off right by only buying from a reputable breeder is a good choice. A reputable breeder will test their breeding dogs for any genetic diseases. They also check all puppies and give you a guarantee that they are in good health. 

But that’s only a start. The rest of your Doodle’s health is all up to you. Keeping their weight in check and feeding them a high-quality diet will do wonders for keeping your dog healthy. And when you follow up with regular check-ups, your dog won’t go long before a vet catches any issues. 

Price Of A Puppy

Doodles are a hot commodity in the USA right now. And we don’t predict that to go away any time soon. This high demand can be a good and a bad thing. The good part is, you can find a reputable breeder for Yorkipoos and Cavapoos near every major city. 

The bad news is that their price can be a little steep. The average price of a Yorkipoo is between $700-$2,000. And Cavapoos are between $1,000-$2,000. But don’t be surprised if you find them for much more than this, depending on your state. 

The silver lining of all of this is that you can also find many of these breeds in shelters. You can find Yorkipoos and Cavapoos in shelters and rescues alike if you know where to look. We suggest looking at Poodle and other breed-specific rescues for a Doodle cross. 

As You Can See…

Comparing a Yorkipoo and Cavapoo, there are lots of similarities. But there are a few differences that might make one a better fit than the other. If you want a small quirky dog that acts more self-sufficient than they are, the Yorkipoo is for you. But if you want a larger cuddle bug, the Cavapoo might be a better fit. 

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Comparing a Yorkiepoo and Cavapoo

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