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Comparing a Cavapoo vs a Westiepoo

Comparing a Cavapoo vs  a Westiepoo

Are you ready to take the plunge and get on the Doodle bandwagon? If you are, we promise you won’t regret it. But, it can be hard to choose between the hundreds of Doodles on the market today. In this series, we have been comparing and contrasting some of the top Doodles in the USA. Each one has its own unique personality and mannerism. In continuing with this series, we are going to be comparing a Cavapoo vs a Westiepoo. If you are considering these breeds, take a closer look at how they are different. 


Any time you are comparing mixed breeds, it is essential to look at their origins. The purebred lines have gone through rigorous breeding to become the AKC registered breeds that they are today. And while the AKC recognizes no Doodle, they still have the bloodlines and instincts of their parents. 

One obvious half of Doodles is the Poodle. This half of the Doodle is what gives them a hypoallergenic coat and soft, luscious fur. But, did you know that Poodles weren’t bred just to have elaborate hair cuts? Poodles’ original design was for hunting fish and water foul. They are excellent trackers and are devoted to their owners. Noble people that owned these dogs realized the potential to make them excellent companion dogs. And thus, the mini and toy-sized Poodle was born. 

The Cavapoo is also half Cavalier King Charles. These dogs are also a hunting dog. Hunters praised them for their stamina and ability to keep up with their horses. The Cavalier can run up to 25 mph and has the energy to follow their hunt for a long time. These dogs have a passion for their humans like no other. Cavaliers now are the ideal house pet with lots of energy and love. 

And the Westiepoo is half West Highland Terrier. The Scottish developed the Westie to be a fast rodent hunter. They are perfect for catching mice, moles, rats, and even snakes. The Westie is a very high-strung breed that is loyal as well as independent. They love to please their owners, but also like to test the limits. 


Now that we know the history behind these Doodles, we can look at how they behave. Your Cavapoo will be by your side through thick and thin. They love their families with all their hearts. Your Cavapoo will enjoy doing any activity that you like to do, and bonus points if it’s outside. Cavpoos also enjoy meeting new people, and welcome strangers easily. Most even do well with children if they are properly socialized, and the kids are respectful. 

Westiepoos are known for their playful and high-strung attitudes. But don’t let this fool you. The Westiepoo might act like they are entirely independent, but they wouldn’t last a day without you. They are very loyal to their families but don’t tolerate nonsense very well. The Westiepoo can be a good match for older children who know their boundaries, but not for children younger than 10. 

Energy Level

All puppies have high energy and need lots of attention. But what about when these Doodles grow up? The Cavapoo and Westiepoo both have very high energy levels. They enjoy lots of activities, playtime, and several walks a day. If you do not have much time to go on at least two walks a day, these dogs aren’t for you. Without enough exercise, these dogs might turn to bad behaviors. Your dog may chew, bark excessively, dig, and mark to relieve stress. 

And mental stimulation is just as crucial for these Doodles. These dogs need lots of attention throughout the day. When you are gone, you may want to invest in some puzzles or busy toys. These will give your dog plenty of things to do while you are out. You won’t want to leave them alone for long, though, because these dogs develop separation anxiety quickly. 


Another subject that owners want to know all about is training. The Cavapoo is always eager to please their owners. They are intelligent and learn commands quickly. Since these dogs have a high energy level, you may benefit from taking them for a quick walk before training. Most Cavapoos enjoy learning new tricks and even agility training. 

Westiepoos are also highly intelligent creatures. But if they don’t think that something is worth their time, they won’t do it. You have to make sure that the positive reinforcement is going to benefit them, aka the best treats. Training in short bursts can also help with their short patience. It might take a little longer to train them, but they are intelligent. 

Coat Types

Most people want a Doodle because of their low shedding coats. These coats are hypoallergenic since they shed less than the average dog. If you have allergic reactions to dogs, the Doodle is no different, however. Despite the term hypoallergenic, these dogs still produce dander and shed a little. Not to mention, most people with severe allergies are also allergic to the saliva and urine of dogs. 

The Cavapoo coat is very soft and wispy. It usually comes in waves to loose curls, and several color combinations. These dogs shed very little and are great for people with seasonal allergies or asthma. 

Westiepoos can have either a coarse, wirey type coat that sheds like a Westie or a soft curly coat. It is harder to predict what the Westiepoo coat will be like since the parents have such conflicting traits. Even puppies from the same family can have different coat types. If you want a hypoallergenic coat, it is best to talk with your breeder about your needs. Most breeders can predict the coat type from a young age if they have been breeding for a while. 


Grooming for Doodles are the same across the board. If you have a low shedding dog, that means lots of grooming. You will have to brush your dog every day, especially in high friction areas. The more active your dog is, the shorter you may want to keep their hair to prevent tangles. Brushing is very crucial to keeping your dogs coat soft and healthy. If knots are left too long, they can form into mats. These mats pull on your dog’s skin and make it hard for them to move about. The only way to fix matting is to have them shaved down by a professional groomer. 

Having a professional groomer is also a must. Your Doodle will need trimming every 6-12 weeks. You could attempt to do this yourself to save money, but it does take a lot of patience. Groomers know how to get the hair between the paw pads and sanitary areas. They also do things like trim nails, baths, and so much more. 

Size And Lifespan

Both the Cavapoo and Westiepoo are a small breed. They are generally bred with either a Mini or Toy Poodle to keep them small. The Cavapoo is slightly smaller, weighing only 12-25 pounds, with males being the larger sizes. And Westiepoos are somewhat bigger, weighing just 20-30 pounds. If you ever have a question about the size of your puppy, talk to your breeder. Most people like to view parental dogs in person to get an average of how large their dog will be. But since genetics is fickle, there is no guarantee. 

These Doodles also have very similar average lifespans. The Cavapoo has a life expectancy of 13-15 years, and the Westiepoo 12-15. These are typical ranges for small dogs, and they could even live longer. All you need is excellent breeding, excellent nutrition, and vet check-ups. And of course, lots of love makes things grow. 

Medical Concerns

A lot of people don’t consider medical conditions that breeds are prone to. But, there are many reasons that you should take a close look. For one, if your dog were to have these issues, could you accommodate. Also, knowing these conditions makes you better prepared to talk to your breeder. You will know what health reports to look at and how to decipher them. And finally, if you know the chances of your puppy developing these diseases, you could catch them early. Early diagnosis is always best to take preventative measures from certain conditions taking over your dog’s life. 

Cavapoos are prone to:

  • Eye diseases
  • Joint issues
  • Heart disease
  • Skin conditions
  • And certain neurological defects

Westiepoos are prone to:

  • Epilepsy
  • Skin conditions
  • Liver disease
  • Eye disease


Finally, we come down to the price point. When discussing price, this can be a little tricky. Of course, if you look hard enough, you will find lower prices. But you get what you pay for with puppies. Your puppy might appear healthy for the first few years of its life, and then it starts to decline. What was first not a big deal requires medicines and sometimes surgery to correct. Lousy breeding can make conditions more prevalent and mutate. 

For a reputable breeder, the average for a Cavapoo is anywhere from $1,200-$1,800. And the norm for a Westiepoo puppy is $1,000-$4,000. These prices can vary on state and breeder availability in your area. 

Have You Fallen In Love?

Now that we have looked at comparing the Cavapoo and Westiepoo, it is hard not to love them both. It’s probably just easier to collect them all. But we don’t advise that. 

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