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comparing Cockapoo and schnoodle

Cockapoo or Schnoodle

Which is best for me, Cockapoo or  Schnoodle? If you are looking to get a smaller Doodle, you might have heard of the Cockapoo and the Schnoodle. While looking at them, you may wonder how owning each of these Doodles would be like. They are both small and adorable. So, nothing else matters, right? Comparing …

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Double Doodle vs Goldendoodle

  In this article, I will be comparing the Double Doodle vs Goldendoodle. Almost everyone has heard of the famous Goldendoodle, but have you ever heard of the Double Doodle? A Double Doodle is a hybrid of the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle breeds. Just when you think that you have heard it all and have come …

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Goldendoodle vs Golden Retriever

Goldendoodle vs Golden Retriever

When looking at the retriever breeds, most people gravitate toward the Golden Retriever and Golden mixed breeds like the Goldendoodle. Golden Retrievers and their mixed breeds make fantastic pets for beginners and seasoned dog owners alike. They have a quality about them that makes it feel like they complete the home. But, how do you …

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