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Yorkiepoo vs Maltipoo

In this article, I will be comparing a Yorkiepoo vs Maltipoo. The doodle craze started back in the ’50s when a breeder mixed a cocker spaniel with a miniature poodle and created a Cockapoo. Since then, people have mixed poodles with several different breeds of dogs. Two of the favorite doodle dogs are a Yorkiepoo …

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Goldendoodles Pros and Cons

So, What are some of the Goldendoodle’s Pros and Cons? They are fabulous dogs to own. They can make your day brighter and give you more meaning. A Goldendoodle is not only adorable; it is also intelligent and loyal. But these Doodles are not for everyone. It does take a unique owner to help a …

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Shepadoodle vs Labradoodle

Two of the best Doodles to own are the Shepadoodle and the Labradoodle. These dogs make great companions and life-long pals. But, you may be wondering what breed to buy. Choosing a breed can be a daunting task for any new dog owner, especially with Doodles. We are here to walk you through the differences …

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