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Sheltidoodle pro and cons

Sheltidoodle Pros And Cons

One exceptional Doodle that doesn’t get enough credit is the Sheltidoodle. These dogs are the perfect choice for families of all types. Whether you are an experienced pet owner, or this is your first dog. The Sheltidoodle is right for you. But don’t take our word for it. Let’s look at all the Sheltidoodle pros …

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Borderdoodle vs Aussiedoodle

Borderdoodle vs Aussiedoodle

Doodles of all kinds are amazing. It can be hard to choose only one, especially when it comes to similar breeds like the Borderdoodle and Aussiedoodle. Besides a slight difference in appearance, can they be different? We are going to look at the similarities and differences of the Borderdoodle vs Aussiedoodle.  Origins The first way …

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