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Best Springerdoodle Puppy Breeders in Georgia

Best Springerdoodle Puppy Breeders in Georgia

For residents of Georgia, who would also love to own a Springerdoodle, then you will need to know where to buy a puppy. However, you do need to take some degree of care when choosing breeders.

We can’t blame you for wanting to own this particular breed. Let’s face it, they are so full of fun, and also look so very cute that it’s easy to fall in love with them.

If you simply go ahead and select the first puppy you see online, then it could lead to a whole host of problems. After all, puppy farms are a real thing, but we want to help you avoid them.

So what we do is provide you with details on breeders you can trust. However, before we go ahead and do that, let’s quickly look at why you may want to own a Springerdoodle in the first place.

Why a Springerdoodle?

A Springerdoodle is about being more than simply a cute dog to look at. In fact, they have a number of different positive reasons why you may wish to pay attention to this breed.

Just look at their temperament to start with. Their temperament, and the way they look at life in general, is amazing. It’s perhaps even a bigger reason to own one than going by their looks.

You see, the Springerdoodle loves making you happy. They offer such an impressive outlook on life that it cannot fail but rub off onto you at the same time. This dog always looks as if it is smiling, and you fall in love with them more and more each day.

But at the same time, the breed wants to be right there in the heart of the action. Their ability to be nosy as to what is happening is also pretty cute, and it’s something you will grow to love. OK, it may start off as annoying, but you will become accustomed to it all.

Also, you can forget worrying about how they will act around people of all ages. This breed is perfectly fine when children are nearby, so you can leave them safe in the knowledge that no harm will occur. 

But all of that aside, you do need to know where to get a Springerdoodle puppy, and that is what we will focus on next. However, understand that Springerdoodle breeders remain rare. In saying that, Georgia is different to most States as some breeders do reside there making life so much easier.


LaDonna’s Doodles

Located in Franklin, Georgia, LaDonna’s Doodles have been breeding Springerdoodles for a number of years. It does mean they have the experience in the breed you want, and it stands for a better puppy coming to your home.

They may not work as the largest breeder around, but it allows them to pay a huge amount of attention to each puppy on an individual basis. That does make a better all-round puppy that has a wonderful nature about them.

Do note they will deliver your puppy, and they will work with you to arrange a viewing of the puppy beforehand, even if it is done remotely. They are also open to answering any questions you may have while you receive the customary health guarantee.

They have a reputation as a highly responsible breeder who takes the welfare of all their dogs and puppies very seriously. Also, it’s very easy to contact them in advance, so take advantage of that fact.

Overall, this is a small, friendly breeder who clearly loves Springerdoodles. That alone makes them worth contacting, but a waiting time may ensue as a result. 

Henson Farm Doodles

Henson Farm Doodles have built a strong reputation for themselves as a serious breeder of Springerdoodles over the last few years. Located in Gilmer County, they are on the small side, but produce strong and healthy Springerdoodles.

This breeder clearly loves the breed. This is apparent in the care they give to their puppies, and they are very open to answering all of your questions about the breed. 

For them, pairing a puppy with the right family is everything. They will take time to get to know you, and will then see which puppy they feel is the best fit. This helps the puppy with settling in, and it should lead to a better relationship.

There will also be no issues regarding health questions. They carry out ample checks on each puppy before you can receive one, and they show you absolutely everything. 

Overall, it is very clear that Henson Farm Doodles are wonderful dogs. They give them so much space and time to explore as puppies, and that undoubtedly makes a difference when it comes to how they grow into adult dogs. 

  • Website: Via Gooddog website
  • Email: Via Gooddog website
  • Location: Gilmer County, GA

How to Choose a Breeder

Selecting a breeder that deals with a Springerdoodle are not that easy. At this moment in time, there are not as many breeders around as you will find for other dogs. However, that does not mean it’s impossible.

So, to help you know if you have chosen the correct person, we have a few tips that should make life easier.

Look Into Their Background

The first tip, and the one we do recommend most of all, is to spend time checking out the background of the breeder. The intention here is to know how long they have been in this industry, and also the reasons why they decided to become a breeder. It’s also a good idea to see if they used to breed other dogs as well.

At the same time, you will learn if they have affiliations with organizations that will give you more confidence in them as a breeder. Do note it won’t always be the AKC, but the aim here is you can see they are a respected breeder, and they do work to various standards.

You want to know if they do this because they love the breed, or if other reasons are behind becoming a breeder. All of this information will certainly make you feel better about buying a puppy from them. Or, it may help you to decide to look elsewhere.

Can You See the Puppies?

Another point is to check if you can see the puppies. This is something that should be easy to do, and it’s important you get as much information as you can about the puppy before handing over money.

Admittedly, it does become harder if you purchase out of state. However, still learning about the puppy is not impossible.

Of course, you should always try to physically get to the breeder. That allows you to see the puppy in person, but that’s not always possible.

In this instance, a good breeder will love to help you as much as possible, and they will have several different ways of doing this.

First, they may use something such as Zoom. At least with a video call, you can see the puppy moving around, and also see the parents. The breeder may also provide you with clips or images, and the aim is to allow you to build a picture of the dog before you give them any money.

Seeing the puppy in some form is your right, and you should not miss out on the opportunity to do this.

Their Health Guarantee

Our last point is to do with their health. Never purchase a puppy without knowing anything about their health background.

A good breeder will show you evidence of the different checks carried out by a local vet. This should include checks on genetic testing because it does show the puppy is not carrying anything that could be passed down the family line.

At the same time, you will be given a health guarantee. However, we must give a word of caution here.

Some breeders give you only a brief window to go and have the puppy checked over by your own vet. Some will offer less than 48 hours, and that is often not enough. Do check the small print of the health guarantee, or you may find it is null and void.

Never worry about asking questions regarding the health of the puppy. A good breeder is happy to answer those questions, and it shows them you want the best for your puppy. 

Perhaps the main thing in all of this is to never go ahead and purchase a puppy without doing your due diligence first. This does involve doing it for both the puppy and the breeder, and don’t miss out one of them. 

Only go ahead with your purchase when you feel happy. There are different breeders out there, so you will not be stuck with the first one you come across. However, you may encounter a waiting list due to the rise in popularity of the breed, but it’s worth it in the end.

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