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Best Sheepadoodle Rescue in Texas

Best Sheepadoodle Rescue in Texas

If you live in Texas and would like to consider adopting a rescue Sheepadoodle, then knowing where to look is essential.

Adopting a rescue dog is a wonderful thing, and it will undoubtedly bring a substantial amount of joy to both you and the dog.

When it comes to Texas, a number of different rescue organizations may help. However, becoming aware of their existence allows you to begin to work out who you should contact.

Thankfully, you do have a number of different organizations to contact regarding a rescue Sheepadoodle, and our aim is to provide you with all the information you need.

At the end, we will also offer some advice on the adoption process, and help you come to some conclusion as to how to then to proceed.

sheepadoodle big eyes - Sheepadoodle Rescue in Texas

Doodle Rock Rescue

Doodle Rock Rescue is involved in rescuing any Doodle breed of dog that finds itself in a poor situation through no fault of its own.

Located in Dallas, this organization is staffed entirely by volunteers, and they will not only rescue but also rehabilitate any dog that needs their help.

In existence since 2017, this organization has helped over 900 dogs find new homes, and some of them do include Sheepadoodles.

However, as the breed is rare than other Doodle breeds, they may not have a Sheepadoodle available for you at that time. 

This rescue organization will deal with any shelter in the entire United States, as their main focus is on Doodle breeds rather than location. However, their preference is to focus on shelters in the South Texas area.

Do note that their Sheepadoodles spend time in foster homes across the State. This may lead to some travel to visit them prior to adopting the dog, but this breed is so cool and wonderful that it’s well worth the effort.

Finally, they do provide a two-week trial period after adoption. This allows both you and the dog to basically see how things are going before everything is then made final.

They will happily answer any questions you may have as well during this time. You should contact them as soon as possible to not only learn if they have a Sheepadoodle available.

They also work through the adoption process. It does take some time, as they have to look into your background, but it does mean you will then have everything in place to take your new dog home with you.

Doodle Dandy rescue

Doodle Dandy Rescue is an organization located in Texas that actually works with a team of more than 500 volunteers.

This organization has helped countless dogs find new loving homes over the years, and this includes some Sheepadoodles.

They do focus on Doodle breeds in general, and they will seek to help any Doodle breed in need. This involves them dealing with shelters across the whole country.

Their only focus is to get these dogs out of shelters, and into loving homes. Located primarily in Dallas, they do have networks in other major cities across Texas.

They rescue dogs, care for them, make sure they have all of the relevant health checks, and then work with potential adopters to find the perfect home.

Do note that this organization does not always have a Sheepadoodle available on a constant basis.

However, they do encounter them at various times, and that means it’s best to add your name to a waiting list for a Sheepadoodle.

To do this, you must contact them in person and let them know you want to adopt this breed. They can guide you through the adoption process, and then get you ready for whenever a new dog comes through their door.

Ultimately, their aim is to link a dog with a happy family. They will spend time getting to know you, and will then decide if the dog is the right one for you.

They have a fee, but they run as a non-profit organization, so all money goes back into the care of the other dogs.

cute sheepadoodle - Sheepadoodle Rescue in Texas puppy

IDOG Rescue Inc

IDOG Rescue Inc deals with rescuing any breed of Doodle dog, and not just a Sheepadoodle. Starting back in 2006, this organization is based out of Houston, but they will help any dog that needs their assistance.

They deal with a number of different foster situations across the entire State. This is thanks to having built an extensive network over the years since their inception.

That does mean they find themselves in the perfect position to help as many dogs as possible. But understand that their adoption process tends to be far more extensive in nature than most rescue organizations.

Finding a dog is easy since they update their website to show all the details of the dogs under their care at that moment.

When applying to adopt, prepare yourself for this organization to want to know as much as possible about you.

However, this is merely to ensure each dog is given to the perfect home, and that there is no chance a dog will then find itself back in their organization.

Each dog is checked by vets, and any rehabilitation is undertaken before the dog is available for adoption. A fee is included in the adoption process, but this funds the organization which is a non-profit.

Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective

Next, we have Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective, and these guys have cared and rescued Doodle dogs for a number of years. All the details of the different dogs in their care appear on their website, so do check it out and see if they include a Sheepadoodle.

They take great care over each dog that comes through their doors. They bring them back to life as their main focus is on helping dogs mistreated, and where they have so far not had the best of lives.

With over a decade of experience behind them, they also offer a lot of advice on caring for your new dog, and can advise you on finding the best Sheepadoodle for your own situation. However, they do take time to process your application for adoption.

This organization does ensure each dog has been checked over thoroughly by a vet prior to the adoption stage. That is also where the fee paid for the adoption is used, as they do need to cover their costs even though they are a non-profit.

If you even want to just ask information about a Sheepadoodle, then they can help, and contacting them is certainly advisable.

sheepadoodle on grass - Sheepadoodle Rescue in Texas

The Adoption Process

Even though different organizations may include different questions, the actual adoption process is often the same across the board. However, knowing what to expect will make the entire process so much easier for you to complete.

The adoption process gives these organizations the opportunity to get to know you. After all, they have rescued the dogs from a bad situation, so they hardly want to then send the dog back into another poor home.

During the adoption process, they will seek to learn more about you and your home. It will help if you currently own pets, or have done so recently. With this, they may wish to hear from a vet that looked after your pets in the past as it gives them confidence in your ability to care for them correctly.

Also, they want to know about your home, and even if you can keep a dog at that location. If you rent, then they will ask for proof from your landlord that everything is fine, and that a dog is welcome.

If you cannot provide them with the information they look for, then expect them to turn down your application for adoption.

The Cost

A fee always exists when it comes to adopting a rescue dog, but this helps them to cover their costs associated with caring for each dog. This applies even if the rescue organization uses a number of foster homes, as it’s connected more to their vet bills rather than anything else.

These organizations will look at ensuring all dogs have their vaccinations and de-wormed. They will help treat any health issues they have, but this all costs money. 

Ultimately, these organizations are not in this business to make money. Their focus is on helping Sheepadoodles that need their help. They do not make profit, but this fee allows them to continue to work and operate doing what they do best.

Overall, these different organizations may not always have a Sheepadoodle available for you at this moment in time. Contact as many as possible to increase the chances of you finding the perfect Sheepadoodle for your home.

However, prepare for a wait, and prepare for the adoption process to take some time to complete. At the end of the day, it is worth it all when you get your new dog home and allow them to join the family.

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