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Best Sheepadoodle Rescue In Florida • Full List

Best Sheepadoodle Rescue In Florida • Full List

Here we will discuss some of the best Sheepadoodle Rescues in Florida and everything you need to know about them. Keep reading to learn more.

Any dog lover will fall in love in love with a sheepadoodle. These adorable puppies are a cross between the Poodle and the Old English Sheepdog.

They are affectionate dogs that can be a good addition to your family. However, one of the biggest hard is finding a good sheepadoodle.

You can either buy a quality sheepadoodle from a quality breeder or adopt one from a dog rescue. The latter is even better as it will help you to save some money.

Therefore, there are many sheepadoodle rescues in the United States where you can adopt an adorable dog.

Good Karma Pet Rescue Florida

sheepadoodle - Sheepadoodle Rescue In Florida

Good Karma Pet Rescue is a foster-based organization that Stacey Tollackson established. Today, this Southern Florida organization is owned and operated by a family.

They play a major role in saving cats and dogs that need attention and care. Unlike most dog rescues, they provide high-quality care to their pets until they get to their new homes.

Once they rescue a dog from a shelter, they will provide all the necessary medical care, grooming, food, and vaccination. Therefore, you can be sure of adopting a quality dog from them.

The organization specializes in a wide variety of dog breeds, including sheepadoodles. They have an active website where dog lovers can visit and check out some of the dogs that are looking for new owners.

They work in hand with foster parents to take care of and rehabilitate their dogs. If you are interested in adopting a dog from them. Consequently, you will have to visit their website, identify the dog you want to adopt, and fill out an application form.

They will require you to provide your personal details as well as your vet’s number. Once they screen your application, they will contact you to schedule a greet and meet or even a home visit.

The organization will require you to pay an adoption fee of around $170 to $300 to complete your adoption process.

As a result, they will ensure that you go away with a healthy and quality sheepadoodle that has already been vaccinated.

They will also advise you on how best you can raise your canine friend and even make a follow-up to see how your pet is doing. You can reach them through their email address or phone number.

Good Karma Pet Rescue Details

Big Dog Ranch Rescue Florida

Big Dog Ranch is one of Florida’s best and largest dog rescues. Subsequently, it is a non-profit organization founded on the idea that every dog deserves a happy life.

They are devoted to abandoned, neglected, and mistreated dogs by offering them the best recovery environment. They usually vaccinate and treat dogs once they are rescued.

The organization has taken the dog rescue game a notch higher by investing in quality facilities and staff. The staff will ensure that their dogs socialize, play, and exercise in their excellent facilities.

Therefore, you can be sure of adopting a quality sheepadoodle that has been properly trained and socialized. Dogs will have a taste of what it feels like to be in a loving home once Big Dog Ranch rescues them.

Adoptions of dogs at Big Dog Ranch are simple. If you are interested in adopting a furry friend from them, you will be required to fill out an application form and wait for their approval.

If your application is approved, they will contact you to schedule a meeting. They will conduct a home check to make sure that the new environment is conducive for your to-be friend. In addition, you will be required to pay a dog adoption fee that varies depending on age, breed, and other factors.

Big Dog Ranch is one of the most reputable dog rescues in Florida and will ensure that you go home with a quality sheepadoodle that has been vaccinated.

Once you adopt a dog from them, they will educate you on how you can raise your dog. Besides, they will provide you with all the necessary information about the dog, including its history and vaccination details. You can visit their website to find out some sheepadoodles that need a new home. 

Big Dog Ranch Rescue Details

Florida Little Dog Rescue

Florida Little Dog is a charitable organization that specializes in saving neglected and abandoned dogs from local shelters.

They mainly serve the Central Florida area, although they do not have a kennel or facility that you can visit. Furthermore, they have several fosters who help to take care of the rescued dogs.

Also, they have a website where you can visit to see some of the sheepadoodles that can be adopted. If you want to adopt from them, you will have to fill out an online application form.

They will require your personal details as well as clearance from your landlord. Besides, you will have to go through an interview process before you can be allowed to meet your to-be dog.

Florida Little Dog ensures that all dogs are examined by their vet, neutered/spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and tested for parasites before they find their permanent home.

They also train and socialize their dogs before releasing them to the new owners. Therefore, you can be sure of adopting a healthy and well-mannered dog from them.

They will provide you with all the necessary information about your dog, including their background as well as the medical history of the dog.

Once you pass the adoption screening process, you will be required to pay an adoption fee ranging from $150 to $500. This fee will help them to recover the veterinary expense.

You can easily reach them through a phone call or their email address for any inquiries.

Florida Little Dog Rescue Details

Abandoned Pet Rescue

Abandoned Pet Rescue (APR) is among the oldest non-profit rescue organizations in Florida. The organization was established in 1996, and since then, it has been advocating for pet welfare in South Florida.

They have played an active role in ensuring that surrendered, abandoned, and neglected dogs find their new and permanent homes. They believe that no dog should be neglected or euthanized.

The organization specializes in rescuing different dog breeds in the region. It is one of the best places where you can adopt a quality sheepadoodle.

Rescued dogs are cared for by offering them medical care, basic training, and vaccination. They have rescued over 6500 pets in the last decade and placed them in their new homes. 

In brief, Abandoned Pet Rescue has about 20 staff members who care for the dogs throughout the year. They have a facility where rescued dogs get to exercise and play.

Besides, their facility has an on-site clinic where dogs can get regular vaccinations, spaying/neutering, general surgeries, and ongoing medical care. 

The adoption process at Abandoned Pet Rescue is easy. They will require you to visit their website and fill out an adoption application with the details of your desired dog.

They will later call you to schedule a meeting where you will get an opportunity to meet your to-be dog. Besides, they might conduct home checks before allowing you to take your sheepadoodle.

You will also be required to pay an adoption fee that is relatively low compared to other organizations. For a puppy, you will pay $175, while for mature dogs, you will pay $150.

dog rescues - Sheepadoodle Rescue In Florida

Abandoned Pet Rescue Details

  • Website: Abandoned Pet Rescue
  • Address: 1137 NE 9th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 3330
  • Telephone: 954 728-9010
  • Email:

PAWS4you Dog Rescue

PAWS4you is one of Miami, Florida’s most popular and reputable dog rescues. It is a non-profit organization rescuing, fostering, and placing dogs in their permanent homes.

They have been around for over ten years and know how best to care for the needs of neglected and abandoned dogs before matching them with loving owners or families.

The organization rescues dogs from shelters where they risk being euthanized. Once a dog is saved, it is taken to a vet for vaccinations, medical care, spaying/neutering, and emergency procedures.

They will then find a safe retreat for the dog so that it learns how to socialize with other pets and people as well as some house manners. 

PAWS4you aims at matching their dogs with potential adopters. If you are interested, you can visit their website to see the sheepadoodles that are looking for new homes.

If you identify one, you can proceed to fill out an online adoption application form. You will be required to pay an adoption fee ranging from $275 to $400, depending on the dog’s age. The fee is meant to cover the cost of medical and daily care. 

PAWS4you Dog Rescue Details

dog rescues - Sheepadoodle Rescue In Florida


If you have been looking for an excellent sheepadoodle rescue in Florida, you can consider one on our list. These rescues are reputable and will ensure that you adopt a healthy and quality canine friend to add to your family.

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