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Best Sheepadoodle Rescue in California

Best Sheepadoodle Rescue in California

To rescue a Sheepadoodle in California is not very common, a number of them do find themselves in a rescue situation from time to time. That does mean you may come across them with a rescue organization.

However, if you live in California, then you must know where to look for a rescue dog. Even though a number of different organizations are out there, those that focus on Doodle breeds, are relatively rare.

As they do not count themselves as one of the more popular breeds, the number of dogs ending up in a rescue organization is also low. However, do not think that they never appear, as that is not the case. 

But that is where we aim to help. What we have here are a number of different rescue organizations based in California that aim to rescue as many dogs as possible.

At different times, they may very well have a Sheepadoodle available, so let’s introduce them to you.

sheepadoodle in street - Sheepadoodle Rescue in California

Doodle Rescue Collective Inc – Southern California

First, we have the Doodle Rescue Collective Inc organization based in Southern California, and they are one of the best organizations of their kind in the area.

This organization is run by hundreds of volunteers across the area, so if there’s a Sheepadoodle in need, then they will find them.

Launched back in 2008, this organization has helped so many Doodle dogs find new homes that we cannot even count them.

However, they also take exceptional care of each dog, so if you are lucky enough to adopt one from them, then you know you have a dog that has been checked over thoroughly.

But this is one of the best things about this organization, they work with you to find the perfect Sheepadoodle for you. Yes, they work alongside you to locate a dog that is needed, but also one that will fit in with your family.

But to do this, you need to complete an application form for the adoption process. They also charge a fee, but considering they do have each dog checked by a vet, along with caring and feeding them, then paying a small fee is not a problem.

Overall, this organization is well established, and they certainly have all Doodle dogs at heart and not just the Sheepadoodle.

Feel free to ask them questions about Doodle dogs in general. This does make a difference when it comes to even knowing if they are the correct dog for you.

Lovebugs Doodle Rescue

While this organization does focus primarily on Goldendoodles. They can at least help you to locate a Sheepadoodle from time to time.

Located in Corona Del Mar. They have been involved in helping a number of dogs find a wonderful new home across their area.

One thing to know is their adoption process is viewed as rather extensive. It does take some time to complete it. Ehey will then check everything about you prior to allowing you to take a dog home with you.

Their process involves learning more about both you and your home. They need evidence of your right and ability to own a dog.

If you rent, then they require details from your landlord that show you can have a dog in your home. However, remember they may not have access to a Sheepadoodle at the time you contact them.

We still suggest getting in touch to start the process. Discover if they can indeed help you with your quest for a Sheepadoodle.

sheepadoodle close up - Sheepadoodle Rescue in California

Sugar Pine Doodles Adoption

Sugar Pine Doodles Adoption is located in Pioneer, California and while they work primarily as a breeder of Australian Labradoodles, they do also rescue dogs.

In the case of this organization, they may encounter a Sheepadoodle at various times throughout the year. 

The best course of action is to contact this organization to determine if they have a Sheepadoodle available at this moment in time. If not, they can add your name to a waiting list, and also guide you through the application process.

Their intention is to adopt out the dogs that come into their care to willing families, and they work hard to match the perfect dog with the ideal family.

That means it could lead to you finding a Sheepadoodle, but if they feel the dog is not perfect for you, then it does mean you will not take your new dog home with you.

While this is tough, they do have the best interests of the dog at heart. Prepare for them to ask a multitude of questions prior to completing the adoption process.

It does take some time to complete, but it shows how seriously they take the entire process. Also, they do request a fee thanks to the money they spend on each dog to have them checked by a local vet.

Each dog will have any conditions treated, so the fee you pay goes back to the organization to help them to continue to care for other dogs.

Dogs Without Borders

Just to cover something slightly different, and here we have Dogs Without Borders. This organization does not focus entirely on Doodles, but they do help to rescue any breed of dog that is in some sort of need.

Located in California, they do help a vast number of dogs throughout the year. That does mean there is a good chance they will come across a Sheepadoodle from time to time.

However, they do not last long in their organization, so you need to get in touch immediately with them to ensure you have the opportunity to adopt your dog.

It’s suggested you get in touch with the organization and begin the adoption process. It allows you to talk to the organization, and let them check you out even before your intended dog walks through their doors.

Each dog they encounter is checked by a vet. They care for them and make sure any health issues are treated prior to you adopting them. All of this does cost money, so prepare to pay a fee to complete the adoption process.

However, remember the fee helps the organization to survive. They run as a non-profit, and everything they bring into the organization ensures they continue to help other dogs in need.

So, while they may not have a Sheepadoodle at this moment in time, do still contact them and add your name to their waiting list.

They seek to keep you updated on what is going on, and will alert you as soon as a suitable dog does indeed appear.

sheepadoodle wooden - Sheepadoodle Rescue in California floor

The Adoption Process

While these different rescue organizations may not always have a Sheepadoodle, that does not mean you should sit back and wait until one appears.

Instead, completing the adoption process in advance can help when it comes to actually adopt one when they enter an organization.

In general, the adoption process follows the same kind of lines. Each organization has a need to learn more about you and your home. They do not want to give a dog to someone who will not care for the dog correctly.

That does mean you need to answer various questions about even your history of caring for pets. At times, they may ask for a reference from a vet who has witnessed the way you care for your pets.

Do note, it does not always have to be a dog in the past as any animal will do.

Your Home

Knowing your home is suitable makes sense, so expect to answer questions about this when completing the application process.

Also, some organizations may want to visit you before they allow you to take a dog home, but this is perfectly normal.

They want to know the location is safe for the dog. It is important that the dog has the ability to run around outside, and this becomes even more important when dealing with a dog the size of a Sheepadoodle.

We also mentioned the need to have a reference from a landlord if you live in a rented property. If you cannot provide them with all of the information they need, then expect your application to adopt a dog to be rejected.

This is not something they do lightly. They want each dog to find a new home, but they do not take risks at any point. If they feel you do not fit their criteria, then it is difficult to have them change their mind after this point.

Overall, the different organizations listed above could help you adopt a rescue Sheepadoodle. However, they do not appear on a regular basis thanks to their relative scarcity as a breed of dog in the United States.

In saying that, they do still appear, so act now to ensure you end up picked as the new home for the Sheepadoodle when they find themselves in need.

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