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Best Sheepadoodle Puppy Breeders in California

Best Sheepadoodle Puppy Breeders in California

Thankfully, there many Sheepadoodle puppy breeders based in California that focus on breeding Doodle dogs, and in particular the Sheepadoodle.

So, finding a breeder that will be willing to help you out with adding a wonderful dog to your family should not be a problem.

If you live in California and have fallen in love with the Sheepadoodle. Then we cannot blame you for that having happened to you.

The Sheepadoodle has to be one of the cutest dogs out there. It’s no surprise they are becoming ever more popular over the last few years.

Why a Sheepadoodle?

Adorable Sheepadoodle

But first, why would you want to purchase a Sheepadoodle? Well, this combination of an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle is a wonderful mix.

What you have here are two breeds. They are both known for being very laid back and calm, so that is a huge bonus.

The Sheepadoodle doesn’t really lose much hair, it has a balanced temperament, and it is also extremely loyal. It loves nothing more than trying to make you happy.

They will certainly get upset. They feel they have not been able to reach the standards or your expectations of them.

All of this means they are a fantastic family dog. They are certainly going to be absolutely fine even around small children.

This surprises some people as this breed is a bit on the large side. They are so soft and don’t rush around too much, so you really should have no problem whatsoever.

But this can all depend on the breeder you use when buying your Sheepadoodle. So, to make life a bit easier for you.

We have sought to find the best breeders in the State to save you the hassle.


McCumberHaus Sheepadoodle Dog Breeder

First, we have the McCumberHaus Sheepadoodle dog breeder, and they are based in Anderson, California.

They are viewed as being expert Sheepadoodle breeders. There’s certainly nothing that they do not know about the breed in question.

As they are so popular. It does mean you will be required to wait for one of their puppies to become available.

That does take time. However, you at least know you will become the proud parent of a wonderful dog when that time comes.

This breeder really does work hard on ensuring that their dogs are bred to the highest standards.

They seek to make sure their temperament is calm. That they are not stressed by moving to their new home. In fact, they will try to help you with this in advance.

This breeder will certainly spend some time learning more about you as a potential client. You will be checked out before you can take ownership of one of their dogs.

That is a good thing though as it does mean they take all of this seriously.

Your best course of action is to contact them directly and to be added to their list. Then, you simply need to be patient before you are able to take your new family member home.

California Schnoodles and Sheepadoodles

Next, we have California Schnoodles and Sheepadoodles, and this breeder has been involved in this industry for over a decade.

They have certainly worked hard at building up their reputation. You can rest assured that you will have a wonderful puppy to bring home.

Based outside Sacramento, it is clear that this is an absolute labor of love for this breeder. They do not want to try to produce as many puppies as possible.

Instead, they certainly focus more on quality over quantity. They ensure their puppies have loads of space to run around and explore in the earliest part of their life, and that is a wonderful thing.

By the time they are ready to go to their forever home, they are well-rounded puppies that have already developed an amazing character.

At the same time, they want to work closely with you to ensure you understand what you are taking on when you buy a Sheepadoodle. This education is invaluable, and it’s something you really do want to take advantage of.

Windsong Doodles

Windsong Doodles breed a number of different varieties of Doodle dogs including Sheepadoodles, and they have been doing this for a number of years.

Based in Southern California, they are viewed as being one of the premium breeders of this type of dog in the area.

One of their main concerns is always being able to link the right dog with the right family, and that is why they take their time in putting both together.

For this, they spend time learning more about you and your lifestyle to make sure you have a puppy that fits in perfectly with your needs.

They also make sure they focus on breeding dogs that are getting the correct diet and health care as a puppy.

That does mean you will have nothing to worry about from that perspective when it comes to picking up your puppy.

Overall, this is a well-established breeder that will always seek to do their best for both their clients and their dogs.

You are in safe hands should you go ahead and use Windsong Doodles for your Sheepadoodle puppy.

California Sheepadoodles

Finally, we have California Sheepadoodles, and even though they do also breed Tibetan Terriers, the Sheepadoodle is a big part of their life.

They have been breeding Sheepadoodles since 2013, and have had a number of very successful litters during that time. 

This breeder keeps things small, but their puppies are bred at a location where they have ample space to move around during those first few weeks.

They focus on delivering a quality diet to them, which ultimately leads to strong puppies that will be absolutely ready for their forever home.

Also, they believe in making sure they match you up with the absolute perfect puppy, and that is why they spend so much time trying to get to know you first.

They will ask you questions regarding your lifestyle to then provide you with the puppy that matches up.

Contact them as soon as you can to be added to their list. There are always only limited spaces, but rest assured they will not forget about you should there not be a puppy available at this time.

How to Pick a Breeder

Finally, we have a few tips on how to pick the right breeder when it comes to buying a Sheepadoodle puppy.

Remember, a breeder will spend time getting to know you, so it’s only fair that you do the same in return.

Check Their Background

It’s best to begin by checking out their background. How long have they been active as breeders? Do they have any affiliations you should be aware of?

There are a number of questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to selecting a breeder, so don’t rush into this decision. That in itself is a bad idea.

Try to Visit Them

A reputable breeder will have no problem in you seeing the puppy in advance and showing you around. By having nothing to hide, you will then be able to see if they have the correct setup for breeding puppies.

Also, seeing the mother before you buy the puppy is something people have been doing since the beginning of time. There is nothing unusual in this request, so do not be afraid.

This is only something you can do when you visit them in person. This is harder now than ever before, but it is still an important step for you to take when you are thinking about purchasing a Sheepadoodle puppy.

Ask for References

Another thing you may wish to do is to ask for references. This is not really required if you can find that the breeder has certain affiliations with established groups or associations.

In that case, you can take it at face value that they are to be trusted and breed Sheepadoodles in the correct manner.

Once again, a good breeder will have no problem in providing their credentials to people that ask for it.

This actually shows them how serious you are about the safety of the puppy, and it is something that could easily work in your favor.

Keep in mind that you may very well be desperate to own your Sheepadoodle puppy, but the breeder should always make the correct choice according to the puppy.

That is their main concern, and it shows the breeder is one that is to be trusted if they put the puppy and its needs first.

Patience may very well be key here as the breeders will not always have puppies read to take home.

Also, remember you will need to go through different checks with some breeders. They do this to make sure they are giving the correct puppy to the correct individual. 

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