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Best Schnoodle Puppy Breeders in Virginia

Best Schnoodle Puppy Breeders in Virginia

If you live in Virginia and are looking at potentially buying a Schnoodle puppy, then you may have initially found it quite tough to locate the right Schnoodle puppy breeders. However, if that is the case, then the details we have listed below are going to prove to be rather useful to you.

The sad thing about any breed of dog is that puppy farms are a real thing, and you do not want to become involved in buying a puppy from that sort of situation. That is why knowing everything you can about a breeder before adopting a puppy is key.

And that is where we are going to help. Each breeder we have listed below does not belong to that sort of situation as they have been checked out in advance. However, we still strongly recommend you do your own research ahead of buying a puppy from one of them.

Why a Schnoodle?

But why a Schnoodle puppy in the first place? Well, we know they are exceptionally cute and adorable, but that’s not the only reason why anybody should go ahead and buy a particular breed. 

Instead, you should also pay attention to the temperament of the dog, and in the case of the Schnoodle, you have a breed that is so well behaved that it will prove easy to incorporate them into any family. 

Schnoodle puppy

This breed loves its family. They take great care in being part of whatever is going on, and they do enjoy being at the heart of it all. Also, they can feel left out if you do not include them, and they will be quick at letting you know that this is the case.

This breed is wonderful around people of all ages. So, if you have children and are looking for a breed of dog that won’t cause any problems, then this is the breed for you. 

However, you still need to know where you are able to get your hands on a Schnoodle puppy, and that is where we are going to help.

Growing Puppies Schnoodles

The first breeder we would like to mention is Growing Puppies Schnoodles, and they are located in Fredericksburg. They have been operating as a breeder for a number of years, and they specialize in Schnoodles with an apricot color coat.

There is little doubt that this breeder takes things seriously. Each puppy is exceptionally well socialized, and they spend a vast amount of time with each puppy. That does make it easier when you then take your new puppy home. There really should be no issue with having them around other dogs or strangers.

They also make a big deal of the fact they carry out tests on the genes of each dog, so you know they are free from different illnesses that can be quite common in the breed. That alone shows how they take great care of their dogs, and it should grow your confidence in using this particular breeder.

This breeder clearly loves the breed, and they will spend time with you online answering any questions you may have about not only the breed but also their breeding program. Having this form of open conversation is a huge bonus as not every breeder is happy to do this.

There is Only One Breeder

Unfortunately, this is the only breeder that specializes in Schnoodles within Virginia. There are other individual puppies available across the State, but they are often not from a reputable breeder with the experience you are searching for.

This is where it becomes even more important than ever before to check out the background of whoever has a Schnoodle puppy available. You do not want to dive in and pay money for any puppy until you are sure of where it has come from.

The fact there is only one breeder can also mean you have to wait in order to take your new puppy home. 

Larger Sites Offering Puppies

Schnoodle puppy

There are several websites available that may insist they have Schnoodle puppies available. While they can indeed have puppies available, it still involves you needing to carry out your due diligence wherever possible.

These websites do not always take the care required in checking out who advertises on their websites. You cannot take their word for it, and need to go ahead and do your own homework. Only after doing that should you then consider handing over any money.

But that aside, if any other Schnoodle breeders do appear in the future, then these are the types of things you need to be doing in order to check them out.

Checking Out the Breeder

A good breeder will have no problem when it comes to you being able to check them out. They should be partly doing that to you, but it’s also in your best interest to look at learning as much as you can about the breeder in advance of handing over any money.

Keep in mind that a good breeder should have no problem whatsoever when it comes to answering questions. They should welcome them, and have no issue in answering them. 

Also, look into their background, and ask for references or reviews. Once again, this should not be a problem.

If they have a website, and not every breeder has it, then read it. Pour over it, and note down any questions that arise from what you have read.

Checking Out the Puppies

Never buy a puppy from any breeder until you have been able to check them out, and also see the parents. You have the right to check the puppy before you buy one, and that does mean trying to visit them in their home.

This will provide you with the opportunity to see how they were bred, and it does give you more confidence in both the potential health of the puppy, and the breeder themselves.

If you are unable to travel there in person, then do see if you can check the puppies via Zoom. It may not be the perfect solution, but it will still prove more helpful than simply going ahead and buying them blind.

Once again, a good breeder should have no problem in allowing you to do this. If they do, then see it as something of a red flag.

A Health Guarantee

Do check to see if your puppy comes with a health guarantee. Most breeders will offer this, but you need to pay attention to the small print. It’s not always as clear-cut as you would like.

Some breeders will give you a limited timeframe to go ahead and have your puppy checked out by a vet. If you fail to do this, and it may only be a couple of days, then the health guarantee is no longer valid.

Double-check the details here before you finalize the deal. It could make a huge difference to things in the long term.

Another thing to look at, which is still connected to the health of the puppy, is whether they have been genetically tested. This is key as so many dogs can develop certain illnesses or health issues directly related to something that has been passed down in their genes.

A breeder that is serious about their puppies should have carried out these sorts of tests in advance. Ask to see the results before you think about handing over any cash.

The Breeder Checking Out You

A good breeder should also want to learn more about you as the potential owner before they allow the puppy to go home with you. However, this is nothing to worry about. Instead, it simply means they are taking great care over their litter, and it’s something you should actually admire about them. After all, it means they do not simply offer a puppy to the first person that comes along.

In addition, do not expect to be able to get your hands on a Schnoodle puppy straight away. There could be a waiting period for you to go through as there are not always Schnoodle puppies out there available at that time. This is especially true when talking about smaller breeders where their numbers are clearly quite restricted.

Patience is a virtue, and you should look at contacting the different breeders listed above to see what their availability is going to be like. They can then provide you with the information you are looking for, and it does make life a whole lot easier for you. Also, it lets you know when you will have a new addition to the family.

Please do keep in mind that there are not that many Schnoodle puppy breeders around. That does mean there are some restrictions, but the breeders we have included here are all experts at this breed. 

Owning a Schnoodle puppy is great. They are so much fun, and they will be a wonderful addition to your home. However, do just take your time when selecting the breeder. 

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