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Best Schnoodle Puppy Breeders in Florida

Best Schnoodle Puppy Breeders in Florida

If you reside in Florida and are currently searching for Schnoodle puppy breeders so you can add to your family, then we are here to help. A Schnoodle is not the most common of dogs out there, and that is often reflected in the number of breeders that are available, but that is why this post will prove extremely useful.

Also, you must remember that not all breeders are going to be the same. Unfortunately, puppy farms do exist, but that is also why reading this post is invaluable.

You see, we have taken the time to find the best breeders in Florida that offer Schnoodle puppies. By using any of the breeders listed below, you will have no reason to worry or stress about the quality of the puppy you own.

Why a Schnoodle Puppy?

But why would you want a Schnoodle puppy in the first place? Well, let’s put to one side for a second the fact that they are exceptionally cute and adorable. That is a clear reason as to why people would want to own one.

Instead, let’s focus on their temperament. This dog is a wonderful family dog. They are so calm and assuring, while they also love to be at the heart of absolutely everything that is going on in your home.

They do not react to things, and they love to be around children. So, if you do have a young family, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to owning this breed. Your children will not be in any danger whatsoever.

But you still need to know where you will end up being able to get your hands on a Schnoodle puppy, and that is what we will help you out with next.


Moss Creek Goldendoodles

First, we have Moss Creek Goldendoodles and don’t allow the name to confuse you. This breeder has now also started breeding Mini Schnoodles, and they have a lot of experience as a breeder behind them.

Located in Central Florida, they have all of their puppies checked over by a vet before they are made available to the public. They carefully select the parents to ensure the best possible puppies are then born, and that gives some confidence in buying from them.

Also, you need to go through an application process to then be selected as a proud new owner. There’s no guarantee you will be accepted though, and that is because they take all of this exceptionally seriously. They will only ever choose the people that they think will fit perfectly with their dogs.

All dogs go through various health tests and certifications in advance. You also receive a health guarantee, and that offers you a certain peace of mind going forward.

GIA’s Pride

GIA’s Pride is a small Schnoodle breeder located in Miami, and even though they may not be the biggest of breeders, they do take significant care of their puppies. They see their puppies as part of the family, and they spend a lot of time on the socialization aspect.

Their aim is to produce puppies that have an even temperament, and also where they do not have any issues in dealing with other dogs or strangers. They carry out a number of tests on all dogs before you can purchase one, and the vets check the parents before breeding.

Be aware that they will ask for different information from you regarding your background and ability to care for one of their puppies. This is common, but it does show they take things very seriously indeed in that respect.

As they are not the largest of breeders, it may mean you will need to wait your turn to then take your new Schnoodle home. However, rest assured it is worth it all since you will own a wonderful puppy that you can love for years to come.

Riverside Mini Schnoodles

Riverside Mini Schnoodles is another breeder based in Florida, and even though they are small in scale, they do produce a reasonable number of litters throughout the year.

This breeder will require you to register your interest beforehand. They may have a waiting list, but they will certainly add you to the list to eventually receive your Mini Schnoodle when the time comes.

Do note that they carry out most of their business via their Facebook page, but don’t let that put you off. Instead, this is a breeder with several years of experience in the industry, and they take great care with each dog. They are all checked by vets before being made available, and you do receive the usual health guarantee.

Located in Edgewater, there is no guarantee that they will give you a puppy after you contact them. They do select the people and seek to ensure they are the best person for that particular dog. However, that does show how they care for their dogs, and if you are selected, then you will receive one that is exceptionally well socialized and with an even temperament.

You are also free to contact them in order to ask any questions you may have. They will answer anything you ask, and they are more than happy to do so.

Owning a Schnoodle puppy is a wonderful thing, but there are a few key points we would like to go through with you before you take ownership. After all, this is a big thing to do, and you need to feel prepared to take on a new puppy.

Checking Out the Breeder

While a breeder is going to often want to check out who they are selling their puppies to, it does also mean you can do the same in return with the breeder. In fact, this is something we strongly recommend.

Spend some time trying to learn as much as possible about the breeder before you get to the point of handing over money. Any good breeder should be more than happy to answer any questions that you have about their experience, and also the breed. There should be no issues with them answering them at all.

In addition, we do also recommend you ask for references and seek out reviews. It does let you know the type of breeder you are dealing with.

Checking Out the Puppies

Along with checking out the breeder, you need to do the same with the puppies before you take ownership. This is going to often include getting to the breeder and checking out the puppies in person prior to taking them home.

Doing this is extremely important. It means you can check the conditions they were bred in, and it also provides you with another opportunity to get to know the breeder before you go ahead and give them any money.

Always try to see the puppy and the parents in advance of taking ownership. A good breeder will have no problem in this happening.

A Health Guarantee

All breeders should provide you with a health guarantee, and if they don’t then this is a red flag. However, it’s not always as easy as that.

Instead, some breeders will put a time restriction on their health guarantee, and that is something you need to check out. In some instances, it has been as short as 48 hours during which time you need the puppy to visit a vet. If you do not do this, then it means the guarantee no longer exists, and that’s a problem.

So please do double-check all of this before taking ownership of your puppy. It’s not nice to learn the guarantee is not valid after the fact.

The Breeder Checking You Out

You should also understand that a breeder will want to spend some time getting to know more about you. This is something any sensible breeder should do, and it shows they take care over who takes ownership of their puppies.

Don’t worry about this happening. It’s all part of the deal, and it should actually give more confidence about the breeder than you may have had before.

But at the same time, it gives you even more opportunity to go ahead and learn more about the breeder. So it’s not all bad in the slightest.

Also, do keep in mind that there is not a plethora of Schnoodle puppies available at any given time. Instead, you need to spend time contacting the different breeders we have listed above to see what their availability is. However, you may need to have some patience and wait.

This is especially true when you have small breeders. They are restricted to the number of litters they can have over a year, and the breed is becoming more popular.

Owning a Schnoodle dog can lead to so much fun. They have such a wonderful way of looking at life, and they will undoubtedly add something special to your family.

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