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Best Newfypoo Puppy Breeders in Ohio • Full List

Best Newfypoo Puppy Breeders in Ohio • Full List

If you live in the buckeye state and want to own a quality Newfypoo dog, where would I find the best Newfypoo puppy breeders in Ohio? Wonder no more!

Newfypoo is a beautiful and wonderful dog to own complete with an amazing temperament that is so easy to fall in love with.

Also, even though this breed is regarded as being relatively rare, they have increased in popularity in recent years.

That does mean you now have more breeders than before to choose from, and Ohio does have several options ready to explore.

However, we want to help you out when it comes to knowing how to find these breeders. A Newfypoo has so many positive attributes that you want to ensure your puppy has had the best possible start to life.

That is where the breeder comes into their own. You just want to know the breeder has done everything required to make sure your puppy grows up big and strong.

So, what we have here is a list of Newfypoo puppy breeders based in the State of Ohio. 

Brown newfypoo - Newfypoo Puppy Breeders In Ohio

Country View Newfypoos

This small breeder is located in Western Ohio, and they have been involved in breeding Newfypoos for a number of years. They see this as being a real family business, and they keep things small on purpose.

Their aim is to make sure that each puppy is provided with ample care and attention through these formative weeks. They spend so much time with each puppy that it does help when it comes to forming their personality, and it ultimately leads to you taking ownership of a much better puppy.

Their website is packed full of useful information about the breed, and their own dogs. Also, the breeder is very open to answering any questions you have, and they actively ask you to get in touch should you wish to know anything.

But this breeder does have limits when it comes to the number of litters they deal with each year. That can put pressure on waiting lists, and it may involve you having to wait in order to get your hands on a puppy. However, contact them to learn about current availability.

Hackney Hills Poodles and Doodles

Hackney Hills Poodles and Doodles does breed a number of different dogs, and the Newfypoo is one of them. They are certainly specialists in this particular area, and that becomes apparent when you see how they produce some wonderful puppies.

Based in SE Ohio, they rear each dog in the family home, and that does help when it comes to their development. Each family member spends time with the dogs, and this form of socialization bodes well for the future health of your puppy.

The breeder also states how they provide each puppy with some form of stimulation on a daily basis, and that’s great. They spend a considerable amount of time with checking out the health of each puppy, so there’s nothing to worry about from that perspective either.

Overall, this breeder works hard at producing well-rounded puppies that are used to being around both humans and other animals. It should result in you having no real concerns from that perspective, and it will ultimately mean your puppy can setting into their new home, and family, with ease.

mini newfypoo - Newfypoo Puppy Breeders In Ohio

Windy Hill Dogs

Next, we have Windy Hill Dogs, and this breeder does breed a number of different dogs, but they all fall within the range of Poodle and Doodles. So, that means the Newfypoo is one of their breeds, and they have experience in breeding the Newfypoo.

Located in Marshallville, this breeder provides a substantial amount of information about the breed on their website, but they also welcome questions from individuals. You can do this by getting in touch via the live chat option on their site, but that’s only useful if you don’t need an answer straight away.

This relatively small breeder takes a substantial amount of time with each puppy they rear, and that helps with their development in those early days. Socialization is a huge thing, and this breeder places some real emphasis on this.

They deal in both F1 and F1b Newfypoos, and they also have F1b mini breeds available as well. However, thanks to restricted numbers, you may encounter a wait to get one of their amazing dogs home with you. That is why we suggest contacting them as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Overall, this breeder is exceptionally friendly, and you will find them open to questions and discussing the breed in general. We love this part about them. It just makes you feel you can relate to them and get all the information you need before you take ownership.

Kate’s Puppies

Kate’s Puppies does list a number of different dogs and puppies for sale, and you will sometimes find a Newfypoo in the mix as well. However, speed is of the essence here as the Newfypoo puppies don’t tend to hang around for too long.

But the best course of action is to contact them via their website to learn more about availability. Their primary focus is on Newfoundlands, but then that’s how the Newfypoo will sometimes appear on their website.

Their location is in rolling hills, and they have ample space available for the puppies to run around and explore. The fact they have so many other dogs does help your puppy to socialize with other dogs. This is known to help with their development, and it’s also just great knowing they had such a good start to their life.

Overall, this breeder is excellent at what they do. They take so much care over their puppies, and invite you to contact them to learn more. Take them up on this opportunity as it’s the perfect time to learn more about the breed before you take ownership of them.

Newfypoo standing - Newfypoo Puppy Breeders In Ohio

Locating the Best Breeder

With four different options listed above, you have ample opportunity to find a breeder in Ohio who specializes in the Newfypoo. However, that does not also take into account smaller breeders who perhaps find themselves with a litter when they did not expect it.

Those surprise breeders can still represent a viable option when it comes to locating a puppy, but you do need to execute some care. In this case, information is limited, but you should still ask to see the puppy and learn more about them before taking things to the next step.

Buying a puppy is a big deal. It requires care and thought before taking them home. Failing to do this can lead to purchasing an ill puppy, and that is something that will end up being rather expensive to rectify.

Tips On Finding the Right Breeder

You want to know your puppy has the correct care from the moment they were born. It helps them to develop a wonderful personality, and it gives you some confidence that your dog is healthy and strong.

An experienced breeder knows what to look out for when it comes to rearing new puppies. They know what’s best for them, and can manipulate the environment to ensure this is the case. 

That is why we do advise studying a breeder before you go ahead and hand over any money. In fact, we would recommend doing this before you get in touch. This is the approach we took when it came to putting together this list of Newfypoo breeders in Ohio.

Key Points

Due diligence is a big deal, so if you thought it was linked to a business deal, then think again. Just knowing the breeder knows what they are doing counts for so much. 

Also, understanding that the dog has socialization skills will also help. A dog that has not gone through this process early in its life will often then develop problems in dealing with other dogs and humans. You could end up with a very scared dog in your hands.


The health of your puppy is clearly a big deal, so don’t minimize the importance of learning what you can about their health prior to taking ownership. Any good breeder will have spent time, and money, having the puppy checked over by a vet, and that’s something you need to ask about.

Genetic testing and vaccinations are key here. You want to know there is no illness lingering in the background that could then affect your dog at some point. Also, those early vaccinations play an important role in the future health of your puppy. Knowing tests were completed is a huge deal as well, and it removes some stress from your shoulders.

Overall, Ohio has a number of different breeders to choose from when it comes to the Newfypoo. Keep in mind that this can be a large breed of dog, so learn as much as you can about them before you consider owning one. 

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