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Best Newfypoo Puppy Breeders in California

Best Newfypoo Puppy Breeders in California

Here we have a list of Newfypoo puppy breeders that can supply puppies to individuals living in California. However, do note that not all breeders are based in the State.

Owning a Newfypoo is a wonderful experience. After all, they are a fantastic breed of dog both in the looks department, as well as their temperament. 

However, you do also need to know where to purchase a puppy. Thankfully, you do have more options available now than in previous years. This is due to an increase in the popularity of the breed, so you are in a better position than ever before.

The fact they do not exist in the state simply means a need to have a dog shipped to you. At times, they may use pickup points created over the entire country. They will deliver the dog to a pickup point and you collect them from there.

However, this issue of how to collect an individual dog is something you need to discuss with the individual breeder. Each breeder in our list is happy to answer these sorts of questions, so just ask.

Newfypoo sitting - Newfypoo Puppy Breeders In California

Crockett Doodles

Even though they are based in South Carolina, this breeder does send Newfypoo puppies to people living in California.

They have an extensive amount of experience as a breeder of various Doodle dogs, and they do also include the Newfypoo.

This breeder has built a stellar reputation over the years when it comes to breeding wonderful dogs and rest assured your Newfypoo will follow suit.

With great care over every aspect of their life, their puppies come with various health checks and wonderful temperaments.

Also, the breeder happily answers any questions you may have regarding your puppy. They would encourage you to visit them in person but understand this is not always possible.

As a result, they work with you to ensure you see your puppy in advance, and well before you take ownership. Overall, Crockett Doodles is a wonderful breeder to contact.

They clearly care for all puppies, and they will spend time getting to know you in advance of taking ownership. Contact them in person to determine the price, and also for the waiting list.

Rocky Mountain Newfypoos

Located in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Newfypoos will gladly send one of their puppies to your base in California.

With a number of years of experience as a breeder, they take a vast amount of care over their puppies resulting in a healthy one delivered to you.

They view this as a family business, and each puppy spends time around other dogs and different humans. This leads to well-socialized puppies that settle easily into their new home. 

Socialization plays a key role in the future health of the puppy. The fact this breeder puts it at the heart of everything does mean the potential for a well-rounded puppy delivered to your home.

Each dog undergoes various health checks, and they will happily provide you with this information when you contact them.

This includes genetic tests, so you know your puppy will have no underlying health conditions to worry about.

Be aware you may need to wait some time for your puppy. This is due to restrictions on litter sizes throughout the course of a year, so one is not always available thanks to their popularity as a breed.

Overall, this breeder welcomes questions, and will happily talk to you about the Newfypoo breed in advance of you taking ownership of your own puppy.

Newfypoo with ball - Newfypoo Puppy Breeders In California

Windy Hill Dogs

Based in Ohio, Windy Hill Dogs is a breeder that specializes in several breeds, one of which is the Newfypoo.

Even though they operate from Ohio, the breeder happily works with individuals to ensure they can have their new puppy in their home, even in California.

With a vast amount of experience as a breeder, your Newfypoo puppy is in safe hands, and will have been bred to the highest of standards of care.

It means your puppy is well-rounded as an individual with an even temperament and highly loving.

Each puppy undergoes a vast amount of health checks before shipping. This includes genetic testing, which then allows you to see your puppy is clear of different issues that could plague them.

Also, the breeder answers any questions surrounding the breed, and their own puppies. You need to finalize an application, and even then a wait may ensue. This is due to the limits on litter numbers throughout the year.

However, it’s worth the wait when you manage to get your hands on a wonderful Newfypoo puppy. They will bring so much joy, and the breeder is beside you all the way until your puppy settles into their new home.

Prize Poodles and Doodles

Located in Kentucky, this breeder deals in more than just the Newfypoo, but the Newfypoo is certainly one breed they focus on.

With years of experience as a breeder, you know your new puppy is reared in perfect conditions, so you have nothing to worry about.

Bred with lots of space to run around and explore, each Newfypoo quickly becomes accustomed to encountering other dogs and humans. That’s great news since it means they have wonderful socialization skills.

But that’s not all. This breeder will also look at ensuring all required health checks have been conducted on each puppy.

This covers genetic testing, along with general checks, and you then receive a health guarantee showing this is the case.

In addition, feel free to ask questions regarding not only your puppy but the breed in general. Their experience makes it easy for them to answer anything on your mind, so ask anything you like.

Overall, this breeder does work with you to get the puppy to your home. They seek to make the transition as easy as possible to ensure your puppy has the best possible opportunity to settle into their new surroundings without too much stress.

Newfypoo close up - Newfypoo Puppy Breeders In California

Selecting a Breeder

Selecting a breeder is not always easy. However, limitations do exist from the perspective of a Newfypoo. Since numbers are quite low compared to other breeds.

Knowing how to locate the best breeder is key. For that, we have a couple of tips intended to make life that bit easier for you.

Checking the Background

You want the breeder to have a strong background in breeding dogs in general, even if this is not directly related to the Newfypoo.

Knowing their experience with breeding dogs makes you feel more confident in buying from them. How long have they bred Newfypoos for? What made them start breeding?

Take time to look into their background, which means their website along with reviews. Build an idea of their personality since that can often reflect in how they care for their puppies.

Do your due diligence in advance. It may stop you from encountering a poor breeder where quality of their puppies does not meet the standards you would expect.

The Health of the Dog

Another key concern is the health of the dog. A breeder should provide information detailing the health checks carried out on each puppy. This information is freely provided, and if not, then you must ask questions of the breeder.

Ask for a health guarantee. However, this is also something provided freely. However, we do suggest paying close attention to the health guarantee.

At times, they cover a short period of time during which you may take your Newfypoo to a vet to have them checked over.

Understand the time frame is short with some breeders. That is why we suggest looking at the small print to avoid any possible problems in the future.

But you should also notice health-related concerns while observing your puppy prior to taking ownership of them.

That is why visiting them in person is so helpful. However, it’s understandable that this is not always possible.

If not, do make sure you receive video footage of your puppy, and also something connected to the mother. This helps determine if all is fine and well with the puppy.

Overall, even though you may feel excited at the idea of taking ownership of a new puppy, it’s not something to rush into.

You need to take time and make sure you fully understand what is involved in caring for a puppy that will eventually grow into a large dog.

And those are the best Newfypoo puppy breeders capable of providing you with a Newfypoo puppy in California. With several to contact, we advise you to do so as quickly as possible since availability varies. 

However, understand some have waiting lists for new owners. That is why we advise contacting several to hopefully cut down on the length of time between applying and taking your new dog home.

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