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Best Mini Goldendoodle Rescue Texas? Full List

Best Mini Goldendoodle Rescue Texas? Full List

So, you reside in Texas and wish to adopt a Mini Goldendoodle rescue, and we think it’s a wonderful idea.

However, you then need to know who to contact in order to bring your new family member home.

Across Texas, a number of rescue organizations exist that may help you in your quest to rescue a Mini Goldendoodle. So, that is where we plan on trying to help.

What you will find below are the details of different rescue organizations operating in and around Texas.

Each one may indeed have rescued a Mini Goldendoodle who is waiting for its new forever home right now. So, let’s get on with the list.

Mini Goldendoodle Rescue Texas

Doodle Dandy Rescue Texas

First, as the name suggests, this organization does focus on Doodle breeds in general. So, the Mini Goldendoodle is one they look out for when rescuing dogs.

Their organization runs both a rescue and a rehabilitation facility for Doodle dogs, and they work hard at ensuring each dog is ready for its new home.

They put each dog through extensive health checks, and give treatment for any condition.

The organization does work alongside a team of some 500 volunteers, so that gives an indication of how big they are.

They help hundreds of dogs on a yearly basis, so contact them and complete their application process as soon as possible.

Primarily based in Dallas, they do have other satellite volunteers in pretty much all the main cities in Texas.

They never know from one day to the next when they may have a Mini Goldendoodle coming through their doors though.

Overall, this organization has care for Doodle dogs at the heart of what they do. 

Doodle Rock Rescue Texas

This organization is yet another one focusing on rescuing and helping Doodle dogs across Texas.

Founded only a few years ago, they rescue, rehome, and care for any Doodle dog in need of help.

After rescuing them, they do then focus on caring for any illness or problem the dog may have. This does cost money, so they do ask for an adoption fee.

However, at least you know the money goes back into the organization to help other dogs.

The organization takes dogs in from shelters, as well as those surrendered by owners no longer able to care for them.

They do help a large number of Doodle dogs over the course of a year, so you may encounter a Mini Goldendoodle at any point.

Based out of Dallas, they spend time training the dogs before adoption. This does help the dogs when it comes to going to their new home.

Also, they will offer advice to you and provide guidance on how to better care for them.

Overall, this organization has an extensive application process, but they do deal with a number of Doodle dogs. If you want to adopt a rescue Mini Goldendoodle, then they will help.

Mini Goldendoodle Rescue Texas

IDOG Rescue Inc

IDOG Rescue Inc does deal with almost any breed of dog in need of rescued or cared for.

However, their sheer size and scale of operations mean they encounter different Doodle dogs throughout the year, including Mini Goldendoodles.

Founded back in 2006, their main base is in Houston, but they help any dog across the State that is in need.

This is due to having various locations and a large number of foster homes that help them out.

Also, their application process is viewed as rather extensive. It does take time to go through it all, as they want to know every single thing about you before you can take a dog home.

However, this is all thanks to their desire to do what is best for their dogs. If you do adopt, they offer assistance to help the dog settle into its new home.

This is certainly something we recommend, as it does make a huge difference for the dog.

Overall, we recommend starting the application process straight away. It just means you know where you stand even before a Mini Goldendoodle dog comes through their doors.

Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective Texas

Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective has more than 10 years of experience in helping Doodle dogs find new loving homes across Texas.

This experience does mean they know everything about not only the breeds but also how best to care for them.

They focus on rescuing dogs in need, and from various circumstances and situations. Once they bring them into their organization, they then make sure each dog has great health before they are available for adoption.

When applying, understand they will seek to pair you with the perfect dog, and it does mean you may not actually adopt the dog you initially intended.

This happens because of their need to match the perfect dog with the perfect home.

They will also happily give assistance in the way of guidance on how to care for your new dog in your home. Ask any questions you like, and they will happily answer.

Poodle Rescue of Houston

Even though their main focus is on Poodles, this organization will help any Doodle dog as well if they find one needing rescue.

With over 20 years experience of in rescuing dogs, they do encounter a vast number throughout the year. After rescuing them, this organization gets to work on seeking to rehabilitate each dog.

They undergo extensive health checks, and any treatment is provided to ensure the dog has perfect health before they go to their new forever home.

As is the norm, their application process is extensive, so complete it as soon as possible. Also, they may not always have a Mini Goldendoodle available at any given time. So, prepare to have to wait.

Forgotten Friends Texas

Finally, we have Forgotten Friends, and this organization focuses on helping any mixed breed that finds itself in poor circumstances.

That does mean they encounter a number of Doodle breeds throughout the year, and Mini Goldendoodles do pop up from time to time.

Founded in 1999, this non-profit organization works hard at providing a safe environment for each dog they encounter.

They provide each dog with health checks and give any treatment required for a myriad of conditions.

They bring in puppies and dogs from various shelters across Texas. They then use a network of foster families who prepare the dogs to go out to their forever home.

However, understand you need to complete the application process, and this does take time, so start today.

mini goldendoodle close

The Key to Adopting a Mini Goldendoodle

Adopting a Mini Goldendoodle does involve you need to complete an application form with each rescue organization.

This helps the organizations better understand you, and to ensure they match the perfect dog with the correct individual.

But this application can take time. They need various pieces of information to help them make a decision about whether or not to match their dogs.

The Information They Need

First, they want to know about your family and where you live. They must know the type of house you live in to see if it fits in with what the dog needs. 

At times, a home inspection is required. Also, they must have proof that you can care for a dog in your home.

This means landlords must offer evidence that you will not go against your lease if you adopt a dog. 

Also, it helps if you have previous experience caring for animals. At that point, a recommendation from a vet who has experience with you does help your application.

Taking Your Dog Home

Finally, if successful, you need to prepare to take your new dog home. However, when they get there, make sure you give space and time to allow them to adjust.

See if the rescue organization offers any advice on how to help your dog settle. They will find all of this overwhelming, so anything you can do to make the transition process easier helps.

At times, organizations do provide training to new owners. Once again, we recommend you take them up on this offer to ensure you and your new dog get on exceptionally well right from the outset.

Also, if you have any concerns, then most organizations then allow you to contact them for a short period of time after the adoption.

However, this is not always the case, so know if this is an option for you before completing the application.

Overall, adopting a Mini Goldendoodle is a wonderful thing to do. However, you may encounter a waiting period before one becomes available.

This happens thanks to the fact that Mini Goldendoodles never stay in these organizations for long before being adopted out.

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