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Best Mini Goldendoodle Rescue Michigan • Full List

Below, you will see a list of rescue organizations that can indeed help you find the perfect Mini Goldendoodle rescue in Michigan.

However, be aware that they may not always have one available. So, do keep in touch with them on a regular basis.

A mini Goldendoodle can be a wonderful dog to own. However, what if you actually rescued one instead of simply purchasing a puppy from a breeder. 

Of course, that means you must know where to look, and in the case of rescue organizations in Michigan, you have a number of options. So, that is where we plan on helping. 

Mini Goldendoodle Rescue Michigan

Michigan Doodle Rescue Connect

First, we have the Michigan Doodle Rescue Connect, and these guys focus on rescuing any type of Doodle dog. That does mean a Mini Goldendoodle may enter their doors from time to time.

They take in surrendered dogs along with those in rescue situations. Once they arrive, they focus on caring for both their physical and mental health before even thinking about adopting them out.

That means each dog in this organization undergoes a series of health checks. They ensure each dog is in the best condition possible before going to its new home.

All of this does cost money, so they do charge an adoption fee to take a dog home. However, the money goes back into caring for other dogs, so you know it’s put to good use.

But that’s not all. This organization also seeks to train the dogs, so if they have any training issues, expect them to work on them prior to adoption.

Overall, this organization has a real love for all Doodle dogs, and the Mini Goldendoodle is just one of them. Contact them to see if they currently care for a rescue dog that you feel would fit in with your family.

Detroit Dog Rescue Michigan

While they do care for any dog in need of rescued and saved, the Detroit Dog Rescue organization can very well encounter a Mini Goldendoodle throughout the year. That means we recommend contacting them and letting them know of your interest in the breed.

This is a no-kill shelter, and they have been in operation since 2011. Since then, they have helped transform the lives of a vast number of dogs, and you can include a number of Doodles in there as well.

Understand that this organization seeks to match a dog with the best possible home. That does mean you may not end up adopting the dog you initially wanted. They do this to ensure the dogs do not then end up back in the organization.

While in their care, they will not only help any health problems, but also train the dogs as well. That should eliminate any behavioral issues a dog may have when it gets to its new home.

Overall, the main thing to know about this organization is that any Doodle dog does not remain there for long. So, best to act fast.

Mini Goldendoodle Rescue Michigan

Michigan Animal Rescue League

This non-profit organization rescues any animals in need with a focus on dogs across the state of Michigan.

Thanks to the number of dogs they deal with, it does mean they come across Mini Goldendoodles at different times.

As well as rescuing them, they also care for their physical and mental health along with providing a sanctuary for dogs to relax and enjoy life.

Also, they do run classes to teach people how to better care for their dogs, especially rescue dogs.

The only problem is that they do not carry out genetic testing when they receive a Doodle dog.

That does mean you may not have a full understanding of the dog you plan on adopting. However, we know you will still love your new dog no matter what mix they may be.

Also, their application process takes some time to complete. They wish to ensure you and the dog are the perfect matches, so they want to know everything about you.

But if you pass their application process, they will then work with you to rescue a Mini Goldendoodle.

However, you may require some patience and wait some time until one appears through their doors.

WAG Animal Rescue 

Founded back in 1988, WAG Animal Rescue has helped thousands of rescue dogs find new homes across Michigan.

However, this is an organization covering a number of states, and the sheer number of dogs they help in a year is staggering.

They take in dogs surrendered by owners, and they also rescue dogs from various shelters across the state. It does mean they come across Mini Goldendoodles from time to time.

However, understand you must act fast. Any Doodle breed won’t stay for long. In fact, a Doodle breed may only live in these organizations for a day or so.

However, this does depend on any potential health issues the organization must address prior to the adoption process beginning.

While in their care, each dog undergoes various health checks, and they receive any relevant treatment.

This is where the fee you need to pay when adopting will go to. It means they can continue to care for other dogs and help them find their forever home.

mini goldendoodle puppy

The Key to Adopting a Mini Goldendoodle

While you have several options available regarding adopting a rescue Mini Goldendoodle, it’s important to know what to expect with the adoption process.

Each organization has an adoption application that you must complete. They do vary slightly in format, but they all seek to uncover relevant information about you and your ability to care for their dog.

The important thing is for the organization to feel you can indeed care for a dog and that they will not simply reappear in their organization at some point in the future.

But this is what we advise for anyone seeking to adopt a rescue Mini Goldendoodle.

The Key Information

The organizations want to know about your residence and suitability for one of their dogs. They like to know about previous experience of caring for dogs, and also where they will live.

This may involve them wanting to visit your home to check it out for themselves. They may wish to see proof of your ability to have a dog in your home.

This is key when you rent, so the landlord would need to offer evidence that you are not going against your lease.

They also want to know about your reasoning for wanting to adopt a dog. Evidence from a vet of your prior experience does make a difference, so a letter of recommendation from them can help.

The most important thing for the rescue organization is to know they have the right person for the right dog. Their duty of care is to the dogs, so they always put their needs first.

You May Not Get the Dog You Want

We don’t want this to put you off the idea, but if the organization feels the dog you want is not the perfect fit, either for you or the dog, then they will not proceed with the adoption.

However, they can advise you on other dogs that they feel fit in with your lifestyle.

This occurs due to their understanding of the needs of the dog, their character, and how they would blend with you.

That is why the application process is so important. It allows them to make these types of decisions.

But do not allow it to put you off adopting a rescue dog. So many wonderful dogs come through the doors of each and every organization that you will fall in love at some point.

What Your Adoption Dog Needs

When you get your newly adopted dog home, you have to make sure they can settle into their new environment at their own pace. It may feel right to crowd them and show them love, but this is a scary time.

You must provide them with space to explore and become familiar with the smells. Do not have a number of people standing over them. This all has to be done at the pace of the dog.

Some rescue organizations do offer training and advice on how to help your rescue dog settle in. If they offer this, make sure you take them up on the offer. It makes a huge difference.

Overall, adopting a Mini Goldendoodle is easy to do. All it requires is some patience on your part as this breed does not always pop up in these organizations on a constant basis.

Contact as many organizations as possible, and complete their adoption application. That way, you feel ready to adopt as soon as the perfect dog enters their organization.

After that, you can take your new family member home, and enjoy your time together.

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