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Best Maltipoo Rescue in Houston Texas

Best Maltipoo Rescue in Houston Texas

Living in Houston, Texas, and finding the best local Maltipoo rescue would be to your advantage.

Here we will focus on locating the best rescue organizations that help individuals residing in Houston, Texas.

For that, we applaud you, it’s a great thing to do. However, it does mean you need to know where to go in order to adopt a rescue dog. So, that is where we help.

We have several organizations we would like to introduce to you, so let’s get on with checking out the list.

So you fell in love with a Maltipoo, and yet you do not want to own a puppy. Instead, you realize that adopting a rescue dog from a rescue organization is a worthwhile cause.

Maltipoo on sofa

Poodle Rescue of Houston

The first organization to mention is Poodle Rescue of Houston, and it’s pretty obvious from their name both what they do, and where they operate. This organization has been helping relocate and rescue both Poodles, and all Poodle mixes.

Operating since 1999, countless lives have been saved as a result of their actions. Initially starting on a 1-acre piece of land in Houston.

They have gone on to carry out some amazing work helping Poodles and all the different mixes find new homes.

They currently house in the region of 500 dogs per year, and a number of Maltipoo dogs often appear in those numbers.

Also, they often house around 50 dogs at any given time, so there’s a great chance of finding a new dog to fall in love with.

As is normal, they ensure each dog is checked over by a vet, and their dogs have vaccinations and any worming issues are also dealt with. This means you know your new dog comes with no health problems, and that is a major relief.

Overall, this organization is open to any questions, and they would love to hear from you. If there’s no Maltipoo in their organization at this time, then add your name to a list, and they will contact you when one becomes available.

Tiny Paws Rescue

While they do not focus entirely on rescuing Maltipoos, this organization does seek to rescue small dogs on a regular basis. Based near Houston, they use foster homes across the Houston area to house their dogs.

Each dog rescued undergoes strict health checks, and the foster homes also work on their temperament, if any issues exist. This should lead to you having a healthy, well-rounded dog to take home once the adoption process is over.

As they do not focus on the Maltipoo, it’s advised you contact them and tell them in advance of your desire to own this breed.

It allows them to know someone wants a Maltipoo, and they will certainly watch out for one that needs to be rescued in the area.

A fee is payable for the adoption of any of their dogs. However, it is a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers, so all money goes back to covering vet bills and the general care of their dogs.

Overall, they may go some time without a Maltipoo coming through their doors, but it’s still worth getting in touch with this rescue organization.

Houston Pets Alive

While this is a larger rescue organization covering different pets, their sheer size means they do come across the Maltipoo at different times. For this reason, we advise you to contact them straight away to let them know you would love to adopt a Maltipoo.

Every single pet coming through their doors receives the same excellent treatment. That means each dog has health checks and is well cared for from the moment they arrive, to the moment they leave. 

This organization has helped thousands of dogs find new homes, and they spend time getting to know you before you can then adopt any of their animals. The adoption process does take time, but it means they check the dog in question is the right one for you.

As well as health checks, they spend time making sure each dog has a wonderful temperament. That means you can take home a beautiful dog ready to love you and their new family.

Overall, this busy rescue organization does deal with more than the Maltipoo. But as we said, they do come across a Maltipoo throughout the year, so contacting them to let them know you would like to adopt one is a great idea.

Maltipoo walking

K-9 Angels Rescue

With a focus on saving dogs in general, this rescue organization never knows which breed they will encounter next. However, they would love to hear from you and know all about you wanting to adopt a Maltipoo.

If they do not have a Maltipoo in their organization at this time, they will let you know when one does appear through their doors. 

Each dog they encounter goes through the same health checks, and you know they have had their vaccinations and any health problems are taken care of.

The organization will happily discuss this with you and answer any questions you may have.

But they do things differently. They work with a number of shelters and rescue organizations across the area.

This means they could be a wonderful resource for you since they have connections allowing them to find a rescue Maltipoo from different locations.

In fact, that is the main reason why we would suggest contacting them. They will certainly try their best to link you with a rescue Maltipoo and will do so from organizations they trust.

BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions

Finally, we have BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions, and even though they deal with any dog in need of help, this does include the occasional Maltipoo. We advise contacting them to let them know you wish to adopt one, and they will look at ways to help you out.

Their shelter is located in Houston, and they do help a large number of dogs throughout the course of a single year. Keeping in touch with them regarding a Maltipoo is the easiest way of dealing with things, and it should mean you do not miss out on your opportunity.

The organization carries out extensive checks on the health of their dogs, so rest assured your new family member has no health issues to speak of. If they do have something, then the organization is quick to let you know, so there’s no surprises.

Overall, this shelter does fantastic work, and the adoption fee is put to good use in caring for their different dogs in their facility.

However, it is a government based facility. That may lead to some additional paperwork and red tape to get through in order to then take your dog home. It also means they have a vast number of dogs coming through their system, so letting them know of your interests will make life easier.

cute maltipoo puppy

Adopting a Rescue Maltipoo

If adopting a rescue Maltipoo, organizations require the completion of an adoption form. This allows them to ascertain if you have the required experience they look for when it comes to an individual taking home one of their pets.

Expect most to want to know about your home, and understand this may involve a home visit from time to time. However, they will merely check the home is safe and up to standards they expect before allowing one of their dogs to go to a new home.

Also remember you may see a Maltipoo you like, but a rescue organization may not allow you to adopt that dog. This is due to their desire to link the perfect dog with the perfect family. Their experience allows them to determine if this is the case with you and any particular dog.

You May Not Get Your Dog

Do understand there may be some sense of disappointment here. But the needs of the dog will always remain the strongest part in this entire situation.

Also, you may struggle to find a Maltipoo up for adoption at a rescue organization. They do not tend to stay too long in the system, and that is why you should contact a number of organizations to avoid disappointment. 

Each organization is non-profit, and they do charge a fee. However, do keep in mind it’s expensive to run these facilities, even in foster homes, and the money does go back into caring for the dogs. 

And those are the best Maltipoo rescue organizations that can help individuals residing in Houston, Texas. As you see, several exist, and it’s recommended you contact a number of them since they may not always have a Maltipoo available. 

Prepare to answer questions, and to have your home checked. However, this standard procedure exists to help ensure the perfect match between dog and new owner. Take time contacting the different organizations, and see how you get your match before welcoming your new dog to their new home.

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