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Best Maltipoo Rescue in Florida

Best Maltipoo Rescue in Florida

Should you be living in the Sunshine State and want to find the best Maltipoo rescue based in Florida. This list contains a number of options you may wish to contact to see if they have the perfect Maltipoo for you to take home.

Taking ownership of a rescue dog can be a worthwhile thing to do. You give the dog another chance at life, and they love you for that very reason. 

But you do need to know exactly where to go when it comes to getting a rescue dog. So, that is where we will help. We know that finding a rescue dog can take time, so hopefully, we make a difference.

Understand not every rescue organization has a Maltipoo ready for adoption on a constant basis. This breed tends to be adopted out rather quickly. So you may need to move fast.

In saying that, they work closely with you to ensure you can indeed adopt a Maltipoo in the future, even if they do not have one available at that point.

Maltipoo on crate - Best Maltipoo Rescue in Florida?

Doodle Rescue Collective

First, we have the Doodle Rescue Collective, and this organization is based across the entire east coast.

They have helped countless dogs to find new homes over the years, and the Maltipoo is certainly one breed of dog that they come across a number of times in a year.

The organization consists of over 800 different volunteers who care for dogs rescued from a variety of situations. It does mean your potential new Maltipoo could come from any one of these volunteers.

A Maltipoo is not always available via their organization, but your name appears on a waiting list for when one does come through their doors.

They do charge a fee, but this covers their costs since each dog is examined by a vet local to the foster home. They also work hard at helping dogs recover from any health issues they may have.

Florida Poodle Rescue

Established in 1994, Florida Poodle Rescue has so far helped more than 10,000 dogs find their new forever home.

This number does include various Maltipoo dogs over the years, and you never know when they may find a new Maltipoo entering through their doors.

The group dedicates itself to finding dogs, such as a Maltipoo, and making sure they have perfect health before adopting them out to a new home.

That means each dog undergoes stringent health checks, and they ensure they have their vaccinations before adoption.

You must complete their application form to be in line to take a new dog home with you. This does mean they spend time checking you out as they focus on knowing your home works for the dog in question.

Also, the organization charges a fee, but they must do this to recover their costs. This is a non-profit organization, so all of the money goes back into helping other dogs.

Overall, it’s clear that this group works hard at rescuing as many dogs as possible, so contact them today to find out more about a Maltipoo.

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Florida Little Dog Rescue

Florida Little Dog Rescue does not only specialize in helping you to find a Maltipoo. Instead, they focus on rescuing any small dog that is in any kind of need.

Of course, that does include the Maltipoo, but contacting them to find out about the dogs in their care is advisable.

They go big on checking you out before you can take ownership of one of their dogs. This facility also ascertains if the dog in question is right for you. They do not want to see any of the dogs coming back to them at a later date.

This organization has all its dogs in foster homes across the state. That does mean there is no one single facility to venture to and see all of the dogs in their care.

However, they spend so much time talking to you that it’s easy to then learn if the correct Maltipoo is indeed there for you.

We recommend contacting them as soon as possible and seeking to pass their tests to allow you to then adopt a Maltipoo from this organization when one appears.

Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Located in Central Florida, the Poodle and Pooch Rescue does deal with an array of breeds of dogs, but the occasional Maltipoo can come through their doors.

Launched back in 2008, the organization has saved thousands of lives since that time, and they certainly take great care of each and every dog.

They do require you to pass strict tests to check if one of their dogs is suitable for you, but that’s a great thing. Also, each dog undergoes a series of health checks to ensure they have no problems.

They do charge a fee but remember this is a non-profit organization, and they put all this money back into caring for other dogs that come into their rescue organization.

The fee represents vet bills, but it allows them to continue to help other dogs that need to be rescued. This rescue organization does use the foster care approach.

So you can understand the dog you fall in love with may live far from you. However, if deemed suitable, the organization works closely with you to ensure a smooth transitional period before you take them home.

Overall, this wonderful organization may not always have a Maltipoo available, but they would still love to hear from you. It lets them know someone is ready to home the next time they come across a Maltipoo.



Location: Florida

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Coastal Poodle Rescue

Coastal Poodle Rescue focuses on not only Poodles but all of the different mixes that exist. Basically, if a Poodle has been involved in the breeding, then this rescue organization helps any dog in need.

Founded back in 2004, they started off as a small team of volunteers. However, since then they have grown by a considerable amount, and have saved a huge number of dogs over the years.

Their approach focuses on caring for their dogs and matching them up with the best possible homes. That means they never rush into adopting out a dog, as they do wish to ensure your home is the best for the dog in question.

For that reason, their application process is long and may take some time. Even after applying, you may see a Maltipoo you love, but if they decide it’s not the best dog for you, then the adoption cannot happen.

However, this rescue organization is not the only one that takes this approach. It also shows the importance they place on caring for the dogs in question.

Overall, Coastal Poodle Rescue does a fantastic job of caring and rehoming Poodles and all Poodle mixes. However, we cannot guarantee that a Maltipoo is in their care at any given time. Contact them in person to begin the application process as soon as possible.

Adopting a Maltipoo

When adopting a Maltipoo, understand it involves an often lengthy process from the initial application to taking your new dog home. Exactly how long depends on the rescue organization, but they all have a duty to care for each dog.

Prepare for each organization to ask you a number of questions, and many will request a home visit in advance. They wish to ensure you have the perfect home for their dog and know how to care for them correctly. 

If you have a previous history of caring for dogs, then a referral from your vet can help your case. Remember, a Maltipoo is a popular dog to own, so they do not tend to stay within these organizations for too long before adoption. 

For that single reason, we suggest contacting as many organizations as possible and doing so as quickly as you can. That allows you to work through the application process, and to have them pass you as fit for adopting a dog.

Do note a fee is payable when the adoption process is completed. This fee covers the costs the organizations have paid out to vets to have each dog checked from a health perspective.

It’s a small price to pay to ensure the organizations can continue to carry out their work and save more lives.

And those are the best Maltipoo rescue organizations that can help any individual residing in Florida. Of course, you never know when a Maltipoo will appear, so contacting as many organizations as possible works best.

Just remember they may wish to learn more about you prior to you taking a dog home, so apply even when a Maltipoo is not available since it saves time in the long run.

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