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Best Maltipoo Puppy Breeders in Florida

Best Maltipoo Puppy Breeders in Florida

You are ready to bring a Maltipoo home. What now remains is to get a breeder who will offer you a healthy puppy at a reasonable price. However, many breeders are out there, and it might be challenging to know the genuine ones. Read on as we give you a list of the best Maltipoo puppy breeders in Florida.

The list narrows down your search scope, thus helping you get a pup quicker. In addition to the pros and cons, we have provided contact information for the breeders.

1. Florida Pups Maltipoos (

Florida Pups Maltipoos have healthy puppies with special care from a veteran. As such, it results in good breeds and high-quality puppies for sale. The price of the puppies is over $2,500, depending on the size and color. However, you can visit their website to find out more about financing options and health guarantees.

Florida pups don’t just breed Maltipoos. They have a variety of puppy breeds. Reach out to know more about their breeding practices. However, Florida Maltipoos breeders that breed various species don’t make them reputable breeders. 

2. Forever Love Puppies FL (

You might not be comfortable dealing directly with a breeder. You can contact or visit Forever Love Puppies, FL, throughout South Florida. Their prices are great, offer financing options, and have breeders of high quality. You can visit their website to check out the Maltipoos available and more about the breeders.

Forever Love Puppies offer a health warranty and issue a health certificate. They have an exclusive training package and veterinary discounts. In addition, their online pricing is transparent, including 100% financing. Before purchase, the puppies are microchipped.

Breeder Contact Information

Locations and Telephones: Pemborke Pines (754-238-2359), 

  • Miami (305-871-9843), 
  • Kendall (786-751-4640), 
  • Aventura (786-751-4705)
  • Website:

3. Poos 4 U

Poos 4 U is a Maltipoo breeder located in Panama City, Florida. They breed not only Maltipoos but also Shih Tzu and Maltese. They offer all services to ensure all Poos 4 U pups experience a comfortable life. 

Poos 4 U offers complete grooming services to Maltipoos. They include bathing, shaving pads, nail trimming, blow drying, conditioning, and detangling. Other extra grooming services include ear flush, nail polish, and coat polish. They also ensure the teeth are always clean to reduce any plaque.

Poos 4 u offer health guarantees for the Maltipoos. They do microchips before delivery.

Breeder Contact Information

  • Location: Panama City, Florida, USA
  • Address: 407 Wildwood Dr, Panama City, FL
  • Website:
  • Telephone: 850-874-2445
  • Email:

4. Robin’s Pups Florida (

Robin’s Pups Florida is a private breeder based in Hudson. Their breeding standards are of high quality. They even prepare their puppies for adoption. The Maltipoo puppies are trained to sleep alone during the night, use a doggy door, and go outside and socialize. 

The Maltipoo puppies in Robin’s Pups are provided with healthcare and grooming services. Their popularity in Florida makes their Maltipoos get fast scoping. Therefore, visit their website soon to check out the available and upcoming Maltipoos.

5. Puppies Florida Maltipoos (

Puppies Florida Maltipoos is famous for its adorable puppies and has been in the market for over a decade. They socialize and train the puppies before availing them for purchase or adoption. All the puppies are exercised daily, groomed, and trained on socialization. In addition, they receive a vaccination to ensure their good health. They have an easy application process and offer a health guarantee. 

You can check out the Puppies Florida Maltipoos website to view the available puppies. It’s probably the most reputable breeder on the list. They only breed Morkie’s and Maltipoo’s. Other breeders breed various dog breeds hence lacking specialization in Maltipoo. 

Is it Necessary to Live In Florida as the Maltipoo Breeders?

The list entails breeders and services serving Florida. If you want to purchase a Maltipoo from the stores listed above, you must visit their locations. The breeders are based throughout South Florida. However, if you’re going to purchase the breeder directly, contact them and start the application process. 

Discuss how to connect with the breeder, like the shipping options. Some breeders only allow pet parents to collect their puppies directly. Others are excited to meet the customer to give them the dog. Additionally, some Maltipoo breeders charge an additional fee for shipping their puppies by airplane. 

Online Maltipoo Breeders

The previous list mentions various Maltipoo breeders. However, it isn’t a guarantee for finding an available puppy. Here are online Maltipoo breeders to minimize the challenge. Generally, these three sites connect both the breeders and the puppy sellers. 

American Kennel Club Marketplace

The AKC marketplace is the first place to look for a Maltipoo puppy, probably the best among the three. It is not only an established firm but also an online marketplace.

Adopt a Pet

The second platform to check out is Adopt a Pet. Find a quality Maltipoo puppy on their website. The platform is famous as the largest non-profit pet adoption platform in North America. 

The platform allows you to add filters to your search. The filters help minimize the options following your preference. 

Puppies for Sale Today

The third online breeder is Puppies For Sale Today. Similar to the first two websites, it is a great place to look for a Maltipoo puppy. The website also has a variety of dog breeds. Therefore, you can get Maltipoo puppies for sale. 

How Much Should I Pay for a Maltipoo Puppy?

The average price of a Maltipoo puppy ranges from $500 to $2,000. That is from a breeder based in Florida. Typical breeders are more affordable but could be more expensive if one has a high-end status. 

The breeder’s reputation, location of the home, and the puppy’s age can also affect the price of the Maltipoo. Thus, the average price from any reputable breeder ranges in the same prices.

Remember to prepare the food and items your pup will need when you bring them home.

Things to Consider When Bringing a Maltipoo Home

If you have already achieved to bring home a Maltipoo pup, then congratulations! That’s for successfully finding one from a breeder in Florida. However, your responsibilities are yet to begin. First of all, it’s preparation for your new pup. 

If you have no idea where to begin, the following tips will help you get started. 

Choose a Potty Spot for your Puppy

Every puppy needs a potty area. It is the first thing you should provide for your pup when you bring it home. Make a command or say something that you will always follow when the puppy relieves itself. After that, praise it by offering a treat or other pleasing ways. Ensure your pet gets potty training as you welcome it home.

Introduce your Pup to its New Home

The next thing to consider is introducing your puppy to its new home. But before you do that, ensure your home is suitable for a puppy. 

So how can you make your home suitable for a puppy? You achieve that but getting rid of objects that may harm your puppy. Such things include sharp edges, open electric plugs, and toxic substances such as cleaning objects. 

Most new puppy owners make the mistake of letting their puppies wander the whole house. As for the tiny puppy, that can be overwhelming. It is best if you save the house tour for another day. 

Instead, allow it to familiarize itself with its bed or crate. It helps it view the area as safe and be comfortable. 

Let your Puppy Meet the Family

It would be better if the puppy met the members one after another. If you are pretty many family members, it can stress your pup to meet strange faces all at once. 

Therefore, the best thing is to let your puppy meet each member at a specific time. That particular bonding time will be easier for your puppy to familiarize with your family.

Ensure your Maltipoo has Chewing Toys

Just like the other breeds, Maltipoo pups love chewing when their teeth start to grow. Therefore, you need to provide it with safe chewing toys. These chew toys are necessary for two things; for stronger teeth and to prevent your puppy from chewing other items in the surrounding environment.

How to Choose a Good Maltipoo Breeder and Seller

Similar to other puppies, Maltipoo pups are significant investments. Their prices are no joke! Besides the pups, their items will cost you. Caring for them also requires more effort. 

Keep this in mind when looking for a place to find one. The option is constantly and usually a breeder. With the various choices around, you may be wondering if all breeders in Florida are trustworthy. 

Here are some of the things to consider when deciding on a good Maltipoo breeder and seller. These guides will enable you to filter out the many options and get the best and reputable breeders. 

Personally Visit the Breeder

In the list of Maltipoo breeders in Florida, we have included the website to help you get their address and visit them. Visiting them allows you to see where your pup originated. Furthermore, you will know if the breeders provide your dog with proper care or no care at all. 

Don’t Settle for One Breeder

If you find that you are looking at a single breeder, consider second and third options. Probably the breeder you like might not have available pups for you. Therefore, it is necessary to contact more than one breeder.

Know More About the Breeder and the Maltipoo Pup

One sign to know that a Maltipoo breeder is among the reputable is that they usually have facts at hand to fire whenever you ask one. Besides the point, consider enquiring about your pup. Note that good breeders don’t hide anything from their customers. But before enquiring, you will need to do some research.

Engage with Other Customers

Any reputable breeder will be glad to introduce you to their customers. Try asking about their experience with the breeders. 


Choosing the best Maltipoos puppy breeders in Florida can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our list will help you welcome your new pup to your home sooner than you expected! Search your puppy by visiting the websites mentioned. Also, do your research to ensure a breeder is reputable.

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