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Best Labradoodle Rescue in Pennsylvania – Ultimate Guide

Best Labradoodle Rescue in Pennsylvania – Ultimate Guide

If you live in Pennsylvania and want to adopt a rescue Labradoodle, then there are several organizations that may be in the perfect position to help.

Adopting a rescue dog is highly rewarding. You are giving that dog another opportunity to be loved and to live in a warm and welcoming home.

Of course, it is often not their fault that they found themselves in this situation. Showing them that they are loved and the focus of your family is a wonderful thing.

Adopting a Rescue Dog

There are a number of real advantages of adopting a rescue dog, and it’s not just about potentially saving the life of their dog. Often, it will be a more mature dog, and that means they have already been trained.

However, rescue organizations will also work at training any dog that comes into their possession. These dogs have so much love to give to their new families.

There’s no doubt about how rewarding it’s going to feel for you when you see how much joy they are having when spending time with your family.

Adopting Your Labradoodle

A Labradoodle is a popular dog when it comes to rescue organizations. This is shown by the short period of time they tend to spend under their care. 

The Doodle breed in general is very popular. This is due to the way in which they are known to have a wonderful temperament even for their size. They are a real gentle giant, and they make wonderful family dogs.

They are great around children, and they are also easy to train. Add in that they do not shed their coats, and you can start to see why they are snapped up as soon as they come into these types of organizations.

However, that is not to say that you will not be able to adopt one. It’s just a case of you having to be quick at doing so, or you will certainly miss out.

In saying that, you also know where you can find a Labradoodle who has found himself in a rescue situation. So, this list of places may be helpful.

Street Tails Animal Rescue

Street Tails Animal Rescue is located in Philadelphia. While they do cover every breed of dog, there are times when a Labradoodle will enter into their organization. 

Each dog is cared for and their ability to provide full vaccinations is a huge deal when you are looking at a rescue dog. They also microchip each dog that comes into their care. However, all of the costs of this are then included in the adoption fee that comes with taking the dog home.

Now, they never know from week to week when a Labradoodle, or any of the Doodle breed, will come through their doors. However, you can contact them to let them know about the breed you are interested in.

To adopt from them, you must be over 21, have your own home, or be allowed to own by your landlord. But that’s not all. Instead, there’s an added step if you already own a pet.

If you do, then they require you to have a note from a vet that lets the rescue organization know that your existing pets are well cared for. This is a great idea. It does mean they can be sure that the dog is going to be going to a family who will love and cherish it for its entire life.


Animal Friends Inc

Animal Friends Inc is located in Pittsburgh. While they do deal with more than just Labradoodles, they have been known to have several come through their doors. This is as either rescue cases, or an owner surrendering their pet.

As with the previous rescue organization, each dog is vaccinated, checked over, and any health issues are taken care of. They are then microchipped before they are put up for adoption. Also, that will then be factored into the adoption fee. At least you know your Labradoodle has been taken care of in that manner.

You will be required to go through different checks in order to qualify for adopting a dog from their care. Also, you will need to stay in regular contact with them if you do want a Labradoodle. This is because they have no way of knowing which breeds will appear on any given day.

They do tend to operate on a first-come/ first-served basis when they know in advance that an individual has a suitable home. So, letting them know in advance that you are looking for a Labradoodle could very well make a difference.

In this instance, you are looking at an adoption fee of up to $200. However, that depends on what steps have been taken to make sure the dog is healthy.


Smiling Labradoodle

Happy Bark

Happy Bark is based in Erie. They are a non-profit organization that focuses on helping to rescue and rehome dogs. Now, as like the others, they do not specialize in Labradoodles. However, they are open to helping out any dog no matter their breed.

They take on dogs in other shelters across the country where they do not have enough space. They aim to care for the dogs, make them healthy, and find them their forever home.

You need to contact them directly to let them know you are looking for a Labradoodle, and you will be added to a list of individuals looking specifically for that breed. 

They will vaccinate, check for parasites, neuter or spay, and also implant a microchip into every single dog that comes into their care.

You must also be over 18 to adopt from them, and they will need to visit your home in person to check out your living situations before you are allowed to adopt.

Also, they will insist on the dog meeting you at their location to allow them to judge if not only the dog is the right one for you, but that you are the right family for the dog.

In general, adoption fees with this rescue organization is around $250 per dog to cover all of their costs.

Home at Last Dog Rescue

This rescue organization is based in North Wales, and they were established back in 2009. Since then, a large number of dogs have passed through their doors. While they deal with all dog breeds, they do pick up Labradoodles from time to time.

As is standard, you will be required to let them know in advance that you are looking specifically for a Labradoodle. They will then seek to match you up with one should a Labradoodle come into their organization.

They will go through the usual process of vaccinations, microchips, spay, and neutering before the dog is made available. Also, they will require you to be over the age of 18, have personal and vet references in advance.

This is good since it means they will only allow an individual to adopt a dog when they know they are a perfect match.


South Hills Pet Rescue

South Hills Pet Rescue is located in South Park. While they do not focus on just dogs, they have many dogs coming through their doors regularly. In that mix, there will be the occasional Labradoodle, but you must act fast if you want to be lucky enough to adopt them.

With this pet rescue, the fee you pay does vary depending on the dog. However, each dog is vaccinated and checked over by a vet. They are also strict on who they will give a dog to, but that is also very normal. If you already have a pet, then they will also need to meet the dog in question before they will let you take your new pet home.

The best way to increase your chances of getting a Labradoodle is to let them know in advance. That way, they can then contact you when a Labradoodle comes into their care.

There’s no doubt that different dog rescue organizations across Pennsylvania will have a number of Labradoodle dogs coming into their care throughout the year. However, as they are so popular as a breed of dog, then you need to make them aware of your desire to take this breed home.


In conclusion

A Labradoodle can make a wonderful companion, and getting a rescue dog just adds that extra special touch to it all since your new family pet will be loving and so happy that they are with a family that cares.

Get in touch with all of the different organizations mentioned above letting them know your position, and then just have patience. In next to no time, you may very well have a new addition to the family, and all of the joy that they will then be able to bring to you.

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