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Best Labradoodle Rescue in Minnesota – Ultimate Guide

Best Labradoodle Rescue in Minnesota – Ultimate Guide

If you live in Minnesota, and you want to own a Labradoodle, then there’s no need to only go ahead and get a puppy. Instead, how about a rescue dog instead? We’ll help you find the best Labradoodle Rescue in Minnesota.

There are a number of dog rescue organizations that are based in and around Minnesota to check out. While they may focus on dogs in general, they do tend to have the occasional Labradoodle coming through their doors.

Adopting a Rescue Dog

Labradoodle puppy

So many dogs are either abandoned, surrendered, or need to be rescued every single year. That does mean there are a vast number of dogs just waiting to get their forever home. 

They are loving and just desperate to have someone to take them home and to have a family. You can be that very person. However, it’s not always going to be as easy as simply finding a Labradoodle at a rescue organization and taking them home.

But in order to adopt a rescue dog, it will involve you having to go through certain processes. Different organizations will always seek to make sure that they are giving dogs to people who will really look after them, and who could blame them for taking these steps?

You may be asked for a home visit to take place. You may be asked for a referral from a vet if you have other pets to make sure you care for your existing pets correctly. Also, you will be asked to meet your dog before any adoption process is finalized.

No matter the hoops or hurdles you need to go through, they are all designed to make sure that the dog does not enter and leave the adoption process on a continual basis.

A Labradoodle may be a popular dog, but people still surrender them. They give them up for various reasons, as it’s not all about cute looks.

Why a Labradoodle?

Labradoodle cute face

But why would you want to adopt a rescue Labradoodle? Well, they are exceptionally popular, to begin with, and they have an amazing temperament.

This makes them the ideal family pet. You add in the fact that they do not shed their coat and are extremely loving. Basically, what isn’t there to love about them?

However, there’s a problem. The problem is the fact they are exceptionally popular. That means even rescue dogs are hard to get a hold of. You need to be very proactive in order to be lucky enough to pick up a rescue Labradoodle.

That’s not to say that it’s impossible. That is certainly not the case. You need to let the different rescue organizations know in advance. Telling them that this is the breed you are looking for that will give you a better chance.

Secondhand Hounds

The first organization worthy of mention is Secondhand Hounds. Aside from being a wonderful name for a dog rescue. They have a reputation for really caring for each animal that comes through their door.

They are located in Minnetonka, MN but cover a wide area. Also, they deal with all breeds of dogs, and not just a Labradoodle. That means you need to get in touch with them. Let them know exactly what you are looking for in a rescue dog.

They will go through the due process of making sure you are a good fit for a dog. Then you simply need to wait to see when a Labradoodle enters their organization.

However, you may not be the only person that did this. So you may have a wait on your hands. They will try their best to match you up with a wonderful new addition to your family.

Each dog is checked, vaccinated, and microchipped, and the costs of this will be added into the adoption fee. Check-in with them to see what the current rates are. Remember that this is a non-profit. So everything is going to go back into caring for the dogs that come into their organization.

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Underdog Rescue MN

Underdog Rescue MN has been around for a number of years, and while they deal with dogs in general, you never know when a Labradoodle may be included in the list of dogs that they are caring for at any given time.

Located in St Louis Park, they are big on the idea of adopting a fully-grown dog rather than always opting for a puppy. They accept dogs that are being surrendered by their owner along with those that have to be rescued from various other situations.

This rescue organization works very hard to make sure that the dog you adopt is the right one for you. They do not just hand over a dog without due diligence, so expect them to check you out in advance before you can even make the shortlist for any particular dog.

Going back to the Labradoodle point, it’s best to contact them in person and let them know you are looking specifically for a Labradoodle. You won’t be the only individual who is looking for that breed of dog, so you may need to be patient before you can bring one home.

Also, their dogs are well cared for, vaccinated, microchipped, and basically you will get a dog that is the picture of fine health. 

Do contact them to also ask about their adoption fees. They will also then be able to advise you on home visits and check that you are a suitable owner for their dogs.

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Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue of MN

As the name suggests, this animal rescue deals in both cats and dogs. They manage to keep themselves very busy indeed when it comes to caring for animals of all shapes and sizes.

But this rescue organization is different. They have no office so to speak, and they are completely voluntary. When it comes to what they do, you need to go through their website in order to actually deal with them.

In saying that, they have a number of animals that are out at foster families until they are ready to be adopted. You will have to specifically request a Labradoodle, and will then be put onto a waiting list. There’s no way of knowing how long that wait will be. However, it will be worth it in the end when you are allowed to bring your new Labradoodle home with you.

Contact Infor:

  • Adoption Form
  • Adoptable Dogs
  • Notice: We serve  Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding Metro (60 mile radius), also within a 30 mile radius of Duluth, Rochester, and Mankato.

Happy Tails Rescue

Happy Tails Rescue is a wonderful organization that takes in various rescue dogs and then seeks to find a new home for them across Minnesota. They are not a shelter as this rescue operates by housing all of their dogs at foster families before they are adopted out to their new forever home.

As is pretty common, you will be required to go ahead and register your interest with this rescue organization in advance. This is when you make sure that you will be able to adopt a Labradoodle. They will then go through their usual practice of checking your home out to see if it is suitable. They do this for any dog before matching you with your Labradoodle when one enters their organization.

When you find a dog that you like, then it will be arranged for you to go to the foster family in order to meet them face to face. The foster family is also involved in determining the potential bond between yourself and your new dog to see if it is indeed a good match.

They do also provide training classes for you, and this is something that you should consider going on. This will help with the bonding between yourself and your new Labradoodle. Also, it’s all part of the service that this rescue organization has to offer.

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Finding Your Adopted Labradoodle

While Minnesota may not have organizations that specialize in rescuing Labradoodles, don’t be put off. The organizations listed above will have a tendency to encounter a number of Labradoodle dogs throughout the year as part of their rescue program.

The key is in making sure you contact as many different organizations as possible. Also, go through the process of allowing them to check your home for suitability reasons. After that, you need to simply be patient and wait for a Labradoodle to come through their door.

Keep in mind that they will always make a decision as to which home is best for any particular dog. Just because a Labradoodle comes into an organization may not then always result in you adopting them. It may be the case that they feel the fit is not quite right, for whatever reason that may be.

All of the rescue organizations we have listed here work hard at caring for dogs, as well as other animals. However, they will charge an adoption fee. Remember, they are non-profit, and they will use that money to cover the expenses they will have incurred. This includes vet fees, and making sure that your Labradoodle is in fine health by the time it comes to you taking them home.

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