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Best Labradoodle Rescue in Michigan – Ultimate Guide

Best Labradoodle Rescue in Michigan – Ultimate Guide

So you live in Michigan, and you would love to own a Labradoodle rescue, and who could blame you? After all, they are so cute and adorable. However, it’s not always the right idea to go ahead and buy a puppy.

Instead, getting a rescue dog can be highly enriching. A rescue dog will still show you all of the same love that you would want from your dog, and that is an amazing thing.

Why a Rescue Dog?

The very idea of saving the life of a Labradoodle, and giving them this opportunity to go ahead and have a fun life, is a wonderful feeling. Also, it means you don’t have to go through the full puppy training aspect. For some people, that means the stress of owning a dog is going to be reduced.

A rescue dog can provide you with so much love. It can just feel so rewarding in giving them a second chance to be with a family that loves them.

Why a Labradoodle?

Cute Labradoodle puppy

So why get a rescue Labradoodle? Well, it’s simply because of their wonderful temperament. These dogs will bring absolute joy to your life. They love to play, aren’t difficult to train, and they also don’t shed their coat.

But their popularity does mean you are going to have to move fast to get a rescue Labradoodle in the first place. They will generally come into a rescue situation, and be back out of there within a couple of days. Basically, you need to keep on checking the rescue place to see if they have a Labradoodle at any given time.

However, we do want to give a word of caution. You need to know that the place where you are going to get your rescue Labradoodle is a place to trust. This shouldn’t be a problem. Rescue organizations are generally wonderful places. However, what we are going to do is to provide you with a list of places in Michigan that we know you can trust. So, onto the list.

Michigan Doodle Rescue

The first place is the Michigan Doodle Rescue. This is often the first port of call when it comes to finding a Labradoodle in a rescue situation. 

This organization does specialize in all of the different Doodle breeds of dogs. They will probably be your best bet to get your hands on a Labradoodle that has found its way into this situation. 

But the Michigan Doodle Rescue is not all about just getting the dog in, and then adopting them out. Instead, they really do take care of all of their needs. However, make sure that the Doodle in question is in perfect health.

They really do look after them. They give the dog a thorough checking over as soon as they come into their organization. Also, they will not only rescue dogs but also accept people surrendering their dogs to them.

They will also work on training each dog. So If you do sign up to get one of their rescue dogs. Then you know that there will be very little work to do on your part once you get them home.

However, if you do want to own and care for a Labradoodle, then you should contact the Michigan Doodle Rescue. You may ask to be put on their waiting list.

They won’t just give a dog to anybody as they are careful about what they do. But it’s important for you to start the adoption process before you find your perfect dog.


Detroit Dog Rescue Michigan

While the Detroit Dog Rescue organization doesn’t specialize in Doodles like the previous organization. The DDR still manages to pick up the occasional Labradoodle throughout the year.

For that very reason, it’s going to be worth checking out the dogs they have at any given time, as who knows when a Labradoodle may be there alongside various other breeds?

Founded back in 2011, the DDR became the very first no-kill shelter to exist in Michigan, and that is a wonderful thing.

It does mean they can have a huge number of dogs in their possession at any given time, and it’s best to get in touch with them to let them know you are looking for a Labradoodle, should one appear at any point.

Why Rescued?

The dogs that they deal with can enter their organization via a number of roads. They may have been abused or abandoned. They could be given up because people can no longer look after them. Alternatively, they could have been orphaned, and need us to care for them.

No matter how they land at the DDR, they will undergo training and are checked over from a health point of view before people are able to adopt them. It means you know you will be taking home your Labradoodle which is in perfect health, and also well trained.

Do note that the DDR is going to want to carry out a home visit before they consider giving you a dog. Also, they will place each dog in the home that they feel is best for that single dog, so you may see a Labradoodle.

The DDR could determine it’s better with another family. So, that means you need to be patient if you plan on using the DDR. You may miss out on a Labradoodle on a number of occasions until they feel the dog in question is the perfect one for you.

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Labradoodle lying down

Michigan Animal Rescue League

The Michigan Animal Rescue League does deal with both cats and dogs, but they have been known to have a Labradoodle made available for adoption from time to time. 

The organization will not only rescue dogs but help them from a health perspective. Add in training, and then there are their outreach programs that alert people to their existence, and that people are there to help if struggling with their dog.

They will also provide you with help and assistance for looking after your animal. After all, they want their rescue dogs to go to loving homes that will care for them correctly through the rest of their life.

You should know that they won’t carry out testing to determine the exact Doodle breed that comes into their organization. That does mean you may not get a full Labradoodle, so you should be aware of that in advance.

But the best thing about this organization is its education program. They want to make sure that you know how to care for your dog before they will allow you to become their owner. That shows a real care for the dog. It will also make you feel more confident about caring for your new pet.

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WAG Animal Rescue Michigan

The WAG Animal Rescue has been in existence since 1988. They deal with both cats and dogs, with Doodles making occasional appearances in their list of dogs that are available for adoption. 

They will actually go to other shelters, that will put dogs down, and rescue them. This is alongside people surrendering their dogs or cats to their organization.

However, they do things differently from most. They actually send out dogs to foster families before they are adopted to their forever homes.

Each dog is checked over and any health concerns are taken care of in advance. Their foster parents work on training them if that’s required, and you can check out which dogs they have available at any given time before then filling in your adoption form.

Doodle dogs do end up here on quite a regular basis. This is due to the amount of work they do, but they are not in their system for very long, so keep that in mind or you will end up missing out.

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Completing the Adoption Process

Any of the rescue organizations listed above could have a Labradoodle available for adoption at any given time. However, we just want to round things off by talking about the adoption process in a bit more detail.

Exactly what is required will vary depending on the organization in question, but you will need to answer a number of questions to allow the organization to ascertain your suitability for any dog.

Some will need to see your home to know that the dog in question will have a wonderful place to call home. They will want to know they are not going to be kept in poor conditions. This is because most will have been rescued from the very situation they are trying to avoid.

You may also have some time to wait. Many organizations choose the home for the dog. You may miss out on several occasions before you can bring home the new addition to your family.

But thanks to the general popularity of the Doodle breed of dogs, the rescue organizations we have mentioned above will have a number of Doodle dogs coming through their doors throughout the year. However, you must act fast, or it’s too easy to miss out on adding that Labradoodle to your family.

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